All Adverbs that Start With R

Are you tired of using the same adverbs repeatedly in your writing? Do you want to add more variety and depth to your language?

Look no further! We have compiled a list of 100 unique adverbs starting with the letter R that are sure to enhance your writing.

From “rarely” to “rudely”, this extensive list covers a wide range of adverbs, allowing you to choose the perfect word for any situation.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant way to express time or a fierce way to describe the action, these adverbs starting with R will help take your writing from bland to brilliant.

So why settle for ordinary language when you can spice it up with our comprehensive list of adverbs starting with R?

Adverbs that Start With R

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with r, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Rapidly

Meaning: At a fast pace; quickly.

Example: The disease is spreading rapidly.

2. Regularly

Meaning: At uniform intervals or in a consistent manner.

Example: I exercise regularly to maintain my health.

3. Reluctantly

Meaning: Unwillingly; hesitantly.

Example: He reluctantly handed over the keys.

4. Rudely

Meaning: In a manner that is impolite or discourteous.

Example: He rudely interrupted her.

5. Recently

Meaning: Not long ago; a short time ago.

Example: I recently visited Paris.

6. Randomly

Meaning: Without a clear purpose, pattern, or objective.

Example: The numbers were generated randomly.

7. Recklessly

Meaning: Without care or caution.

Example: He drove recklessly through the streets.

8. Rigorously

Meaning: In a manner that is strict, harsh, or severe.

Example: The product was rigorously tested for quality.

9. Respectively

Meaning: Referring to things in the order given.

Example: The medals went to the first, second, and third places, respectively.

10. Remarkably

Meaning: To an extent that is unusual or surprising.

Example: She recovered remarkably fast.

11. Rarely

Meaning: Not often; seldom.

Example: I rarely eat sweets.

12. Responsibly

Meaning: In a manner that shows good judgment and maturity.

Example: She acted responsibly in a difficult situation.

13. Roughly

Meaning: Approximately; not precisely.

Example: It costs roughly $50.

14. Radiantly

Meaning: In a manner that emits or reflects light brightly.

Example: She smiled radiantly.

15. Rightly

Meaning: In a correct or appropriate manner.

Example: You have rightly pointed out the error.

16. Ruthlessly

Meaning: Without pity or compassion.

Example: He pursued his goals ruthlessly.

17. Rhythmically

Meaning: In a manner that has a regular repeated pattern.

Example: The drumbeat rhythmically.

18. Readily

Meaning: Without hesitation or difficulty.

Example: She readily accepted the offer.

19. Rapturously

Meaning: In a manner that expresses intense pleasure or enthusiasm.

Example: The audience applauded rapturously.

20. Rurally

Meaning: In a manner that pertains to the countryside rather than the city.

Example: The area is rurally located.

21. Reflectively

Meaning: In a thoughtful manner; contemplatively.

Example: He gazed reflectively into the distance.

22. Responsively

Meaning: In reaction to someone or something.

Example: The system reacted responsively.

23. Restfully

Meaning: In a manner that brings rest or tranquility.

Example: The garden has a restfully serene atmosphere.

24. Resoundingly

Meaning: In an emphatic, decisive, or noticeable manner.

Example: The team won resoundingly.

25. Repetitively

Meaning: In a manner that repeats in the same way.

Example: The alarm beeped repetitively.

26. Reassuringly

Meaning: In a manner that restores confidence or alleviates fears.

Example: He spoke to her reassuringly.

27. Reliably

Meaning: In a dependable manner.

Example: The engine runs reliably.

28. Rightward

Meaning: Towards or on the right side.

Example: The arrow is pointed rightward.

29. Relatively

Meaning: In relation or comparison to something else.

Example: The task was relatively easy.

30. Rambunctiously

Meaning: In a boisterously and unruly manner.

Example: The kids played rambunctiously in the garden.

All Adverbs Starting With R

Ruthlessly Rabidly Racially
Racily Radially Radiantly
Radiately Radically Radioactively
Raffishly Raggedly Railingly
Rakishly Ramblingly Rampantly
Rancidly Randomly Rankly
Rantingly Rapaciously Rapidly
Rapturously Rarely Rashly
Raspingly Rationally Raucously
Ravenously Ravingly Ravishingly
Rawly Readably Readily
Realistically Realizingly Really
Rearward Rearwards Reasonably
Reassuringly Rebelliously Rebukingly
Recently Receptively Reciprocally
Recklessly Reclusely Recognizably
Rectlinearly Recurrently Redly
Reflectively Reflexively Reflexly
Refreshfully Refreshingly Regally
Regardless Regimentally Regionally
Regretfully Regrettably Regularly
Relatively Relativistically Relaxingly
Relentlessly Relevantly Reliably
Religiously Reluctantly Remarkably
Remedially Reminiscently Remissly
Remorsefully Remorselessly Remotely
Renewedly Renownedly Reparably
Repeatedly Repellently Repellingly
Repentantly Repetitively Repiningly
Reportedly Reprehensibly Reprehensively
Reproachfully Reprovingly Repulsively
Reputably Reputedly Resentfully
Reservedly Residentially Resignedly
Resiliently Resinously Resolutely
Resonantly Resoundingly Resourcefully
Respectably Respectfully Respectively
Resplendently Responsibly Responsively
Restfully Restively Restlessly
Restoratively Restrictively Retentively
Reticently Retroactively Retrospectively
Reunitedly Revengefully Reverentially
Reverently Reversedly Reversely
Reversibly Revokingly Revoltingly
Rewardingly Rhapsodically Rhetorically
Rhythmically Richly Ridgingly
Ridiculously Right Righteously
Rightfully Rightly Rightward
Rigidly Rigorously Rimosely
Ringingly Riotously Ripely
Ripplingly Risibly Riskily
Ritually Roaringly Robustly
Roguishly Rollickingly Romantically
Romanticly Romeward Rompingly
Roomily Ropily Rosily
Rottenly Rotundly Roughly
Roundly Rousingly Routinely
Routously Rovingly Rowdily
Royally Ruddily Rudely
Ruefully Ruggedly Ruinously
Rulingly Rumblingly Ruminantly
Runningly Rurally Rushingly
Rusticly Rustily  

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Positive Adverbs That Start With R

  • Retentively
  • Rationally
  • Responsively
  • Remarkably
  • Relaxingly
  • Rousingly
  • Risibly
  • Reverently
  • Reliably
  • Respectfully
  • Righteously
  • Resplendently
  • Restoratively
  • Resolutely
  • Receptively
  • Rapidly
  • Reciprocally
  • Right
  • Romantically
  • Reasonably
  • Rollickingly
  • Rosily
  • Richly
  • Rightfully
  • Resoundingly
  • Reassuringly
  • Reflectively
  • Resourcefully
  • Resiliently
  • Refreshingly
  • Rewardingly
  • Restfully
  • Really
  • Rapturously
  • Readily
  • Ravishingly
  • Responsibly
  • Ruggedly
  • Respectably
  • Reputably
  • Regally
  • Robustly
  • Rhapsodically
  • Rightly
  • Radiantly

Negative Adverbs That Start With R

  • Here are Negative Adverbs That Start With R:
  • Rabidly
  • Raffishly
  • Ragingly
  • Rashly
  • Rattlingly
  • Ravenously
  • Reactionarily
  • Rebelliously
  • Recalcitrantly
  • Recently
  • Recklessly
  • Rectally
  • Recurrently
  • Redundantly
  • Refractorily
  • Regretfully
  • Relentlessly
  • Reluctantly
  • Remorselessly
  • Reproachfully
  • Repressively
  • Reproachfully
  • Repugnantly
  • Repulsively
  • Reservedly
  • Resignedly
  • Resolutely
  • Restively
  • Restlessly
  • Retaliatorily
  • Retentively
  • Retributively
  • Reverently
  • Revoltingly
  • Ridiculously
  • Rightfully
  • Rigorously
  • Ripely
  • Riskily
  • Roughly

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