100 Synonyms That Start with N, Synonyms with N

Finding the perfect word to use in a sentence? Have you ever been stuck trying to start a paper or express an idea but couldn’t find the right words to get your point across? If yes, then this is definitely the blog post for you. Here we’ve compiled 100 synonyms that start with “N” and provide helpful alternatives so you can effectively communicate whatever it is that needs expressing. With this dynamic list of words beginning with “N,” you will be able to easily bridge any conceptual gap between two ideas! So let’s dive into some creative ways of reaching full expression while making sure our language choices are positive and powerful.

synonyms with n

Synonyms with N

Words Synonyms
Needle work Sampler
Nil Zilch
Nimble  complicated
New Untried
Nullify  careless, slack
Negligent  last, death knell
Niggardly  blow
Nonchalant  difficult
Nothing Zero point
Noxious  excessive
Numerous  compassionate
Novice  abundant

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter N

  1. Name: title, label
  2. Nature: essence, character
  3. Near: close, adjacent
  4. Necessary: required, essential
  5. Need: require, demand
  6. Negative: pessimistic, unfavorable
  7. Never: not ever, at no time
  8. New: novel, fresh
  9. Next: following, subsequent
  10. Nice: pleasant, agreeable
  11. Night: evening, darkness
  12. No: not, negative
  13. Noise: sound, racket
  14. None: nobody, no one
  15. Nor: neither, not
  16. Normal: regular, typical
  17. North: northern, polar
  18. Note: memo, record
  19. Nothing: naught, nil
  20. Notice: observe, perceive
  21. Now: currently, presently
  22. Number: numeral, digit
  23. Nurse: caretaker, attendant
  24. Nutrient: nourishment, sustenance
  25. Nation: country, state
  26. Narrow: thin, limited
  27. Narrative: story, tale
  28. Nasty: unpleasant, disagreeable
  29. Navigate: steer, direct
  30. Necessity: need, requirement
  31. Needle: pin, sharp tool
  32. Negative: pessimistic, unfavorable
  33. Neglect: ignore, disregard
  34. Negotiate: bargain, discuss
  35. Neighbour: adjacent person, fellow citizen
  36. Neon: fluorescent, bright
  37. Nest: home, den
  38. Net: mesh, web
  39. Network: web, system
  40. Nevertheless: however, nonetheless
  41. Newcomer: beginner, novice
  42. News: information, report
  43. Next: following, subsequent
  44. Nice: pleasant, agreeable
  45. Night: evening, darkness
  46. Nocturnal: nighttime, active in the night
  47. Node: junction, intersection
  48. Noise: sound, racket
  49. Nominate: propose, suggest
  50. Nonchalance: indifference, apathy
  51. None: nobody, no one
  52. Nonsense: rubbish, absurdity
  53. Noon: midday, lunchtime
  54. Norm: standard, criterion
  55. North: northern, polar
  56. Nose: nasal organ, sniffer
  57. Notable: remarkable, noteworthy
  58. Notch: groove, indentation
  59. Note: memo, record
  60. Nothing: naught, nil
  61. Notice: observe, perceive
  62. Notify: inform, alert
  63. Notorious: infamous, disreputable
  64. Novel: new, fresh
  65. Nowadays: currently, presently
  66. Nuclear: atomic, energy
  67. Nucleus: core, center
  68. Nude: naked, unclothed
  69. Nugget: small piece, morsel
  70. Nullify: cancel, void
  71. Number: numeral, digit
  72. Nun: religious sister, monastic
  73. Nurse: caretaker, attendant
  74. Nutrient: nourishment, sustenance
  75. Nutritious: nourishing, healthy
  76. Nutrition: nourishment, sustenance
  77. Nuzzle: cuddle, snuggle
  78. Nylon: synthetic, man-made
  79. Nymph: fairy, spirit
  80. Nymphomaniac: sex addict, lecher
  81. Navigate: steer, direct
  82. Nausea: sickness, queasiness
  83. Navy: maritime, nautical
  84. Naysayer: skeptic, pessimist
  85. Nearby: close, adjacent
  86. Neat: tidy, organized
  87. Nebula: cloud, gas
  88. Necessitate: require, demand
  89. Neck: cervical, throat
  90. Needless: unnecessary, pointless
  91. Negotiation: discussion, bargaining
  92. Neighborhood: community, locality
  93. Nemesis: rival, opponent
  94. Neonate: newborn, infant
  95. Nepotism: favoritism, bias
  96. Nerve: bravery, courage
  97. Nestle: snuggle, cuddle
  98. Nether: lower, inferior
  99. Neutral: impartial, unbiased

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