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Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the exact word or phrase we are looking for; sometimes a selection of words just won’t fit our needs. The English language is vast and varied, with many synonyms available for us to express exactly what we mean – but even then, it’s not always easy to think of that one appropriate term that carries precisely the right emotion and meaning in relation to the context.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other words and phrases out there which can come in handy when trying to capture an idea or feeling more accurately than using ‘sometimes.’ In this blog post, we’ll explore different noteworthy alternatives for ‘sometimes’ – so keep reading!

Synonyms of Sometimes

Here are 20 most popular synonyms of sometimes;

1- At times

2- Periodically

3- Now and then

4- On occasion

5- At intervals

6- Occasionally

7- Intermittently

8- Every so often

9- Now and again

10- In fits and starts

11- In bursts

12- By fits and starts

13- In spurts

14- Irregularly

15- At irregular intervals

16- Abruptly

17- Sporadically

18- Off and on

19- Once in a while

20- From time to time

Other Words for Sometimes

Here are all possible other words or synonyms of Sometimes;

1- Occasionally

2- From Time to Time

3- Accidentally

4- Barely

5- Every Now and Then

6- Ever and Anon

7- Little

8- Here And There

9- Variously

10- Alternately

11- Altogether

12- Anon

13- At Times

14- Every Now and Again

15- Before

16- Betimes

17- Casually

18- Coincidentally

19- Commonly

20- Consistently

21- Double

22- Earlier

23- Early

24- Even

25- Eventually

26- Ever

27- Ever and Again

28- Every So Often

29- Former

30- Formerly

31- Fortuitously

32- Frequently

33- Generally

34- Good

35- Halfway

36- Historically

37- In the Meantime

38- Infrequently

39- Intermittently

40- Irregularly

41- Later

42- Mainly

43- Manifold

44- Meanwhile

45- Newly

46- Normally

47- Now

48- Now and Again

49- Now and Then

50- Occasionally

51- Off and On

52- Oft

53- Often

54- Oftentimes

55- Oft-Times

56- On and Off

57- On Occasion

58- Once

59- Once in A While

60- Part

61- Partially

62- Partly

63- Partway

64- Periodically

65- Prematurely

66- Previously

67- Rarely

68- Recurrently

69- Regularly

70- Repeatedly

71- Seasonably

72- Seldom

73- Shortly

74- Someday

75- Sometime

76- Soon

77- Speedily

78- Sporadically

79- Then

80- Twice

81- Typically

82- Uncommonly

83- Usually

84- Well

85- When

86- While

87- Widely

Synonyms of Sometimes in Example Sentences

1- Occasionally: I play tennis occasionally.

2- From time to time: From time to time, I read a book.

3- Accidentally: I accidentally deleted the file.

4- Every now and again: Every now and again, I treat myself to a spa day.

5- Every now and then: Every now and then, I bake cookies.

6- Ever and anon: Ever and anon, I write poetry.

7- Little: Add a little sugar to the recipe.

8- Here and there: Here and there, I see a bird perched on a branch.

9- Variously: The book can be interpreted variously.

10- Alternately: The two teams alternately scored goals.

11- Altogether: Altogether, it was a great trip.

12- Anon: He will return anon.

13- At times: At times, I like to go for a walk.

14- Barely: She barely passed the test.

15- Before: I finish my coffee before starting work.

16- Betimes: I rise betimes to catch the sunrise.

17- Casually: He dressed casually for the party.

18- Coincidentally: Coincidentally, we met at the airport.

19- Commonly: Swimming is commonly practiced in the summer.

20- Consistently: She consistently performs well in exams.

21- Double: Double the recipe for more servings.

22- Earlier: I woke up earlier than usual today.

23- Early: She arrived early for the meeting.

24- Even: Even a child can do it.

25- Eventually: Eventually, I will learn how to play the guitar.

26- Ever: Do you ever go to the park?

27- Ever and again: He ever and again surprises me.

28- Every so often: Every so often, I go on a trip with my friends.

29- Former: He is a former employee of the company.

30- Formerly: The city was formerly known as Bombay.

31- Fortuitously: Fortuitously, I found my lost keys.

32- Frequently: I frequently check my email for updates.

33- Generally: Generally, I prefer tea over coffee.

34- Good: It is a good day for a picnic.

35- Halfway: We are already halfway through the movie.

36- Historically: Historically, the city was an important trading center.

37- In the meantime: In the meantime, I will prepare dinner.

38- Infrequently: She infrequently visits her hometown.

39- Intermittently: The rain fell intermittently throughout the day.

40- Irregularly: He irregularly attends the meetings.

41- Later: We can discuss it later.

42- Mainly: The store mainly sells groceries.

43- Manifold: The benefits of exercise are manifold.

44- Meanwhile: Meanwhile, I will work on my project.

45- Newly: I bought a newly released book.

46- Normally: Normally, I wake up at 6 am.

47- Now: I am now ready to start the presentation.

48- Now and again: Now and again, I go for a drive.

49- Now and then: Now and then, I crave for some ice cream.

50- Occasionally: Occasionally, I enjoy a glass of wine.

51- Off and on: She has been working on the project off and on.

52- Oft: Oft, I enjoy a cup of tea.

53- Often: I often listen to music while working.

54- Oftentimes: Oftentimes, I forget my phone at home.

55- Oft-times: Oft-times, the simplest solution is the best.

56- On and off: The rain fell on and off all day.

57- Inconsistently: She comes to class inconsistently, which affects her grades.

58- Scarce: Money is scarce these days.

59- Scarcely: We had scarcely left the house when it started raining.

60- Unevenly: The paint job was done unevenly.

61- Once in a blue moon: I only see my aunt once in a blue moon.

62- Happenstance: Meeting her was just happenstance.

63- Every once in a while: Every once in a while, I like to take a long walk.

64- Rarely: I rarely eat fast food.

65- Chance: There’s a chance we might win the lottery.

66- In a while: I’ll be back in a while.

67- On occasion: On occasion, I like to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake.

68- Only sometimes: He only sometimes remembers to water the plants.

69- Off-and-on: We had an off-and-on relationship for years.

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