All Adverbs that Start With U

Adverbs are an essential component of speech that can add depth and variety to your writing. They can modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs to provide more detail about when, where, how, or why an action is performed.

However, it can be challenging to find the perfect adverb for your sentence, especially if you’re looking for one that starts with a specific letter.

If you’re struggling to come up with adverbs that start with U, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 200 adverbs starting with U that you can use in your writing.

Whether you need an adverb to describe someone’s behavior or want to emphasize the intensity of action, this list has got you covered.

Adverbs that Start With U

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with U, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Unquestionably

Meaning: Without any doubt.

Example: She is unquestionably the best candidate for the job.

2. Unexpectedly

Meaning: In a way that was not planned or anticipated.

Example: The rain came unexpectedly during our picnic.

3. Unanimously

Meaning: Without opposition; with the agreement of all people involved.

Example: The proposal was unanimously approved.

4. Unequivocally

Meaning: In a clear, unambiguous, and direct manner.

Example: He unequivocally denied the allegations.

5. Unabashedly

Meaning: Without any embarrassment, constraint, or shame.

Example: She unabashedly shared her opinions.

6. Urgently

Meaning: With earnest and persistent demand, importance, or force.

Example: The patient needs medical attention urgently.

7. Unintentionally

Meaning: Without a deliberate plan or intent.

Example: I unintentionally deleted the file.

8. Undoubtedly

Meaning: Without doubt; certainly.

Example: This is undoubtedly the best choice.

9. Unfailingly

Meaning: Without exception; consistently.

Example: She is unfailingly polite to everyone.

10. Ultimately

Meaning: Finally; in the end.

Example: All our hard work will ultimately pay off.

11. Unhurriedly

Meaning: Without rushing; in a relaxed manner.

Example: He walked unhurriedly, enjoying the scenery.

12. Uniformly

Meaning: In a consistent or identical manner.

Example: The product is uniformly manufactured to maintain quality.

13. Uncontrollably

Meaning: In a manner that cannot be controlled or restrained.

Example: She laughed uncontrollably.

14. Unpredictably

Meaning: In a manner that cannot be predicted.

Example: The stock market can behave unpredictably.

15. Unbelievably

Meaning: In a manner that is hard to believe.

Example: The show was unbelievably good.

16. Undeniably

Meaning: Clearly true; beyond doubt.

Example: It’s undeniably the best film this year.

17. Uprightly

Meaning: In an honest, straightforward manner.

Example: He dealt uprightly with all matters.

18. Usuriously

Meaning: In a manner relating to the practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.

Example: The moneylender dealt usuriously.

19. Uselessly

Meaning: Without success or achieving a desired effect.

Example: He tried uselessly to fix the broken toy.

20. Unerringly

Meaning: Without making mistakes.

Example: Her instincts are unerringly accurate.

21. Unhesitatingly

Meaning: Without pause or delay.

Example: She unhesitatingly accepted the challenge.

22. Unwaveringly

Meaning: In a manner that does not waver or falter.

Example: He stood unwaveringly by his decision.

23. Uptightly

Meaning: In an anxious manner, especially in an excessive or obsessive way.

Example: She reacted uptightly to the slightest criticism.

24. Unjustly

Meaning: In an unfair or unjust manner.

Example: He felt he had been treated unjustly.

25. Unknowingly

Meaning: Without being aware of something.

Example: She unknowingly dropped her keys.

26. Unthinkingly

Meaning: Without considering the consequences; impulsively.

Example: He unthinkingly made a promise he couldn’t keep.

27. Unrelentingly

Meaning: Without softening or yielding in determination.

Example: The athlete trained unrelentingly.

28. Universally

Meaning: By everyone; in every case.

Example: The policy was universally accepted.

29. Unceasingly

Meaning: Without stopping or pausing.

Example: The rain fell unceasingly.

30. Unreservedly

Meaning: Without reservations; fully.

Example: I unreservedly recommend this book.

All Adverbs Starting With U

Ulteriorly Ultimately Unabashedly
Unaccountably Unaffectedly Unamiably
Unamicably Unamusedly Unanimously
Unarguably Unashamedly Unassumingly
Unathletically Unattractively Unavoidably
Unbearably Unbecomingly Unbelievably
Unbelievingly Unbelligerently Unbendingly
Unbeware Unbiasedly Unblinkingly
Unblushingly Uncannily Uncertainly
Unchangingly Uncharitably Unchastely
Uncheerfully Unchivalrously Uncivilly
Unclearly Uncleverly Uncomfortably
Uncommonly Uncompliantly Unconcernedly
Uncongenially Unconsciously Uncontrollably
Unconvincedly Unconvincingly Uncordially
Uncourageously Uncouthly Uncritically
Unctuously Uncurably Undauntedly
Undecidedly Undeniably Understandingly
Understatedly Undeservingly Undignifiedly
Undirectly Undistractedly Undividedly
Undoubtedly Undulatingly Unduly
Uneasily Unemotionally Unendingly
Unenviously Unequally Unequivocally
Unerringly Unethically Unevenly
Unexpectedly Unfailingly Unfairly
Unfaithfully Unfalteringly Unfamiliarly
Unfashionably Unfavorably Unfearingly
Unfeelingly Unfemininely Unflaggingly
Unflappably Unflickeringly Unflinchingly
Unforgetfully Unforgivingly Unfortunately
Ungainly Ungallantly Ungenerously
Ungenially Ungraciously Ungratefully
Ungrudgingly Unguardedly Unguiltily
Unhaltingly Unhappily Unhealthily
Unheedingly Unhelpfully Unheroically
Unhesitantly Unhesitatingly Unhurriedly
Uniaxially Uniformly Unilaterally
Unimpeachably Unimportantly Unimposingly
Unimpressively Unindulgently Uninhibitedly
Uninspiredly Unintelligently Unintelligibly
Uninterestedly Uninvitedly Uninvitingly
Uniquely Unitedly Unitively
Universally Univocally Unjustly
Unkindly Unknowingly Unlawfully
Unlike Unluckily Unmanfully
Unmelodiously Unmercifully Unmindfully
Unmovably Unmovingly Unmusically
Unnaturally Unnear Unnecessarily
Unnervingly Unobservantly Unobservedly
Unobtrusively Unofficially Unorthodoxly
Unperturbedly Unpleasantly Unpoetically
Unprecedentedly Unpredictably Unpreparedly
Unprobably Unproductively Unproficiently
Unpropitiously Unquestionably Unquestioningly
Unquietly Unreadably Unrealistically
Unreally Unreasonably Unreceptively
Unrefinedly Unregretfully Unrelatedly
Unrelentingly Unreliably Unreluctantly
Unremorsefully Unrepentantly Unrequitedly
Unreservedly Unresponsively Unrestrainedly
Unrevealingly Unrhythmically Unromantically
Unsatiably Unscrupulously Unseasonably
Unseeingly Unseldom Unselfishly
Unsettledly Unsettlingly Unshakably
Unskillfully Unsmilingly Unsociably
Unsolicitously Unsparingly Unspeakingly
Unsteadily Unstintingly Unstoppably
Unsubmissively Unsubtly Unsuccessfully
Unsuitably Unsurely Unsurprisedly
Unsurprisingly Unsuspectingly Unswervingly
Untangibly Unthinkingly Unthreateningly
Untidily Untruly Untrustingly
Untruthfully Unusually Unvirtuously
Unwantedly Unwarily Unwaveringly
Unwelcomingly Unwillingly Unwisely
Unwittingly Unwontedly Unworthily
Unyieldingly Upbeat Upliftingly
Uppishly Upright Uprightly
Uproariously Upsetly Upward
Upwardly Upwards Urbanely
Urgently Usefully Uselessly
Usually Usuriously Usurpingly
Utterly Uxoriously  

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Positive Adverbs That Start With U

  • undefeatedly
  • unbelievably
  • universally
  • uniquely
  • unaffectedly
  • ultimately
  • unbrokenly
  • unopposedly
  • unflaggingly
  • unabashedly
  • unquestionably
  • unmistakably
  • unwaveringly
  • unlimitedly
  • understandingly
  • uncritically
  • upwardly
  • upliftingly
  • unreservedly
  • urbanely
  • untouchably
  • usably
  • unselfishly
  • unobstructedly
  • uppermost
  • unerringly
  • ungrudgingly
  • unambiguously
  • usually
  • unyieldingly
  • unarguably
  • unequivocally
  • unitedly
  • uprightly
  • unassumingly
  • usefully
  • unstoppably
  • unfailingly
  • upward
  • unconditionally

Negative Adverbs That Start With U

  • Ubiquitously
  • Uglily
  • Ultimate
  • Ultimately
  • Unabashedly
  • Unacceptably
  • Unaccountably
  • Unadvisedly
  • Unalterably
  • Unambiguously
  • Unanimously
  • Unappealingly
  • Unarguably
  • Unashamedly
  • Unavailingly
  • Unbearably
  • Unbelievably
  • Uncannily
  • Unceasingly
  • Unceremoniously

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