100 Synonyms That Start with O, Synonyms with O

Do you find yourself stumped for words when trying to express yourself clearly? Finding the perfect word or phrase to communicate a concept can be challenging. Knowing an expansive collection of synonyms starting with O is essential for crafting concise and articulate essays, speeches, stories – anything that requires delivery at a higher level of sophistication. Whether in your daily conversations or creative writing endeavors, these 100 synonyms are sure to help convey exactly what you mean no matter the context. So sit back and broaden your vocabulary today by exploring this comprehensive list of words beginning with the letter “O”.

synonyms with o

Synonyms With O

Words Synonyms
Offensive  prolong, loiter
Opaque  inattentive
Obstinate Unregenerate
Ordinal Zillion
Odious  generous
Old Worn
Oracular  rational, sound
Obvious  bound, accountable
Ornamental  entice, attract
Obstruct  merciful
Offspring  indifferent
Occult  magnanimous
Ordain  insanity, delusion
Outbreak  palatable
Outrage  delicious

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter O

  1. Opportunity: possibility, chance
  2. Objective: goal, aim
  3. Outcome: result, consequence
  4. Obligation: duty, responsibility
  5. Obvious: clear, evident
  6. Observation: scrutiny, inspection
  7. Occurrence: incident, event
  8. Offense: transgression, wrongdoing
  9. Original: authentic, genuine
  10. Official: authorized, formal
  11. Opinion: belief, viewpoint
  12. Occasion: event, circumstance
  13. Overcome: conquer, defeat
  14. Objective: impartial, unbiased
  15. Ongoing: continuous, uninterrupted
  16. Ordinary: common, usual
  17. Orientation: direction, alignment
  18. Origin: source, beginning
  19. Overwhelm: inundate, overpower
  20. Open: unlocked, unsealed
  21. Overlook: ignore, neglect
  22. Outstanding: exceptional, remarkable
  23. Optimistic: hopeful, positive
  24. Offer: propose, present
  25. Operate: function, work
  26. Opposition: resistance, hostility
  27. Owe: be indebted, be obligated
  28. Occupy: reside, inhabit
  29. Objection: protest, dissent
  30. Organize: arrange, systematize
  31. Order: command, instruction
  32. Occasional: sporadic, infrequent
  33. Onset: beginning, start
  34. Oath: pledge, vow
  35. Obliterate: erase, destroy
  36. Overjoyed: ecstatic, delighted
  37. Observe: watch, notice
  38. Optimize: enhance, improve
  39. Outrageous: shocking, scandalous
  40. Opportunity: opening, prospect
  41. Oversee: supervise, manage
  42. Overpower: subdue, overwhelm
  43. Overcome: surpass, excel
  44. Outdated: obsolete, antiquated
  45. Objective: factual, realistic
  46. Obligatory: mandatory, compulsory
  47. Operative: effective, functional
  48. Opportunity: break, occasion
  49. Outspoken: frank, candid
  50. Overindulge: indulge, pamper
  51. Outperform: excel, outdo
  52. Outset: start, beginning
  53. Occur: happen, transpire
  54. Occasional: occasional, sporadic
  55. Obsolete: outdated, antiquated
  56. Ongoing: ongoing, continuing
  57. Offend: insult, hurt
  58. Optimism: hopefulness, confidence
  59. Organized: ordered, systematic
  60. Obvious: noticeable, apparent
  61. Obstruct: block, hinder
  62. Overstate: exaggerate, overemphasize
  63. Overlook: miss, ignore
  64. Overwhelmed: swamped, inundated
  65. Overpowering: overwhelming, dominating
  66. Overly: excessively, overly
  67. Overabundance: excess, surplus
  68. Overture: proposal, opening
  69. Overriding: predominant, principal
  70. Overthrow: topple, overthrow
  71. Obviate: prevent, avert
  72. Onward: forward, ahead
  73. Omniscient: all-knowing, wise
  74. Oneness: unity, wholeness
  75. Obedience: compliance, submission
  76. Obstinate: stubborn, unyielding
  77. Oblivious: unaware, ignorant
  78. Oblivion: forgetfulness, obscurity
  79. Obsequious: servile, subservient
  80. Obsession: fixation, preoccupation
  81. Oblique: slanting, indirect
  82. Oak: timber, tree
  83. Oar: paddle, scull
  84. Oath: pledge, promise
  85. Oboe: wind instrument, reed
  86. Occur: happen, transpire
  87. Ocean: sea, deep
  88. Odyssey: journey, adventure
  89. Offend: insult, outrage
  90. Office: workplace, bureau
  91. Often: frequently, regularly
  92. Oh: ah, ooh
  93. Oil: lubricant, grease
  94. Okay: fine, all right
  95. Old: ancient, elderly
  96. Omen: portent, sign
  97. On: upon, atop
  98. One: single, solitary
  99. Onion: bulb, vegetable
  100. Only: solely, exclusively
  101. Open: unlock, unseal

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