100 Synonyms That Start with R, Synonyms with R

Are you looking for a way to increase your vocabulary? Whether you’re an avid reader, student, or writer, understanding synonyms can help guide conversations and add color to your work. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100 words that start with the letter R—words in categories such as descriptive phrases, emotions, and food; slang terms from various parts of the globe; and more! Read on for deeper insight into each word’s meaning and origin, plus sample sentences to provide context.

synonyms with r

Synonyms With R

Remote obnoxious
Rescind abhorrent
Redeem prevent, impede
Ratify annual, cancel
Retract descendant
Ruthless impose, order
Rustic vague, cryptic
Resentment arrogant
Rigid airshipZeppelin
Remnant apparent, evident
Rout shady, obscure
Remonstrate ambiguous, latent
Ravage various, profuse
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Top 100 Synonyms With Letter R

  1. Resolution: determination, resolve
  2. Respect: esteem, admiration
  3. Responsibility: accountability, duty
  4. Resource: asset, means
  5. Risk: danger, hazard
  6. Relationship: connection, association
  7. Recognition: acknowledgement, appreciation
  8. Relaxation: rest, recreation
  9. Revenue: income, earnings
  10. Reasoning: logic, deduction
  11. Reality: actuality, existence
  12. Ritual: ceremony, tradition
  13. Reaction: response, reply
  14. Requirement: necessity, prerequisite
  15. Reputation: standing, character
  16. Recognition: identification, classification
  17. Relevance: importance, significance
  18. Reservation: booking, arrangement
  19. Retribution: punishment, revenge
  20. Regard: consideration, attention
  21. Resistance: opposition, defiance
  22. Redemption: salvation, atonement
  23. Reflection: contemplation, meditation
  24. Renovation: restoration, refurbishment
  25. Reservation: hesitation, doubt
  26. Retaliation: vengeance, reprisal
  27. Regulation: rule, control
  28. Reconciliation: settlement, agreement
  29. Rapport: relationship, understanding
  30. Repentance: remorse, contrition
  31. Remedy: cure, treatment
  32. Rigor: strictness, severity
  33. Revelation: disclosure, unveiling
  34. Royalty: kingship, monarchy
  35. Radical: extreme, drastic
  36. Rivalry: competition, contention
  37. Rapture: ecstasy, bliss
  38. Resourceful: creative, inventive
  39. Reliance: dependence, trust
  40. Resilience: toughness, flexibility
  41. Reluctance: unwillingness, hesitation
  42. Requirement: demand, stipulation
  43. Rhetoric: oratory, eloquence
  44. Reasonable: rational, logical
  45. Refinement: elegance, sophistication
  46. Reassurance: comfort, encouragement
  47. Reconciliation: harmony, conciliation
  48. Resentment: bitterness, indignation
  49. Repression: suppression, restraint
  50. Relevance: pertinence, applicability
  51. Robust: strong, sturdy
  52. Restraint: limitation, control
  53. Rejoice: celebrate, exult
  54. Rambunctious: boisterous, unruly
  55. Redundant: repetitive, superfluous
  56. Refreshing: invigorating, rejuvenating
  57. Resonate: reverberate, echo
  58. Requisite: necessary, essential
  59. Ravishing: delightful, enchanting
  60. Rousing: stirring, inspiring
  61. Refurbish: renovate, restore
  62. Rekindle: revive, reignite
  63. Radiant: bright, glowing
  64. Reliable: trustworthy, dependable
  65. Reclusive: solitary, hermit-like
  66. Reticent: reserved, shy
  67. Regenerate: rejuvenate, renew
  68. Reimburse: compensate, repay
  69. Rectify: correct, amend
  70. Resplendent: dazzling, magnificent
  71. Ruthless: merciless, cruel
  72. Rhythmical: musical, melodious
  73. Reminiscent: evocative, suggestive
  74. Refractory: stubborn, unmanageable
  75. Resuscitate: revive, resurge
  76. Reverberate: echo, reflect
  77. Retrospective: reflective, reminiscent
  78. Reproachful: critical, admonishing
  79. Rampant: widespread, prevalent
  80. Redolent: aromatic, fragrant
  81. Rejoinder: reply, retort
  82. Rapacious: greedy, avaricious
  83. Rejuvenate: revitalize, refresh
  84. Rustic: rural, pastoral
  85. Reciprocity: mutuality, exchange
  86. Rejoicing: elation, jubilation
  87. Reprimand: scold, rebuke
  88. Redress: compensation, reparation
  89. Requisition: demand, requisitioning
  90. Reprieve: pardon, amnesty
  91. Rhapsody: ecstasy, euphoria
  92. Radiate: emanate, shine
  93. Ramify: branch, divide
  94. Remonstrate: protest, object
  95. Replenish: refill, restock
  96. Reticulate: network, web-like
  97. Retrench: cut back, reduce
  98. Revenant: ghost, spirit
  99. Revenous: famished, ravenous
  100. Resplendence: brilliance, splendor

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