500+ Other Words for Stupid, Synonyms of Stupid

Other words for stupid in English! Daily used other words for stupid are blind, balmy, ass, absurd, cold, confused, jerky, dim, Inane, Inept, Injudicious, and Insane. Many other important words for stupid are also described with their daily used sentences and other relevant words.

Synonyms of Stupid

1- Dumb

2- Idiotic

3- Vacuous

4- Brainless

5- Clueless

6- Ignorant

7- Dodo

8- Inane

9- Moronic

10- Obtuse

11- Senseless

12- Slowwitted

13- Thick

14- Airheaded

15- Boneheaded

16- Dull

17- Feebleminded

18- Halfwitted

19- Mindless

20- Simpleminded

Other Words for Stupid

1- Absurd

2- Airhead

3- Ass

4- Awkward

5- Backward

6- Balmy

7- Barmy

8- Batty

9- Blind

10- Blockhead

11- Block-headed

12- Bloody

13- Blunt

14- Bonehead

15- boring

16- Bovine

17- Brainless

18- Childish

19- Chump

20- Clod

21- Cloddish

22- Cockeyed

23- Confused

24- Coot

25- Crackpot

26- Crass

27- Crazy

28- Credulous

29- Cretin

30- Crossbow

31- Cuckoo

32- Daffy

33- Daft

34- Dazed

35- Deficient

36- Delayed

37- Dense

38- Dim

39- Dimwit

40- Dim-witted

41- Dippy

42- Dipstick

43- Ditz

44- Dizzy

45- Dodo

46- Dolt

47- Doltish

48- Dope

49- Dopey

50- Dork

51- Dorky

52- Dotard

53- Dotty

54- Douche

55- Dozy

56- Dry

57- Dull

58- Dullard

59- Dull-witted

60- Dumb

61- Dumb-ass

62- Dumbbell

63- Dumber

64- Dumbo

65- Dum-dum

66- Dummy

67- Dunce

68- Dunderhead

69- Empty

70- Empty-headed

71- Farcical

72- Fat

73- Fathead

74- Fatuous

75- Feeble-minded

76- Flat

77- Fool

78- Foolish

79- Frivolous

80- Funny

81- Futile

82- Germless

83- Germless

84- Goofball

85- Goofing

86- Goofy

87- Gullible

88- Half-assed

89- Half-baked

90- Halfwit

91- Half-witted

92- Harebrained

93- Heavy

94- Humdrum

95- Idiot

96- Idiotic

97- Ignoramus

98- Ignorant

99- Ill-advised

100- Illogical

101- Imbecilic

102- Impoverished

103- Inane

104- Inept

105- Injudicious

106- Insane

107- Insensitive

108- Insipid

109- Irksome

110- Irrational

111- Irresponsible

112- Jackass

113- Jag off

114- Jejune

115- Jerkoff

116- Jerky

117- Jug head

118- Knuckle-dragger

119- Knucklehead

120- Lame

121- Laughable

122- Learn

123- Lethargic

124- Light-headed

125- Loggerhead

126- Loon

127- Loser

128- Ludicrous

129- Lummox

130- Lumpish

131- Lunatic

132- Mad

133- Madcap

134- Meaningless

135- Meatball

136- Meathead

137- Mindless

138- Miserable

139- Monotonous

140- Moron

141- Moronic

142- Naive

143- Nincompoop

144- Ninny

145- Nonsensical

146- Numbskull

147- Nuts

148- Nutty

149- Obtuse

150- Outlandish

151- Pathetic

152- Pinhead

153- Pointless

154- Poor

155- Preposterous

156- Prosaic

157- Rash

158- Retarded

159- Ridicule

160- Ridiculous

161- Risible

162- Sap

163- Sappy

164- Screwball

165- Screwy

166- Senseless

167- Shallow

168- Short-sighted

169- Silly

170- Silly goose

171- Simple

172- Simpleminded

173- Simpleton

174- Slow

175- Slow-witted

176- Sluggish

177- Soft

178- Stolid

179- Stunned

180- Stupefied

181- Tedious

182- Thick

183- Thickhead

184- Thickheaded

185- Thick-witted

186- Thoughtless

187- Tiresome

188- Torpid

189- Turkey

190- Twit

191- Unfortunate

192- Unimaginative

193- Unintelligent

194- Unreasonable

195- Unthinking

196- Unwise

197- Useless

198- Vacuous

199- Vapid

200- Wacky

201- Wild

202- Witless

203- Wrong

204- Zany

Other Ways to Say Stupid

Here are some other ways to call someone stupid;

Ways to Call someone stupid in a smart way

1- Inept

2- Clueless

3- Obtuse

4- Dimwitted

5- Incapable

6- Ignoramus

7- Illogical

8- Doltish

9- Uninformed

10- Benighted

Stupid synonym slang

1- Dum-dum

2- Pinhead

3- Airhead

4- Bonehead

5- Blockhead

6- Dunce

7- Knucklehead

8- Dummy

9- Bozo

10- Nincompoop

Another word for unintelligent

1- Thick-witted

2- Dense

3- Slow

4- Inconsiderate

5- Feebleminded

6- Dullard

7- Imbecilic

8- Simpleton

9- Halfwit

10- Muddleheaded

Old words for idiots

1- Chawbacon

2- Mooncalf

3- Lackwit

4- Noodle

5- Sot

6- Gaby

7- Widgeon

8- Tomfool

9- Mome

10- Jackass

Another word for stupidity and foolishness

1- Imbecility

2- Absurdity

3- Idiocy

4- Lunacy

5- Inanity

6- Folly

7- Fatuity

8- Simplicity

9- Senselessness

10- Stupidity

Another word for stupid idea

1- Impractical

2- Quixotic

3- Unworkable

4- Absurd

5- Preposterous

6- Ludicrous

7- Fatuous

8- Inane

9- Asinine

10- Naiveté

Phrases to describe the stupidity

1- Lack of common sense

2- An overinflated ego

3- Misguided beliefs

4- Misplaced confidence

5- Poor judgment

6- Underestimating the situation

7- Not thinking things through

8- Ignoring advice

9- Being too trusting

10- A lack of understanding

11- An inability to learn from mistakes

12- Not making an effort to understand

13- Jumping to conclusions without evidence

14- Susceptible to manipulation

15- Hasty decision making

16- Unrealistic expectations

17- Failing to consider consequences

18- A lack of wisdom

19- Short-sightedness

20- Living in a fantasy world.

Plain stupid synonym

1- Idiotic

2- Brainless

3- Daft

4- Dull

5- Ignorant

6- Insensible

7- Moronic

8- Oblivious

9- Unintelligent

10- Boneheaded

Stupid Synonyms In Example Sentences

Airhead: Don’t be such an airhead.

Ass: Don’t be such an ass.

Awkward: The situation was very awkward.

Backward: The country was very backward in its policies.

Balmy: The weather was so balmy and warm.

Barmy: He was acting a little barmy.

Batty: She’s a little batty.

Blind: The person was blind and couldn’t see.

Blockhead: Don’t be such a blockhead.

Block-headed: He’s too block-headed to see the truth.

Bloody: That was a bloody mess.

Blunt: That knife is too blunt to cut.

Bonehead: You’re such a bonehead.

Boring: The lecture was so boring.

Bovine: He had a bovine expression on his face.

Brainless: Don’t be so brainless.

Childish: Stop acting so childish.

Chump: You’re such a chump.

Clod: He’s such a clod.

Cloddish: He was being very cloddish.

Cockeyed: That plan was completely cockeyed.

Confused: She was very confused by the instructions.

Coot: He’s such a coot.

Crackpot: That theory is completely crackpot.

Crass: He was being very crass.

Crazy: That idea is completely crazy.

Credulous: Don’t be so credulous.

Cretin: He’s such a cretin.

Crossbow: He was holding a crossbow.

Cuckoo: That person is completely cuckoo.

Daffy: That comment was so daffy.

Daft: He was acting very daft.

Dazed: She was dazed and confused.

Deficient: The product was deficient and flawed.

Delayed: The train was delayed by an hour.

Dense: He was being deliberately dense.

Dim: The room was dimly lit.

Dimwit: He was acting like a dimwit.

Dim-witted: Don’t be so dim-witted.

Dippy: She was acting very dippy.

Dipstick: Don’t be such a dipstick.

Ditz: She’s such a ditz.

Dizzy: The room was spinning and she felt dizzy.

Dodo: He’s such a dodo.

Dolt: Don’t be such a dolt.

Doltish: Your behavior is very doltish.

Dope: He’s such a dope.

Dopey: She felt dopey and tired.

Dork: You’re such a dork.

Dorky: That outfit was so dorky.

Dotard: He’s such a dotard.

Dotty: She’s a little dotty.

Douche: Don’t be such a douche.

Dozy: He felt dozy and sleepy.

Dry: That joke was so dry.

Dull: The movie was very dull and boring.

Dullard: He’s such a dullard.

Dull-witted: He was too dull-witted to understand.

Dumb: He was acting very dumb.

Dumb-ass: Don’t be such a dumb-ass.

Dumbbell: He’s such a dumbbell.

Dumber: That idea is even dumber.

Dumbo: Don’t be such a dumbo.

Dum-dum: He’s such a dum-dum.

Dummy: Don’t be such a dummy.

Dunce: You’re such a dunce.

Dunderhead: He’s such a dunderhead.

Empty: The box was empty.

Empty-headed: He was too empty-headed to understand.

Farcical: The situation was so farcical.

Fat: She felt fat and bloated.

Fathead: Don’t be such a fathead.

Fatuous: His comments were completely fatuous.

Feeble-minded: He was too feeble-minded to understand.

Flat: The soda was flat and tasteless.

Fool: Don’t be such a fool.

Foolish: That decision was very foolish.

Frivolous: The argument was very frivolous.

Funny: That joke was so funny.

Futile: That effort was completely futile.

Germless: The environment was completely germless.

Goofball: Don’t be such a goofball.

Goofing: He was goofing around.

Goofy: That idea is so goofy.

Gullible: Don’t be so gullible.

Half-assed: That attempt was very half-assed.

Half-baked: That plan was completely half-baked.

Halfwit: He’s such a halfwit.

Illogical: That argument is completely illogical.

Imbecilic: It was an imbecilic decision.

Impoverished: The family was impoverished and struggling.

Inane: His comments were completely inane.

Inept: He was an inept driver.

Injudicious: It was an injudicious move.

Insane: He was acting insane.

Insensitive: It was insensitive of you to say that.

Insipid: The soup was insipid and flavorless.

Irksome: That noise is so irksome.

Irrational: Your behavior is completely irrational.

Irresponsible: He was being very irresponsible.

Jackass: Stop being a jackass.

Jag off: He’s such a jag off.

Jejune: The presentation was jejune and uninteresting.

Jerkoff: Don’t be a jerkoff.

Jerky: The meat was tough and jerky.

Jug head: You’re acting like a jug head.

Knuckle-dragger: He’s such a knuckle-dragger.

Knucklehead: You’re such a knucklehead.

Lame: The excuse was really lame.

Laughable: Your joke was so laughable.

Learn: Let’s learn something new today.

Lethargic: He felt lethargic and tired all day.

Light-headed: She felt light-headed and dizzy.

Loggerhead: Don’t be such a loggerhead.

Loon: He’s a complete loon.

Loser: Stop acting like a loser.

Ludicrous: That idea is completely ludicrous.

Lummox: He’s such a lummox.

Lumpish: She was feeling lumpish and unenergetic.

Lunatic: He’s a complete lunatic.

Mad: She was feeling mad and frustrated.

Madcap: It was a madcap adventure.

Meaningless: That conversation was completely meaningless.

Meatball: Don’t be such a meatball.

Meathead: He’s such a meathead.

Mindless: That task was completely mindless.

Miserable: He felt miserable and depressed.

Monotonous: The job was very monotonous.

Moron: Don’t be such a moron.

Moronic: Your behavior is completely moronic.

Naive: She was too naive to understand.

Nincompoop: He’s a complete nincompoop.

Ninny: Don’t be such a ninny.

Nonsensical: That statement was completely nonsensical.

Numbskull: You’re such a numbskull.

Nuts: That idea is completely nuts.

Nutty: He’s acting a little nutty.

Obtuse: He was being deliberately obtuse.

Outlandish: That outfit was so outlandish.

Pathetic: Your excuse was really pathetic.

Pinhead: You’re such a pinhead.

Pointless: That conversation was completely pointless.

Poor: The family was very poor and struggling.

Preposterous: That idea is completely preposterous.

Prosaic: The writing was very prosaic and dull.

Rash: He made a rash decision.

Retarded: Don’t use that word, it’s offensive.

Ridicule: Stop ridiculing me.

Ridiculous: That statement was completely ridiculous.

Risible: The situation was so risible.

Sappy: The movie was too sappy for my taste.

Screwball: That plan is completely screwball.

Screwy: That situation was really screwy.

Senseless: That act was completely senseless.

Shallow: Don’t be so shallow.

Short-sighted: That decision was too short-sighted.

Silly goose: Stop acting like a silly goose.

Silly: That joke was so silly.

Simple: The solution was very simple.

Simpleminded: He was too simpleminded to understand.

Simpleton: Don’t be such a simpleton.

Slow: The turtle was moving very slow.

Slow-witted: He was too slow-witted to get the joke.

Sluggish: The car was sluggish and slow.

Soft: That pillow was very soft.

Stolid: He had a stolid expression on his face.

Stunned: She was stunned by the news.

Stupefied: He was stupefied by the sight.

Tedious: The task was very tedious and boring.

Thick: The fog was so thick you could hardly see.

Thickhead: You’re such a thickhead.

Thickheaded: Don’t be so thickheaded.

Thick-witted: He was too thick-witted to understand.

Thoughtless: Your comment was very thoughtless.

Tiresome: That conversation was so tiresome.

Torpid: He felt torpid and sluggish.

Turkey: Don’t be such a turkey.

Twit: Don’t be such a twit.

Unfortunate: That situation was very unfortunate.

Unimaginative: The design was very unimaginative.

Unintelligent: He was too unintelligent to understand.

Unreasonable: That request was completely unreasonable.

Unthinking: Don’t act so unthinking.

Unwise: That decision was very unwise.

Useless: That tool was completely useless.

Vacuous: She had a vacuous expression on her face.

Vapid: The conversation was very vapid and dull.

Wacky: That idea was so wacky.

Wild: The party was wild and crazy.

Witless: Don’t be so witless.

Wrong: That statement was completely wrong.

Zany: That outfit was so zany.

Synonyms of Stupid Other words for Stupid Other words for Stupid 2 Other words for Stupid 3

Other words for stupid in English - Stupid synonyms list

Other words for stupid in English - Stupid synonyms list

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