100 Synonyms That Start with I, Synonyms with I

Have you ever been stuck for words while trying to come up with the perfect phrase or sentence? Or perhaps you were producing content and wanted to ensure your copy wasn’t repetitive by using different words? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, I’m going to share 100 of the most common synonyms that start with “I”. From idiomatic expressions to precision adjectives and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find the right word to take your writing from meh…to magnificent!

So if you’re an aspiring writer or even if you just want some quick inspiration – let’s get into it. Ready? Let’s discover what hidden gems can be found inside these remarkable synonyms that begin with I!

synonyms with i

Synonyms with I

Words Synonyms
Impediment  unsullied
Immense  non-conformist
Invincible  inefficient
Invective  affection
Irrepressible  unskilled
Intricate  unholy
Ingenuous  deteriorate
Instil  irreligious
Incongruous  prerogative
Inopportune Untimely
Intrigue  ascribe, attribute
Insinuate  unbiased, just
Imperative Urgent
Intrinsic  disposition
Ice resurfacer Zamboni
Insolvent  obstruction
Immaculate  danger, Peril
Inevitable  privilege
Impute  enormous, huge
Impious  spotless
Immerse  secularist
Infringe  diminish
Insipid  hurdle
Institution Seminary
Immunity  shocking
Impair  deception
Impartial Unbiased
Imminent  frightful
Incompetent  brewing, impending
Inclination  involve, submerge
Impartial  affectation

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter I

  1. Idea: notion, concept
  2. Imagine: visualize, conceive
  3. Important: significant, crucial
  4. Inevitable: unavoidable, certain
  5. Information: data, facts
  6. Intense: extreme, concentrated
  7. Interesting: engaging, fascinating
  8. Increase: expand, escalate
  9. Inspire: motivate, encourage
  10. Involve: include, entail
  11. Issue: problem, concern
  12. Identify: recognize, distinguish
  13. Imply: suggest, indicate
  14. Introduce: present, initiate
  15. Intend: plan, aim
  16. Improve: enhance, better
  17. Inquire: ask, question
  18. Instruct: teach, educate
  19. Insist: demand, require
  20. Influence: affect, impact
  21. Implement: execute, apply
  22. Indicate: show, signify
  23. Include: involve, comprise
  24. Invest: allocate, put in
  25. Impress: affect, influence
  26. Invite: ask, request
  27. Inhibit: restrain, hinder
  28. Ignite: kindle, start
  29. Imagine: envision, fantasize
  30. Innovate: create, invent
  31. Illustrate: depict, represent
  32. Indulge: pamper, spoil
  33. Instill: implant, introduce
  34. Inflict: impose, cause
  35. Inherit: receive, obtain
  36. Intoxicate: excite, exhilarate
  37. Intensify: increase, escalate
  38. Interpret: explain, understand
  39. Incline: slope, lean
  40. Inhibit: hinder, restrain
  41. Inhale: breathe in, inspire
  42. Ingest: consume, devour
  43. Infuse: imbue, instill
  44. Inscribe: write, engrave
  45. Introspect: reflect, contemplate
  46. Intrigue: fascinate, captivate
  47. Inculcate: instill, implant
  48. Induce: cause, bring about
  49. Inaugurate: commence, launch
  50. Insinuate: suggest, imply
  51. Immerse: submerge, plunge
  52. Impress: impact, influence
  53. Instruct: teach, educate
  54. Inhabit: reside, dwell
  55. Incite: provoke, stimulate
  56. Indict: accuse, charge
  57. Ingrain: embed, imprint
  58. Investigate: examine, explore
  59. Infringe: violate, breach
  60. Inoculate: vaccinate, immunize
  61. Inquire: ask, question
  62. Inhospitable: unfriendly, hostile
  63. Inauspicious: unlucky, unfavorable
  64. Introspective: reflective, self-analyzing
  65. Insurmountable: unbeatable, insuperable
  66. Inevitable: certain, unavoidable
  67. Infamous: notorious, disreputable
  68. Illustrious: renowned, famous
  69. Impulsive: spontaneous, impetuous
  70. Infallible: unfailing, faultless
  71. Inflexible: rigid, unbending
  72. Intrepid: fearless, daring
  73. Inquisitive: curious, inquiring
  74. Intransigent: uncompromising, unyielding
  75. Inscrutable: mysterious, enigmatic
  76. Incandescent: glowing, radiant
  77. Indecipherable: unreadable, incomprehensible
  78. Indefatigable: tireless, unflagging
  79. Indelible: permanent, lasting
  80. Inebriated: intoxicated, drunk
  81. Inexplicable: incomprehensible, unexplainable
  82. Inclusive: comprehensive, all-encompassing
  83. Incredulous: skeptical, doubtful
  84. Incognito: disguised, undercover
  85. Incorrigible: irredeemable, uncorrectable
  86. Inconspicuous: unobtrusive, low-profile
  87. Incipient: beginning, emerging
  88. Inflammatory: provocative, inciting
  89. Inchoate: undeveloped, embryonic
  90. Inquisitorial: investigative, probing
  91. Intransitive: not taking a direct object, reflexive
  92. Inculpate: incriminate, accuse
  93. Incessant: unending, perpetual
  94. Inimitable: unique, unparalleled
  95. Inoperative: nonfunctional, ineffective
  96. Interpolate: insert, interpose
  97. Intertwine: interweave, interconnect
  98. Interim: temporary, provisional
  99. Interdependent: interconnected, mutually dependent
  100. Intersection: junction, crossroads

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