All Adverbs that Start With P

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Adverbs are an essential part of speech that can add depth and meaning to your writing.

Whether you’re trying to convey a sense of urgency or emphasize a particular action, the right adverb can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for some new adverbs to add to your vocabulary, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore 250 different adverbs that start with the letter P.

From “painfully” to “particularly” and everything in between, these adverbs cover a wide range of meanings and uses. They can help you add emphasis, clarify your intentions, and create more vivid descriptions in your writing.

Adverbs that Start With P

Below are 30 Top Adverbs That Start with P, along with meaning and example sentences. (Skip to Complete List)

1. Particularly

Meaning: To a higher degree than is usual or average.

Example: I don’t particularly like spicy food.

2. Possibly

Meaning: Perhaps; maybe.

Example: We could possibly go there tomorrow.

3. Previously

Meaning: At a previous or earlier time; before.

Example: She had met him previously at a conference.

4. Perfectly

Meaning: In a manner or to a degree that could not be better.

Example: The dress fits her perfectly.

5. Publicly

Meaning: In open view of everyone; openly.

Example: He publicly apologized for his actions.

6. Purposefully

Meaning: In a determined manner; with intent.

Example: She walked purposefully towards the podium.

7. Painfully

Meaning: In a way that causes pain or distress.

Example: His leg was painfully swollen.

8. Politely

Meaning: In a manner showing good manners and respect.

Example: He politely asked for a glass of water.

9. Passionately

Meaning: With intense feeling or strong emotion.

Example: She spoke passionately about the environment.

10. Predominantly

Meaning: Mainly; for the most part.

Example: The population is predominantly young.

11. Precisely

Meaning: Exactly and accurately.

Example: The clock strikes precisely at noon.

12. Promptly

Meaning: With little or no delay; immediately.

Example: He arrived promptly at 8 o’clock.

13. Persistently

Meaning: In a persistent manner; continuously.

Example: She persistently pursued her goals.

14. Positively

Meaning: With certainty; absolutely.

Example: I am positively sure this is the right way.

15. Potentially

Meaning: That can develop into something or be developed in the future.

Example: It’s a potentially dangerous situation.

16. Playfully

Meaning: In a light-hearted or teasing manner.

Example: He playfully nudged his friend.

17. Practically

Meaning: Almost; nearly.

Example: The room was practically empty.

18. Preferably

Meaning: More suitably or agreeably.

Example: Meet me at noon, or preferably before.

19. Proudly

Meaning: In a manner that expresses pride or satisfaction.

Example: She proudly displayed her certificate.

20. Periodically

Meaning: From time to time; occasionally.

Example: Check the equipment periodically for any damage.

21. Professionally

Meaning: In a manner that relates to a person’s profession as opposed to their personal life.

Example: She behaves very professionally in meetings.

22. Parallelly

Meaning: In a parallel manner; alongside.

Example: The two cars raced parallelly down the track.

23. Plausibly

Meaning: In a manner that seems reasonable or probable.

Example: He plausibly denied the allegations.

24. Pervasively

Meaning: In a way that spreads widely throughout an area or group of people.

Example: The culture of the company is pervasively innovative.

25. Perceptibly

Meaning: In a way that can be seen or noticed.

Example: The weather changed perceptibly over the hours.

26. Ponderously

Meaning: In a manner that suggests great weight; clumsily.

Example: The elephant moved ponderously.

27. Pointedly

Meaning: In a manner that is emphasized or done in a deliberate way to make a point.

Example: She pointedly ignored his comments.

28. Predictably

Meaning: In a way that is foreseen or expected.

Example: The match ended predictably, with the champions winning.

29. Prematurely

Meaning: Before the due or expected time.

Example: The event was concluded prematurely due to the rain.

30. Pricelessly

Meaning: In a manner that has such great value that its worth cannot be measured.

Example: The child’s reaction was pricelessly genuine.

All Adverbs Starting With P

Painfully Painlessly Palatably
Palely Pallidly Palmately
Palpably Palterly Paltrily
Pantingly Papally Parabolically
Paradoxically Parallelly Paramountly
Pardonably Parentally Parenthetically
Parfitly Parliamentarily Parochially
Partially Participantly Participially
Particularly Partitively Partly
Passably Passingly Passionately
Passively Past Pastorally
Patchily Patently Paternally
Patiently Patly Pausingly
Peaceably Peacefully Peccantly
Pectorally Peculiarly Peevishly
Pellmell Pellucidly Penally
Pendently Penitently Pensively
Perceptibly Perceptively Perfectly
Perhaps Perilously Periodically
Perishably Perkily Permanently
Permeably Permissively Perpetually
Perseveringly Persistently Personally
Perspicaciously Perspicuously Persuasively
Perversely Pettily Pettishly
Petulantly Phenomenally Philanthropically
Philosophically Physically Pickaback
Picturesquely Piercingly Piggishly
Pinchingly Piningly Pinnately
Piously Piquantly Piteously
Pithily Pitiably Pitifully
Pitilessly Pityingly Placidly
Plaguily Plainly Plausibly
Playfully Pleadingly Pleasantly
Please Pleasingly Pleasurably
Plenarily Ploddingly Pluckily
Plumply Plurally Poetically
Poignantly Pointedly Polewards
Politely Politically Politicly
Pompously Poorly Popishly
Popularly Porously Posingly
Positively Possibly Potentially
Potently Poutingly Powerfully
Practically Pragmatically Praisably
Praiseworthily Pratingly Prayerfully
Prayingly Precisely Predictably
Predominantly Preferably Pregnantly
Prematurely Preparedly Prepensely
Presently Pressingly Pressly
Prestigiously Presumably Presumedly
Prettily Pretty Prevalently
Previously Priggishly Primarily
Primely Primevally Primly
Princely Principally Priorly
Prissily Pristinely Privately
Privily Proactively Probably
Prodigally Prodigiously Productively
Profanely Professionally Proficiently
Profitably Profoundly Profusely
Progressively Prolifically Prolixly
Prominently Promisingly Promptly
Pronely Properly Prophetically
Propitiously Prosily Prosingly
Prosperously Proteanly Protectively
Proudly Provably Providently
Provisionally Proximally Prudently
Prudishly Pruriently Pryingly
Psychically Psychologically Publically
Publicly Puckishly Puerilely
Puffingly Puissantly Pulingly
Punctually Pungently Punily
Punishingly Punitively Punitorily
Purely Purposedly Purposefully
Purposely Pursuantly Puzzlingly

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Positive Adverbs That Start With P

  • Pragmatically
  • Proudly
  • Proficiently
  • Productively
  • Personally
  • Please
  • Propitiously
  • Phenomenally
  • Poignantly
  • Pristinely
  • Pertly
  • Passionately
  • Permissively
  • Peacefully
  • Pleasingly
  • Preparedly
  • Playfully
  • Prevalently
  • Persistently
  • Prophetically
  • Purposefully
  • Perseveringly
  • Precisely
  • Persuasively
  • Promisingly
  • Princely
  • Piquantly
  • Promptly
  • Properly
  • Philosophically
  • Popularly
  • Practically
  • Perspicuously
  • Progressively
  • Praiseworthily
  • Prayerfully
  • Particularly
  • Proactively
  • Perspicaciously
  • Prominently
  • Prodigiously
  • Prudently
  • Parentally
  • Pleasurably
  • Proper
  • Patiently
  • Protectively
  • Profitably
  • Piously
  • Paternally
  • Perfectly
  • Plum
  • Punctually
  • Profoundly
  • Positively
  • Placidly
  • Philanthropically
  • Plenty
  • Prolifically
  • Purely
  • Powerfully
  • Poetically
  • Peaceably
  • Professionally
  • Prosperously
  • Public-spiritedly
  • Perceptively
  • Picturesquely
  • Politely
  • Preciously
  • Prestigiously

Negative Adverbs That Start With P

  • Painfully
  • Paltrily
  • Panderly
  • Panickingly
  • Parchedly
  • Parenthetically
  • Parochially
  • Partially
  • Partisanly
  • Passively
  • Pathetically
  • Patronizingly
  • Pauperly
  • Pensively
  • Peremptorily
  • Perfidiously
  • Perfunctorily
  • Perilously
  • Permanently
  • Perniciously
  • Perpetually
  • Persnicketily
  • Pessimistically
  • Pestilentially
  • Petty
  • Phlegmatically
  • Piggishly
  • Pitiably
  • Pitilessly
  • Placidly
  • Ploddingly
  • Pointlessly
  • Poisonously
  • Pompously
  • Poorly
  • Popularly
  • Poutily
  • Pragmatically
  • Precariously
  • Precipitously

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