All Adverbs that Start With V

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Are you on the lookout for interesting adverbs that start with the letter V? Look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 200 adverbs starting with the letter V, sure to add a little variety and spice to your writing.

From “vaguely” to “vivaciously,” this list covers all aspects of life, from the mundane to the exhilarating.

Whether you’re looking to describe a particularly vivacious party or simply want to add some variation to your writing, we’ve got you covered.

So why wait? Dive into our extensive list of adverbs starting with V and take your writing skills up a notch!

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Adverbs that Start With V

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with V, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Vigorously

Meaning: In a manner that’s strong, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Example: She argued vigorously in defense of her beliefs.

2. Virtually

Meaning: Nearly; almost.

Example: The project is virtually complete.

3. Visibly

Meaning: In a way that can be seen.

Example: He was visibly upset after the argument.

4. Vocally

Meaning: In a manner that relates to the voice or speaking out.

Example: Many residents vocally opposed the new construction.

5. Vividly

Meaning: In a manner that produces powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.

Example: I remember the day vividly.

6. Vexedly

Meaning: In an annoyed, frustrated, or worried manner.

Example: She looked at the puzzle vexedly.

7. Vastly

Meaning: To a very great extent; much.

Example: This version is vastly improved.

8. Vehemently

Meaning: In a forceful, passionate, or intense manner.

Example: He vehemently denied the allegations.

9. Vertically

Meaning: In an up and down direction or position.

Example: The ladder was placed vertically against the wall.

10. Voluntarily

Meaning: By one’s own free choice; without being forced.

Example: He voluntarily offered to help.

11. Valiantly

Meaning: With courage or determination.

Example: The firefighters worked valiantly to save the building.

12. Vicariously

Meaning: Experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.

Example: She lived vicariously through her children.

13. Voraciously

Meaning: In a manner that shows a very eager approach to an activity.

Example: He reads voraciously.

14. Virtuously

Meaning: In a manner showing high moral standards.

Example: She behaved virtuously in challenging situations.

15. Vengefully

Meaning: In a manner that seeks to harm someone in return for a perceived injury.

Example: He stared vengefully at his rival.

16. Versatilely

Meaning: In a manner that’s adaptable or flexible.

Example: She works versatilely across multiple domains.

17. Vainly

Meaning: Without success or a result.

Example: He tried vainly to save the deal.

18. Violently

Meaning: Using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

Example: The storm raged violently.

19. Vociferously

Meaning: In a loud and forceful manner.

Example: They vociferously demanded their rights.

20. Voyeuristically

Meaning: In a manner that involves deriving sexual pleasure from watching others.

Example: The film was criticized for its voyeuristically explicit scenes.

21. Variedly

Meaning: In diverse manners or ways.

Example: The artist’s works were variedly appreciated.

22. Virtually

Meaning: For all practical purposes.

Example: Their response was virtually unanimous.

23. Viscerally

Meaning: In an intuitive or instinctive manner, as opposed to a reasoned or thought-out response.

Example: She reacted viscerally to the news.

24. Vapidly

Meaning: In a dull or unstimulating manner.

Example: He spoke vapidly, making the audience lose interest.

25. Vexatiously

Meaning: In a manner that’s intended to annoy, worry, or cause trouble.

Example: The claim was seen as vexatiously brought to court.

26. Venerably

Meaning: In a manner that commands respect because of age or impressive dignity.

Example: The old scholar spoke venerably.

27. Vicinously

Meaning: In a manner that’s nearby or neighboring.

Example: The communities lived vicinously.

28. Vaingloriously

Meaning: In an excessively proud or boastful manner.

Example: He spoke vaingloriously of his achievements.

29. Verifiably

Meaning: In a manner that can be proven or shown to be true.

Example: The results are verifiably accurate.

30. Virtually

Meaning: Almost, or very nearly.

Example: The town was virtually deserted by evening.

All Adverbs Starting With V

Vacillatingly Vacuously Vagally
Vagariously Vaginally Vagrantly
Vaguely Vainly Valiantly
Validly Valleyward Valleywards
Valorously Valourously Valuationally
Valuatively Valuelessly Vampily
Vampirically Vampishly Vandalically
Vanishingly Vanward Vapidly
Vaporously Vapouringly Vapourously
Variably Variationally Varicosely
Variedly Varietally Variously
Varyingly Vascularly Vastly
Vaultingly Vauntingly Vectorially
Veeringly Vegetally Vegetatively
Vehemently Vehicularly Veiledly
Venally Venerably Venereally
Vengeably Vengefully Venially
Venomously Venously Ventrally
Venturingly Venturously Veraciously
Verbally Verblessly Verbosely
Verdantly Veridically Verifiably
Verily Verisimilarly Veristically
Veritably Verminly Verminously
Vernacularly Vernally Versatilely
Vertebrally Vertically Vertiginously
Very Vestally Vestigially
Vexatiously Vexedly Vexingly
Viably Vibrantly Vibratingly
Vibrationally Vibronically Vicariously
Viceregally Viciously Victoriously
Viewlessly Vigilantly Vigorously
Vilely Villageward Villagewards
Villainously Vindictively Vinegarishly
Vinously Violably Violatively
Violently Violetward Viperishly
Viperously Virally Virescently
Virginally Virginly Virilely
Virologically Virtually Virtuosically
Virtuously Virulently Viscerally
Viscidly Viscously Visibly
Visigothically Visionarily Visualizably
Visually Visuospatially Vitalistically
Vitally Viticulturally Vitriolically
Vituperatively Vituperously Vivaciously
Vively Vividly Viviparously
Vixenishly Vocalically Vocally
Vocationally Vocatively Vociferously
Voguishly Voicelessly Volarly
Volatilely Volcanically Volcanologically
Volitionally Volitively Volubly
Volumetrically Voluminously Voluntarily
Voluptuously Vomitously Voraciously
Vortically Votively Voyeuristically
Vulgarly Vulnerably Vulpinely

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Positive Adverbs That Start With V

  • valuably
  • vigilantly
  • victoriously
  • voluptuously
  • venerably
  • valorously
  • volitionally
  • vibrantly
  • virtuously
  • valiantly
  • verily
  • vigorously
  • veraciously
  • vivaciously
  • voluntarily
  • vitally

Negative Adverbs That Start With V

  • Vacantly
  • Vaguely
  • Vainly
  • Vapidly
  • Vehemently
  • Venomously
  • Verbosely
  • Vicariously
  • Viciously
  • Victimizedly
  • Villainously
  • Violently
  • Vitriolically
  • Vociferously
  • Volcanically
  • Voluntarily (in the sense of doing something negative without being forced)
  • Voluminously
  • Voraciously
  • Vulgarly
  • Vulnerably

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