80+ Synonyms That Starts with Z, Synonyms with Z

Having trouble expressing yourself in written form? With good communication being an important skill to have, it can be difficult to come up with the right words. Luckily, having a large vocabulary and expansive knowledge of synonyms is here to help you out! This blog post offers nearly one hundred great alternatives that start with the letter ‘z’ so you can find creative and original language for improving your writing flair.

synonyms with z

Synonyms With Z

Words Synonyms
Zig-zag  crafty, cunning
Zeal insufficient
Zest impoverished
Zenith miserable

Top 88 Synonyms With Letter Z

  1. Zaftig: voluptuous, curvy
  2. Zambian: Zambesi, Zambianese
  3. Zanily: crazily, wackily
  4. Zaniness: craziness, wackiness
  5. Zany: clownish, comical
  6. Zap: blast, shock
  7. Zapped: shocked, jolted
  8. Zapper: remote, controller
  9. Zappy: lively, energetic
  10. Zaps: blasts, shocks
  11. Zazzy: flashy, stylish
  12. Zeal: enthusiasm, passion
  13. Zealed: encouraged, motivated
  14. Zealful: enthusiastic, passionate
  15. Zealot: fanatic, extremist
  16. Zealous: passionate, fervent
  17. Zebra: striped horse, zebu
  18. Zebrafish: zebra danio, Brachydanio rerio
  19. Zen: calmness, tranquility
  20. Zenith: peak, summit
  21. Zephyr: breeze, gust
  22. Zeppelin: airship, blimp
  23. Zero: nil, naught
  24. Zeroed: set to zero, reset
  25. Zeroth: first, initial
  26. Zest: enthusiasm, energy
  27. Zestful: energetic, lively
  28. Zesty: flavorful, spicy
  29. Zibeline: sable, fur
  30. Ziftig: curvy, plump
  31. Zigger: move up, raise
  32. Ziggurat: stepped pyramid, temple tower
  33. Zighyr: Arabic letter, character
  34. Zigzag: serpentine, winding
  35. Zillion: countless, numerous
  36. Zillionth: infinitesimal, minuscule
  37. Zimbabwean: Zimbabweanese, Rhodesian
  38. Zinc: galvanized, metal
  39. Zing: energy, vitality
  40. Zinged: buzzed, vibrated
  41. Zinger: joke, punchline
  42. Zinging: humming, vibrating
  43. Zingy: lively, energetic
  44. Zion: Jerusalem, Holy Land
  45. Zionism: Jewish nationalism, Jewish Zionism
  46. Zionist: pro-Israel, pro-Zionism
  47. Zip: fasten, close
  48. Zipline: cable, wire
  49. Ziploc: plastic bag, container
  50. Zipped: fastened, closed
  51. Zipper: fastener, slider
  52. Zippered: closed, fastened
  53. Zipping: fastening, closing
  54. Zippy: lively, energetic
  55. Zips: fastens, closes
  56. Zip-tie: cable tie, zip tie
  57. Zircon: gemstone, crystal
  58. Zirconium: metallic element, Zr
  59. Ziti: pasta, noodles
  60. Zodiac: astrology, horoscope
  61. Zodiacal: astrological, zodiac
  62. Zoetic: living, vital
  63. Zoftig: curvy, full-figured
  64. Zombie: undead, lifeless
  65. Zonal: relating to zones, geographical
  66. Zone: region, area
  67. Zone-out: daydream, space out
  68. Zoning: regulating, controlling
  69. Zonked: exhausted, tired
  70. Zonned: zoned out, daydreamed
  71. Zoo: menagerie, animal park
  72. Zoogenic: caused by animals, relating to animals
  73. Zookeeper: animal caretaker, zoo attendant
  74. Zoologist: animal scientist, animal researcher
  75. Zoology: animal biology, animal study
  76. Zoom: magnify, enlarge
  77. Zoomed: magnified, enlarged
  78. Zoomer: Gen Z, zoom generation
  79. Zooming: magnifying, enlarging
  80. Zoonotic: relating to diseases transmitted from animals to humans, zoonoses
  81. Zoophagous: feeding on animals, carnivorous
  82. Zooty: stylish, fashionable
  83. Zowie: expression of surprise, amazement
  84. Zucchini: courgette, vegetable
  85. Zygomatic: relating to the cheekbone, zygomatic bone
  86. Zygomorphic: bilaterally symmetrical, asymmetric
  87. Zymoid: resembling a yeast, yeasty
  88. Zymolytic: relating to fermentation, fermentative.

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