100 Synonyms That Starts with J, Synonyms with J

Are you writing an essay and need some new words to start with the letter J? Or are you simply looking for a big list of great alternatives that could help add diversity to your everyday conversations? Either way, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled 100 incredible synonyms that start with the letter J. From jaunty to joyous and even jocular – we guarantee there will be something for everyone here. So, go ahead and take a look at this comprehensive list – it may even give you some much-needed inspiration!

synonyms with j

Synonyms With J

Words Synonyms
Juvenile  vapid, tasteless
Jack Yachter
Jaded  inappropriate
Justify  hint, allude
Just  naive, undisguised
Jubilant  ascertained
Jovial  unavoidable
Jazz Riff
Jejune absurd
Judicious  encroach, violate

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter J

  1. Jack: knave, rogue
  2. Jail: penitentiary, prison
  3. Jam: jelly, preserve
  4. Jane: girl, lady
  5. January: first month, beginning
  6. Japan: Nippon, Land of the Rising Sun
  7. Jar: container, vessel
  8. Jazz: music, swing
  9. Jeep: vehicle, car
  10. Jelly: gel, marmalade
  11. Jerk: tug, yank
  12. Jet: aircraft, plane
  13. Jewel: gem, precious stone
  14. Jingle: chime, clang
  15. Jockey: rider, horseman
  16. Join: connect, link
  17. Joint: connection, junction
  18. Joke: gag, quip
  19. Journal: diary, log
  20. Journey: travel, voyage
  21. Joy: happiness, delight
  22. Judge: arbiter, magistrate
  23. Juice: liquid, nectar
  24. Jumble: mess, chaos
  25. Jump: leap, hop
  26. Jungle: forest, woods
  27. Junk: garbage, debris
  28. Jury: panel, tribunal
  29. Just: fair, equitable
  30. Justice: fairness, equity
  31. Juvenile: adolescent, teenage
  32. Juxtapose: compare, contrast
  33. Jab: poke, prod
  34. Jackpot: prize, reward
  35. Jaded: tired, exhausted
  36. Jagged: uneven, rough
  37. Jailbreak: escape, breakout
  38. Jamboree: festival, carnival
  39. Janitor: custodian, caretaker
  40. Jargon: lingo, terminology
  41. Jaunt: excursion, outing
  42. Jealous: envious, covetous
  43. Jester: clown, comedian
  44. Jetty: dock, pier
  45. Jeweler: goldsmith, silversmith
  46. Jigsaw: puzzle, game
  47. Jingoism: nationalism, chauvinism
  48. Jinx: curse, hex
  49. Jockeying: maneuvering, jostling
  50. Jogging: running, exercise
  51. Joiner: carpenter, woodworker
  52. Jointly: together, collectively
  53. Jolly: happy, cheerful
  54. Jolt: shock, jarring
  55. Journalist: reporter, correspondent
  56. Journeyman: craftsman, artisan
  57. Joyful: happy, elated
  58. Joystick: control, handle
  59. Jubilant: exultant, triumphant
  60. Judo: martial art, combat sport
  61. Juggernaut: force, power
  62. Juggle: balance, handle
  63. Jumbo: large, huge
  64. Jumping: leaping, hopping
  65. Jungle gym: play structure, climbing frame
  66. Junk food: fast food, snacks
  67. Jurisdiction: authority, control
  68. Justify: defend, support
  69. Juvenile delinquent: young offender, wayward youth
  70. Juxtaposition: comparison, contrast
  71. Jabber: chatter, babble
  72. Jackknife: dive, plunge
  73. Jacobin: radical, extremist
  74. Jacquard: fabric, cloth
  75. Jadedness: weariness, fatigue
  76. Jaggedness: roughness, unevenness
  77. Jailhouse: prison, penitentiary
  78. Jalapeno: chili, pepper
  79. Jam-packed: crowded, full
  80. Jangle: clash, discord
  81. Janissary: soldier, warrior
  82. Japanese: Nihonjin, Japanese-speaking
  83. Jargonize: speak in technical language, use jargon
  84. Jasper: gemstone, mineral
  85. Jaundice: yellowing, hepatitis
  86. Jauntily: confidently, stylishly
  87. Jawbone: mandible, jaw
  88. Jaywalk: cross illegally, jayrun
  89. Jazzed up: excited, pumped up
  90. Jealousy: envy, resentment
  91. Jebel: mountain, peak
  92. Jeeves: butler, manservant
  93. Jellied: set, firm
  94. Jeremiad: lamentation, complaint
  95. Jerkily: spasmodically, unevenly
  96. Jesuit: priest, cleric
  97. Jet-black: very dark, pitch-black
  98. Jet-setter: wealthy traveler, globetrotter
  99. Jettison: discard, throw away
  100. Jiggle: shake, wiggle

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