All Adverbs that Start With T

Adverbs are an essential part of speech that helps to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs, adding more detail and precision to sentences.

With over 6,000 adverbs in the English language, it’s not surprising that finding the right one for your writing can be a daunting task.

That’s why we have compiled a list of 200 adverbs starting with T to help you add more variety and depth to your writing.

From “tactfully” to “tediously,” this comprehensive list covers a wide range of adverbs that can enhance your writing style whether you’re crafting an essay or writing fiction.

Whether you need an adverb that conveys time, manner, or degree, our list has got you covered.

Adverbs that Start With T

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with T, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Truly

Meaning: In a sincere or genuine manner.

Example: I truly appreciate your help.

2. Tightly

Meaning: In a manner that is fixed or secured closely.

Example: She held on tightly to the railing.

3. Temporarily

Meaning: For a limited period of time; not permanently.

Example: The office was temporarily closed for renovations.

4. Thoughtfully

Meaning: In a way that shows consideration for others.

Example: He thoughtfully held the door open for her.

5. Tactfully

Meaning: In a manner that shows sensitivity in dealing with difficult issues.

Example: She tactfully avoided the controversial topic.

6. Timidly

Meaning: In a manner that shows a lack of courage or confidence.

Example: The cat approached the stranger timidly.

7. Typically

Meaning: Under normal circumstances; usually.

Example: He typically arrives at 9 AM.

8. Thoroughly

Meaning: In a detailed and comprehensive way.

Example: She thoroughly cleaned the house.

9. Tremendously

Meaning: To a very great extent.

Example: The concert was tremendously successful.

10. Terribly

Meaning: To an extreme degree.

Example: The accident was terribly unfortunate.

11. Tentatively

Meaning: In a manner that is not certain or fixed.

Example: She tentatively agreed to the proposal.

12. Transparently

Meaning: In an easy to perceive or detect manner.

Example: The answer was transparently obvious.

13. Tirelessly

Meaning: With a great amount of effort and without stopping.

Example: The team worked tirelessly to complete the project.

14. Tersely

Meaning: In a brief and to the point manner.

Example: He replied tersely to the question.

15. Tragically

Meaning: In a way that involves tragedy or great sadness.

Example: The hero died tragically.

16. Triumphantly

Meaning: In a manner that shows great joy or pride, especially at a victory.

Example: She held up the trophy triumphantly.

17. Technically

Meaning: According to the facts or exact meaning of something.

Example: Technically, he was right.

18. Tantalizingly

Meaning: In a manner that arouses interest or desire.

Example: The cake smelled tantalizingly delicious.

19. Tangibly

Meaning: In a way that is clear and definite.

Example: The tension in the room was tangibly evident.

20. Theoretically

Meaning: According to the principles of a subject or area of study.

Example: Theoretically, the idea sounds plausible.

21. Tumultuously

Meaning: In a manner that is noisy and disorderly.

Example: The crowd cheered tumultuously.

22. Tastefully

Meaning: In a manner that shows good aesthetic judgment or appropriate behavior.

Example: The room was tastefully decorated.

23. Torpidly

Meaning: In a manner lacking in energy; lethargically.

Example: He moved torpidly on a cold morning.

24. Transitionally

Meaning: In a manner that relates to change from one state or condition to another.

Example: We are in a transitionally challenging phase.

25. Topically

Meaning: In a way that relates to current events or subjects of discussion.

Example: They discussed matters topically relevant.

26. Tenaciously

Meaning: In a manner that keeps a firm hold of something.

Example: She clung tenaciously to her beliefs.

27. Therapeutically

Meaning: In a manner that relates to the healing of disease.

Example: The massage was therapeutically beneficial.

28. Teasingly

Meaning: In a playful or jesting manner.

Example: She smiled teasingly at him.

29. Tunefully

Meaning: In a manner that is melodious or pleasant to hear.

Example: The bird sang tunefully.

30. Timelessly

Meaning: In a manner that is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

Example: The artwork remains timelessly beautiful.

All Adverbs Starting With T

Taciturnly Tactfully Tactically
Tactilely Tactlessly Tactually
Talentedly Talkatively Talkily
Tamely Tandem Tangentially
Tangibly Tanglingly Tantalisingly
Tantalizingly Tantivy Tardily
Tartly Tastefully Tastelessly
Tastily Tattily Tauntingly
Tautly Tawdrily Tearfully
Tearily Tearingly Teasingly
Techily Technically Tediously
Teetotally Tellingly Temerariously
Temperamentally Temperately Tempestuously
Temporally Temporarily Temptedly
Temptingly Tenaciously Tenderly
Tensely Tentatively Tenthly
Tenuously Tepidly Terminally
Terribly Terrifically Terrifyingly
Territorially Tersely Testily
Testingly Tetchily Textually
Thankfully Thanklessly Theatrically
Then Thenadays Theoretically
Therapeutically There Thereby
Thermally Thickheadedly Thickly
Thievishly Thinly Thirdly
Thirstily Thornily Thoroughly
Though Thoughtfully Thoughtlessly
Threateningly Thriftily Thrillingly
Thrivingly Throatily Throbbingly
Through Thuggishly Thumpingly
Thunderingly Thunderously Thwartly
Ticklishly Tidily Tightly
Timelessly Timeously Timidly
Timorously Tinglingly Tinklingly
Tippily Tipsily Tiredly
Tirelessly Tiresomely Tiringly
Titularly Today Tofore
Together Tolerably Tolerantly
Tomboyishly Tomorrow Tonelessly
Tonight Too Toothily
Toothlessly Topically Toppingly
Tormentedly Tormentingly Tornly
Torpidly Torridly Tortiously
Tortuously Torturously Tossily
Totally Touchedly Touchily
Touchingly Toughly Toward
Towards Toweringly Townward
Townwards Toxically Toyingly
Traditionally Tragically Trailingly
Traitorously Tranquilly Transcendentally
Translucently Transparently Trashily
Traumatically Treacherously Treasonably
Treasonously Treatably Trebly
Tremblingly Tremendously Tremulously
Trenchantly Trepidly Triangularly
Trickily Trillingly Trimly
Trippingly Tristfully Tritely
Triumphantly Trivially Tropically
Troubledly Truantly Truculently
Truly Trustfully Trustily
Trustingly Trustworthily Truthfully
Tuggingly Tumidly Tumultuously
Tunefully Tunelessly Turbidly
Turbulently Turgidly Tutorially
Twangily Twice Twinklingly
Twirlingly Twistedly Twitchily
Twitchingly Twittingly Typically

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Positive Adverbs That Start With T

  • tidily
  • therapeutically
  • tastefully
  • trustfully
  • transcendentally
  • tolerantly
  • thankfully
  • transparently
  • tactfully
  • tenderly
  • touchingly
  • truthfully
  • tirelessly
  • triumphantly
  • terrifically
  • tremendously
  • thoroughly
  • tranquilly
  • together
  • truly
  • trustingly
  • timely
  • thrillingly
  • thoughtfully

Negative Adverbs That Start With T

  • Taciturnly
  • Tactlessly
  • Taintedly
  • Talkatively
  • Tangentially
  • Tastelessly
  • Tauntingly
  • Tautologically
  • Tediously
  • Teemingly
  • Temperamentally
  • Temporarily
  • Tenaciously
  • Tendentiously
  • Tentatively
  • Terribly
  • Terrifyingly
  • Testily
  • Thanklessly
  • Theoretically
  • Thickly
  • Thievishly
  • Thoroughly
  • Thoughtlessly
  • Threateningly
  • Thriftlessly
  • Throughly
  • Thuddingly
  • Thwartedly
  • Tightly
  • Timidly
  • Tirelessly
  • Tiresomely
  • Topically
  • Tortuously
  • Totally
  • Touchily
  • Toughly
  • Tragically
  • Treacherously

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