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Words to Use Instead of VERY! Learn How to Avoid Using The Word Very in English with this lesson Including Infographics and PDF.

This is the list of 250+ words to use instead of very.

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words to use instead of very Pdf list

very accurateexact
very afraidterrified
very afraidfearful
very angryfurious
very badatrocious
very beautifulexquisite
very bigimmense
very boringdull
very bravecourageous
very brightluminous
very busyoverloaded
very calmserene
very carefulcautious
very charmedmesmerized
very cheapstingy
very cleanspotless
very cleverbrilliant
very coldfreezing
very colorfulvibrant
very competecomprehensive
very competitivecutthroat
very confusedperplexed
very conventionalconservative
very coregist
very creativeinnovative
very crowdedbustling
very cuteadorable
very dangerousthreatening
very darklightless
very dearcherished
very deepprofound
very depresseddespondent
very detailedmeticulous
very differentdisparate
very difficultchallenging
very disagreeableobnoxious
very distressingdreadful
very dryparched
very dulltedious
very eagerkeen
very easysmooth
very emptydesolate
very emptydesolate
very evilwicked
very excitedthrilled
very excitingexhilarating
very expensivecostly
very fancylavish
very far awaydistant
very fastquick
very fatobese
very fiercerelentless
very fondattached
very fortunateblessed
very friendlyaffectionate
very funnyhilarious
very gladoverjoyed
very goodexcellent
very gracefullylithely
very greatterrific
very greedyimpatient
very happyecstatic
very harddifficult
very hard to findrare
very highsoaring
very hugecolossal
very humblecourteous
very hungrystarving
very hurtbattered/crushed
very importantcrucial
very inexpensivecheap
very interestingfascinating
very jollycarefree
very kindconsiderate
very largehuge

Words to use instead of very

very lazyindolent
very lightluminous
very limitedfinite
very littletiny
very livelyanimated
very longextensive
very long-termenduring
very looseslack
very louddeafening
very lovedadored
very lovelystunning
very meancruel
very messyslovenly
very muchenough
very neatimmaculate
very necessaryessential
very nervousapprehensive
very nicekind
very noisydeafening
very numerousdiverse
very oftenfrequently
very oldancient
very opentransparent
very painfulexcruciating
very paleashen
very perfectflawless
very pleasantamiable
very poordestitute/underprivileged
very powerfulcompelling
very prettybeautiful
very protectivedefensive
very proudhonored
very quickrapid
very quietsilent
very rainypouring
very rainydrizzly
very realisticpractical
very richwealthy
very riskyperilous
very roomyspacious
very sadsorrowful
very scaredpetrified
very seriousgrave
very sharpkeen
very shinygleaming
very shortbrief
very shytimid
very simplebasic
very skinnyskeletal
very sleepylethargic
very slowsluggish
very smartintelligent
very smellypungent
very smoothsleek
very softdowny
very sorryapologetic
very specialexceptional
very strongunyielding
very stupididiotic
very surecertain
very talentedgifted
very talltowering
very tastydelicious
very thingaunt
very tightconstricting
very tiredexhausted
very uglyhideous
very unhappymiserable
very upsetdistraught
very valuableprecious
very warmhot
very weakfrail
very well-to-dowealthy
very wetsoaked
very wickedvillainous

Important other words for very nice

very willingeager
very windyblustery
very wisesagacious
very wisesage
very worrieddistressed
very accurateexact
very afraidfearful
very angryfurious
very badawful
very beautifulgorgeous
very bigmassive
very boringdull
very brightluminous
very busyswamped
very calmserene
very carefulcautious
very cheapstingy
very cleanspotless
very clearobvious
very cleverintelligent
very coldfreezing
very colorfulvibrant
very confusedperplexed
very creativeinnovative
very crowdedbustling
very cuteadorable
very dearcherished
very deepprofound
very difficultarduous
very dirtyfilthy
very dryarid
very dulltedious
very eagerkeen
very easyeffortless
very emptydesolate
very evilwicked
very excitedthrilled
very excitingexhilarating
very expensivecostly
very fancylavish
very fastquick
very fatobese
very fierceferocious
very friendlyamiable
very funnyhilarious
very gladoverjoyed
very goodexcellent
very greatterrific
very happyecstatic
very harddifficult
very heavyleaden
very hugecolossal
very hungrystarving
very hurtbattered
very largehuge
very lazyindolent
very lightluminous
very littletiny
very livelyanimated
very longextensive
very looseslack
very lovelyadorable
very meancruel
very messyslovenly
very nicekind
very noisydeafening
very oftenfrequently
very oldancient
very opentransparent
very paleashen
very perfectflawless
very poordestitute
very powerfulcompelling
very prettybeautiful

Another word for very

very quickrapid
very quiethushed
very rainypouring
very richwealthy
very sadsorrowful
very scaredpetrified
very scarychilling
very seriousgrave
very sharpkeen
very shinygleaming
very shortbrief
very shytimid
very simplebasic
very skinnyskeletal
very slowsluggish
very smallpetite
very smartintelligent
very smoothsleek
very softdowny
very sorryapologetic
very specialexceptional
very strongforceful
very stupididiotic
very surecertain
very sweetthoughtful
very talentedgifted
very talltowering
very tastydelicious
very thirstyparched
very tightconstricting
very tinyminuscule
very tiredexhausted
very uglyhideous
very upsetdistraught
very warmhot
very weakfrail
very wetsoaked
very wideexpansive
very willingeager
very windyblustery
very wisesage
very worrieddistressed


words to use instead of very pdf
words to use instead of very
words to use instead of very

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