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It’s not every day you come across words starting with X. Unlike a lot of other letters in the English alphabet, X is unique and its words hold so much power within them. Whether your goal is to increase your vocabulary or simply sound a little smarter when speaking, synonyms are an excellent way to reach both of those goals! In this blog post, we’ve gathered 100 synonyms that all start with “X” for you to use in any situation — from formal essays to casual conversations. Expand your word bank and never be lost for the right phrase again!

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter X

  1. Xanadu: paradise, utopia
  2. Xanthan: gum, thickener
  3. Xanthic: yellow, golden
  4. Xanthine: stimulant, caffeine
  5. Xanthocarpous: yellow, fruit
  6. Xanthoma: lump, growth
  7. Xanthomatous: yellow, growth
  8. Xanthophore: pigment, cell
  9. Xanthophyll: carotenoid, lutein
  10. Xanthopsia: vision, condition
  11. Xanthorrhiza: goldenseal, herb
  12. Xanthosis: yellowing, discoloration
  13. Xanthous: yellow, colored
  14. Xenagogue: guide, leader
  15. Xenarthra: mammal, order
  16. Xenial: hospitable, friendly
  17. Xenocentric: foreign-centered, biased
  18. Xenodiagnosis: diagnosis, testing
  19. Xenodochial: hospitable, friendly
  20. Xenodochy: hospitality, kindness
  21. Xenogamy: cross-fertilization, hybridization
  22. Xenogenesis: asexual reproduction, cloning
  23. Xenograft: transplant, implant
  24. Xenolith: rock, stone
  25. Xenolithic: rock, fragment
  26. Xenolithology: study, geology
  27. Xenomania: obsession, enthusiasm
  28. Xenomorph: fictional creature, alien
  29. Xenon: gas, element
  30. Xenoparasite: parasite, host
  31. Xenophile: friend, admirer
  32. Xenophobia: bigotry, intolerance
  33. Xenotransfusion: blood transfusion, animal-derived
  34. Xenotransplantation: transplantation, animal
  35. Xenotropic: infectious, host-specific
  36. Xenurine: armadillo, anteater
  37. Xerarch: plant succession, ecological
  38. Xeriscape: drought-tolerant, landscaping
  39. Xeroderma: dryness, flakiness
  40. Xerography: photocopying, reproduction
  41. Xerophthalmia: eye, condition
  42. Xerophyte: plant, desert-adapted
  43. Xerosis cutis: skin condition, dryness
  44. Xerosis: dryness, roughness
  45. Xerothermic: dry, heat-loving
  46. Xerotic: dry, parched
  47. Xiphisternal: joint, cartilage
  48. Xiphoid: sword-shaped, ensiform
  49. X-ray: radiograph, tomogram
  50. Xylaria: fungus, genus
  51. Xylary: wood, related
  52. Xylenol: chemical, compound
  53. Xylitol: natural sweetener, sugar substitute
  54. Xylocaine: anesthetic, numbing agent
  55. Xylocarp: fruit, nut
  56. Xylocarpus: mangrove, tree
  57. Xylocopa: carpenter bee, insect
  58. Xyloglucan: plant cell wall, polysaccharide
  59. Xylograph: woodcut, engraving
  60. Xylographer: engraver, artist
  61. Xylographical: relating to wood engraving or printing
  62. Xylography: printing, engraving
  63. Xylology: wood, science
  64. Xylomancy: divination, wood
  65. Xylometazoline: decongestant, nasal spray
  66. Xylometer: wood, measuring
  67. Xylooligosaccharide: fiber, prebiotic
  68. Xylophagia: eating wood, disorder
  69. Xylophagidae: family, moth
  70. Xylophagous: wood-eating, termite
  71. Xylophilous: wood-loving, fungus
  72. Xylophobia: fear of wood, phobia
  73. Xylophone: marimba, vibraphone
  74. Xylophoneist: musician, player
  75. Xylophonic: musical, instrument
  76. Xylophore: mushroom, fungus
  77. Xylopia: spice, plant
  78. Xyloplastic: wood, plastic
  79. Xylopyrography: woodburning, pyrography
  80. Xylopyrrole: organic, compound
  81. Xylorimba: percussion, instrument
  82. Xylosan: polysaccharide, sugar
  83. Xylostroma: fungus, species
  84. Xylotheca: plant, collection
  85. Xylulose: sugar, ketone
  86. Xylyl: chemical group, compound
  87. Xyrid: wetland, plant
  88. Xyridaceous: plant, family
  89. Xyst: colonnade, portico
  90. Xyster: surgical, instrument
  91. Xenon: gas, element
  92. Xylophone: percussion instrument, marimba
  93. X-axis: horizontal axis, abscissa
  94. Xeric: arid, dry
  95. X-ray: radiograph, scan
  96. Xenophobia: fear of foreigners, aversion to outsiders
  97. Xerography: photocopying, electrostatic printing
  98. Xanthous: yellow, blonde
  99. Xerosis: dryness, roughness
  100. Xylography: woodcutting, engraving on wood

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