100 Synonyms That Start with S, Synonyms with S

Synonyms can be a great way to spice up your vocabulary and make your writing unique, but it’s not always easy to remember all of the synonyms that start with S. This blog post will provide you with 100 examples of words beginning with S that you can use in order to give your writing more variety and style. Whether you’re looking for strong action verbs, appealing adjectives, or precise terminology, this list has something for everyone! Keep reading to learn more about these fantastic (and often forgotten) synonyms that start with S.

synonyms with s

Synonyms With S

Words Synonyms
Scanty  eruption
Subdue Vanquish
Slander maltreatment
Slice Segment
Sporadic matchless
Scold Yell at
Subsequent , impudence
Salt Xanthate
Solvent Xylol
Superficial  calm, tranquil
Separation X-Division
Splendid Wonderful
 Swindle Scam
Spoil Scuttle
Save Resuscitate
Stream Wadi
Syrupy Treacly
Sword-shaped Xiphoid
Sarcastic  decorative
Sixth sense Telepathy
Sick Upchuck
Shrewd  offence
Substantial  petulant
Stupor  flippancy
Strong woman Virago
Success Victory
Sycophant  arrogant, haughty
Second Sec
Sneer  indulge, flatter
 Sacredness Sanctity
Solicit  eminent, foremost
Sing Yodel
Squalid  unrivalled
Sincere Wholehearted
Subvert  obstinate
Stain  sullen, perverse
Skeptic Sceptic
Strong Robust
Smart Wise
Succeed Win
Sorting Triage
Support Undergird
Saucy  adorned
Standard score Z score
Skin disease Xanthoma
Slake Satiate
Shabby  insurrection
Stylish Urbane
Scathing Vituperative
Stagnate Vegetate
Social phobia Xenophobia
Sugar Xylose

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter S

  1. Sanctuary: refuge, haven
  2. Serendipity: luck, chance
  3. Sophisticated: refined, cultured
  4. Superfluous: unnecessary, excessive
  5. Sublime: majestic, elevated
  6. Subtle: delicate, understated
  7. Synchronize: coordinate, harmonize
  8. Sycophant: flatterer, toady
  9. Sacrifice: offering, surrender
  10. Scintillating: sparkling, dazzling
  11. Segregate: separate, isolate
  12. Sequester: isolate, separate
  13. Simultaneous: concurrent, synchronous
  14. Skeptical: doubtful, suspicious
  15. Sluggish: lethargic, inactive
  16. Spectacular: impressive, stunning
  17. Spontaneous: unplanned, impulsive
  18. Stagnant: inactive, motionless
  19. Sterile: barren, infertile
  20. Substantial: significant, considerable
  21. Sufficient: adequate, enough
  22. Supple: flexible, pliable
  23. Suspenseful: thrilling, exciting
  24. Sympathetic: compassionate, understanding
  25. Systematic: methodical, organized
  26. Salient: prominent, notable
  27. Satiate: satisfy, quench
  28. Scrupulous: meticulous, conscientious
  29. Sedentary: inactive, stationary
  30. Sensational: remarkable, striking
  31. Sentimental: emotional, nostalgic
  32. Serene: calm, peaceful
  33. Shimmering: shining, sparkling
  34. Sincere: genuine, honest
  35. Slanderous: defamatory, libelous
  36. Sleek: smooth, glossy
  37. Slippery: slick, elusive
  38. Smoldering: burning, smoking
  39. Snobbish: arrogant, haughty
  40. Snug: cozy, comfortable
  41. Solemn: serious, grave
  42. Solid: firm, strong
  43. Somber: gloomy, melancholy
  44. Sonorous: resonant, rich
  45. Sophistry: casuistry, fallacy
  46. Spartan: austere, simple
  47. Spicy: piquant, zesty
  48. Spiritual: religious, sacred
  49. Splendid: magnificent, glorious
  50. Sporadic: intermittent, occasional
  51. Sprightly: lively, animated
  52. Spurious: false, fake
  53. Stalwart: sturdy, robust
  54. Standard: normal, average
  55. Stark: harsh, severe
  56. Stately: majestic, grand
  57. Static: fixed, stationary
  58. Steadfast: unwavering, resolute
  59. Stealthy: sneaky, furtive
  60. Steep: sharp, abrupt
  61. Sterling: excellent, first-rate
  62. Stifling: suffocating, oppressive
  63. Stimulating: exciting, invigorating
  64. Strenuous: arduous, demanding
  65. Strident: harsh, grating
  66. Striking: noticeable, remarkable
  67. Strong: powerful, robust
  68. Stupendous: amazing, astonishing
  69. Sublime: transcendent, ethereal
  70. Subtle: elusive, understated
  71. Succinct: brief, concise
  72. Sufficient: ample, satisfactory
  73. Sumptuous: luxurious, opulent
  74. Superb: excellent, outstanding
  75. Supple: pliant, malleable
  76. Surly: rude, ill-tempered
  77. Surreal: dreamlike, bizarre
  78. Surrogate: substitute, replacement
  79. Susceptible: vulnerable, sensitive
  80. Svelte: slender, graceful
  81. Swaggering: boastful, arrogant
  82. Sweeping: broad, comprehensive
  83. Swift: fast, rapid
  84. Sybaritic: luxurious, indulgent
  85. Symbiotic: interdependent, mutually beneficial
  86. Symmetrical: balanced, proportionate
  87. Synonymous: equivalent, interchangeable
  88. Syrupy: sweet, viscous
  89. Systemic: widespread, comprehensive
  90. Sagacious: wise, shrewd
  91. Salubrious: healthy, beneficial
  92. Sanctimonious: hypocritical, self-righteous
  93. Sanguine: optimistic, confident
  94. Scandalous: shocking, disgraceful
  95. Scathing: critical, harsh
  96. Schismatic: divisive, separatist
  97. Scintillate: sparkle, twinkle
  98. Scurrilous: vulgar, abusive
  99. Serpentine: sinuous, winding
  100. Scrape: abrade, rub

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