100 Synonyms That Starts with V, Synonyms with V

Are you trying to make your work more interesting, colorful, and vibrant? Whether you’re a writer looking for the perfect word choice or a student preparing for an exam, having an extensive knowledge of synonyms can take your expressions to the next level. For those who are in search of concrete terms beginning with V, look no further! We have compiled here 100 useful words starting with ‘V’ that will add powerful impact to all sorts of written pieces.

Remember that part of learning is being able to distinguish between words with similar meanings but slightly different nuances—so test yourself by seeing how many differences between these synonyms you can catch!

synonyms with v

Synonyms With V

Words Synonyms
Vulgar  inaccessible
Vouch  penitence, regret
Vigilant  piece, residue
Vanity equivocate
Victor Winner
Valid  dubious
Venerable  prevaricate
Vigor Verve
Venom  approve, consent
Volatile  protest, censure
Vicious  liberate, recover
Valley Vale
Valour disputable
Veteran  ruin, destroy
View Vista
Vagrant  reduce, subdue

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter V

  1. Vague: unclear, ambiguous
  2. Vandalism: destruction, defacement
  3. Vanilla: plain, unexciting
  4. Variable: changeable, unpredictable
  5. Veil: shroud, cloak
  6. Velocity: speed, pace
  7. Venture: gamble, risk
  8. Veracity: truthfulness, accuracy
  9. Verbosity: wordiness, loquaciousness
  10. Verdict: decision, judgment
  11. Verify: confirm, validate
  12. Versatile: adaptable, flexible
  13. Version: edition, variation
  14. Vertical: upright, perpendicular
  15. Vestige: remnant, trace
  16. Veteran: experienced, seasoned
  17. Vex: irritate, annoy
  18. Vibrant: lively, colorful
  19. Vicinity: proximity, neighborhood
  20. Victim: casualty, prey
  21. Victory: triumph, conquest
  22. Viewpoint: perspective, standpoint
  23. Vigilant: watchful, alert
  24. Vigorous: energetic, robust
  25. Village: hamlet, town
  26. Villain: scoundrel, rogue
  27. Vindicate: justify, clear
  28. Violate: breach, infringe
  29. Violence: aggression, brutality
  30. Virtual: simulated, computer-generated
  31. Virtue: goodness, morality
  32. Virus: infection, contagion
  33. Visible: noticeable, apparent
  34. Vision: sight, view
  35. Vital: essential, critical
  36. Vitriolic: caustic, scathing
  37. Vivid: colorful, vibrant
  38. Vocabulary: lexicon, terminology
  39. Vocal: verbal, outspoken
  40. Vogue: fashion, trend
  41. Void: empty, vacant
  42. Volatile: unstable, explosive
  43. Volunteer: offer, donate
  44. Volume: size, capacity
  45. Voracious: insatiable, ravenous
  46. Vote: ballot, election
  47. Vow: pledge, promise
  48. Voyage: journey, expedition
  49. Vulture: scavenger, predator
  50. Vulnerable: exposed, susceptible
  51. Vacuum: emptiness, void
  52. Vacation: holiday, break
  53. Valedictory: farewell, goodbye
  54. Validity: soundness, credibility
  55. Valuable: precious, prized
  56. Valour: bravery, courage
  57. Vanish: disappear, evaporate
  58. Variety: diversity, assortment
  59. Vaporize: evaporate, dissipate
  60. Varsity: main team, A-team
  61. Vaudeville: variety show, comedy
  62. Vegetation: flora, greenery
  63. Vehicle: conveyance, transport
  64. Velocity: speed, momentum
  65. Veneer: facade, mask
  66. Venial: forgivable, excusable
  67. Venom: poison, toxin
  68. Ventilate: aerate, freshen
  69. Venture: risk, gamble
  70. Veranda: porch, patio
  71. Verbose: wordy, loquacious
  72. Verdict: judgment, decision
  73. Verge: brink, edge
  74. Verification: confirmation, validation
  75. Vermilion: red, scarlet
  76. Vernacular: dialect, jargon
  77. Versed: knowledgeable, experienced
  78. Vertex: peak, summit
  79. Verve: energy, enthusiasm
  80. Vest: garment, coat
  81. Vested: owned, possessed
  82. Vexation: irritation, annoyance
  83. Vibrancy: liveliness, colorfulness
  84. Vibrato: tremolo, modulation
  85. Vice: wrongdoing, immorality
  86. Vicarious: indirect, second-hand
  87. Victimize: exploit, mistreat
  88. Video: film, recording
  89. View: opinion, perspective
  90. Vigil: watch, surveillance
  91. Vignette: sketch, scene
  92. Villa: mansion, estate
  93. Village: community, settlement
  94. Vindictive: revengeful, vengeful
  95. Vine: climbing plant, creeper
  96. Vintage: classic, retro
  97. Violin: fiddle, stringed instrument
  98. Viper: snake, serpent
  99. Virtuoso: master, expert
  100. Virus: malware, trojan

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