Exotic Fruit Names and Pictures | Exotic Fruits List

Did you know that there are over 77 exotic fruits around the world? From the prickly skin of the Pomelo, which is said to have originated in Southeast Asia, to the delicate flesh of Amchur from India – these unique and colorful fruits may be strange looking and unfamiliar at first sight.

But delve into their diverse flavors and discover a wide range of extraordinary tastes – all worth tasting!

What are Exotic Fruits?

Exotic Fruits are fruits that originate from different countries and regions around the world. They often have a unique taste and texture, with some being sweet while others are tart or acidic. Depending on where they come from, they can also be quite diverse in size and shape, color, smell, and even texture.

These special fruits usually possess powerful nutritional benefits and can help to boost your health. Rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals – they are certainly worth trying out!

Below is a list of some of the most popular exotic fruits.

Exotic Fruits List (Exotic Fruit Names A-Z)

  1. Atemoya
  2. Araza
  3. Akebia
  4. Ackee
  5. Acai
  6. Aboujahl Watermelon
  7. Buddha’s Hand
  8. Breadfruit
  9. Black Sapote
  10. Barrel Cactus
  11. Banana passion fruit
  12. Cupuacu
  13. Cucamelon
  14. Crowberry
  15. Cherimoya
  16. Cheese Fruit
  17. Chayote
  18. Cempedak
  19. Cape Gooseberry
  20. Egg Fruit
  21. Durian
  22. Dragon Fruit
  23. Fruit Salad Plant
  24. Finger Lime
  25. Feijoa
  26. Honeyberry
  27. Hala Fruit
  28. Guava
  29. Indian Plum
  30. Indian Olive
  31. Indian Gooseberry
  32. Imbe
  33. Ice Cream Bean
  34. Jujube
  35. Jocote
  36. Jenipapo
  37. Java Plum
  38. Jackfruit
  39. Jabuticaba
  40. Kumquat
  41. Kiwifruit
  42. Kiwano
  43. Lychee
  44. Lulo
  45. Longan
  46. Long Mulberry
  47. Langsat
  48. Myrobalan
  49. Medlar
  50. Mangosteen
  51. Mamey
  52. Nipa Palm
  53. Prickly Pear
  54. Pomelo
  55. Platonia
  56. Plantain
  57. Persimmon
  58. Passion Fruit
  59. Papaya
  60. Pandanus
  61. Rose Apple
  62. Red Banana
  63. Rambutan
  64. Surinam Cherry
  65. Sugar Apple
  66. Strawberry Tree
  67. Star Fruit
  68. Sapodilla
  69. Santol
  70. Salak
  71. Saguaro
  72. Safou
  73. Tamarind
  74. Tamarillo
  75. Ugli
  76. White Jamun
  77. Wood Apple

Popular Exotic Fruit Names and Pictures

Tamarind Tamarind Fruit
Buddha’s Hand Buddhas Hand
Surinam Cherry Surinam Cherry
Plantain Plantain
Guava Guava
Persimmon Persimmons
Red Banana Red Banana
Ice Cream Bean Ice Cream Bean
Acai Acai Palm
Rose Apple Rose Apple Fruit
Rambutan Rambutan Fruit
Indian Plum Indian Plum
Barrel Cactus Barrel Cactus
Starfruit Starfruit
Longan Longan
Sapodilla Sapodilla Fruit
Kiwifruit Kiwi Fruit
Mangosteen Mangosteen
Black Sapote Black Sapote
Strawberry Strawberry Fruit
Saguaro Saguaro Fruit
Pandanus Pandanus
Kiwano Kiwano
Honeyberry Honeyberry
Kumquat Kumquat Fruit
Long Mulberry Long Mulberry
Hala Fruit Hala Fruit
Imbe Imbe
Finger Lime Finger Limes
Ackee Ackee
Safou Safou Fruit
Cherimoya Cherimoya Fruit
Wood Apple Wood Apple Fruit
Jackfruit Jackfruit
Indian Gooseberry Indian Gooseberry
Prickly Pear Prickly Pear
Chayote Chayote 1
Ugli Ugli Fruit
Jabuticaba Jabuticaba
Lychee Lychee Fruit
Feijoa Feijoas
Nipa Palm Nipa Palm
Papaya Papaya
Durian Durian Fruit
Egg Fruit Eggfruit
Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit
Pomelo Pomelo
Java Plum Java Plum
Medlar Medlar
Passion Fruit Passionfruit
Jocote Jocote
Jujube Jujube
Cape Gooseberry Cape Gooseberry
Tamarillo Tamarillo Fruit
Cheese Fruit Cheese Fruit
White Jamun White Jamun
Crowberry Crowberry Fruit
Indian Olive Indian Olive
Breadfruit Breadfruit
Sugar Apple Sugar Apple

10 Exotic Fruits – Picture

10 Exotic Fruits

19 Rare Exotic Fruits

Below is the list of rare exotic fruits in English.

  1. Mamey
  2. Platonia
  3. Crowberry
  4. Araza
  5. Myrobalan
  6. Barrel Cactus
  7. Langsat
  8. Nipa Palm
  9. Aboujahl Watermelon
  10. Surinam Cherry
  11. Saguaro
  12. Fruit Salad Plant
  13. Long Mulberry
  14. Akebia
  15. Cupuacu
  16. Atemoya
  17. Jenipapo
  18. Lulo
  19. Pandanus

Exotic Fruit – Infographic

Exotic Fruit Names and Pictures

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