100 Synonyms That Starts with K, Synonyms with K

Are you looking for a new way to spice up your writing with more diverse and interesting words? Do you find yourself struggling to think of that one fun word when it starts with the letter K? Look no further! Here, we have put together a comprehensive list of 100 synonyms that start with K. Whether it’s catchy alliterations or descriptive metaphors, let these unique words help you express what needs to be said in an entertaining yet thoughtful manner. Let’s spark some creativity and explore these kingly-inspired words!

synonyms with k

Synonyms With K

Words Synonyms
Kindred  destitute
Knell  tangled
Knotty  complicated
Keen  indigent
Knave  inject, inculcate

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter K

  1. Keep: hold, retain
  2. Kind: benevolent, compassionate
  3. Knowledge: awareness, intelligence
  4. Key: critical, important
  5. Kindness: generosity, warmth
  6. Kill: slay, assassinate
  7. Know: understand, comprehend
  8. Kiss: peck, smooch
  9. Kitchen: culinary, cookery
  10. Kid: child, youngster
  11. Kick: boot, punt
  12. King: monarch, ruler
  13. Knowledgeable: informed, learned
  14. Knot: tie, tangle
  15. Keep up: maintain, uphold
  16. Kernel: core, nucleus
  17. Kit: equipment, gear
  18. Keen: enthusiastic, eager
  19. Knead: work, manipulate
  20. Kindred: family, relatives
  21. Keep on: persist, continue
  22. Kink: twist, bend
  23. Knock: rap, thump
  24. Killjoy: spoilsport, wet blanket
  25. Kept: stored, reserved
  26. Kindly: benevolent, gracious
  27. Kooky: odd, eccentric
  28. Knowledgeable: expert, proficient
  29. Kidnap: abduct, seize
  30. Kibosh: stop, block
  31. Kudos: acclaim, praise
  32. Keep in mind: remember, bear in mind
  33. Kindness: tenderness, consideration
  34. Kilter: balance, stability
  35. Kibitz: advise, comment
  36. Kin: family, relatives
  37. Keynote: main point, theme
  38. Knavish: deceitful, dishonest
  39. Knockout: stunning, impressive
  40. Kinship: relationship, connection
  41. Kooky: strange, peculiar
  42. Kissable: attractive, alluring
  43. Kaleidoscope: variety, diversity
  44. Keyed up: excited, agitated
  45. Kickoff: start, commencement
  46. Knockout: impressive, remarkable
  47. Kneel: bow, genuflect
  48. Knotty: complicated, intricate
  49. Kindhearted: warm-hearted, generous
  50. Kick back: relax, unwind
  51. Kinsfolk: family, relations
  52. Knock off: stop, quit
  53. Kit and caboodle: everything, all
  54. Kinetic: lively, energetic
  55. Knack: skill, talent
  56. Kibitzer: observer, commentator
  57. Kith and kin: family, relatives
  58. Knickknack: trinket, ornament
  59. Kooky: crazy, zany
  60. Kittenish: playful, flirtatious
  61. Keeper: guardian, custodian
  62. Kind-hearted: generous, sympathetic
  63. Kooky: weird, bizarre
  64. Key player: crucial member, important person
  65. Kook: an oddball, eccentric person
  66. Kernel of truth: fundamental truth, basic truth
  67. Kick start: initiate, begin
  68. Knowledgeable: well-informed, educated
  69. Kingpin: leader, boss
  70. Kiss of death: fatal blow, disaster
  71. Kid gloves: gentle approach, cautious handling
  72. Knock down: demolish, destroy
  73. Know-how: expertise, skill
  74. Kinesiology: study of movement, exercise science
  75. Kind words: flattering words, compliments
  76. Kick in: contribute, participate
  77. Kudos: recognition, appreciation
  78. Kinky: unusual, unconventional
  79. Keypad: keyboard, input device
  80. Kneecap: patella, knee bone
  81. Krypton: chemical element, noble gas
  82. Kinematics: motion, movement
  83. Kiosk: booth, stand
  84. Knapsack: backpack, rucksack
  85. Keyboard: input device, typewriter
  86. Kelp: seaweed, marine algae
  87. Killdeer: bird species, plover
  88. Kitchenette: small kitchen, cooking area
  89. Kitten: young cat, kitty
  90. Knick-knack: trinket, ornament
  91. Karyotype: chromosome set, genetic makeup
  92. Knurl: rough surface, ridged pattern
  93. Kookaburra: bird species, kingfisher
  94. Kedgeree: dish, breakfast food
  95. Kilometer: unit of measurement, metric system
  96. Kefir: fermented milk, a probiotic drink
  97. Karmic: related to karma, a spiritual concept
  98. Kingly: royal, majestic
  99. Kame: landform, glacial feature
  100. Kindergarten: preschool, early childhood education.

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