100 Synonyms That Start with P, Synonyms with P

Are you a passionate writer looking for the perfect word to describe an emotion or situation? Do you need more than just the same old words in your writing? If so, then you’ll appreciate this compendium of 100 synonyms that starts with P. With this curated list of synonyms with P, writers everywhere can get inspired and find new ways to express themselves in their writing. So dive into these alternative expressions and see what amazing phrasing you can create!

synonyms with p

Synonyms With P

Words Synonyms
Push Trundle
Prudent careless
Pike-perch Zander
Postal code Zip
Prattle Yack
Placid  courteous, humble
Pedestrian crossing Zebra crossing
Predicament  eventful, notable
Profligate  dreary, dusky
Position Upend
Prudence Sagacity
Pale Wan
Prevail Win
Perceptible Tactile
Pamper  abundant, profuse
Paramount  diminutive
Prosper Thrive
Possibility Viability
Profuse  recalcitrant
Potent Virulent
Premature  tedious, irksome
Protract  identical, joint
Perverse  relieve, alleviate
Percussion instrument Xylophones
Peerless  miniature
Passing Transient
Pompous  tease, harass
pattern Tessellate
Provoke  inattentive
Prodigious  liberal
Positive Sanguine
Perturb Upset
Prodigy  hospitable
Pertness extraordinary
Polite Well mannered
Prudence Sagacity
Precarious  assuage, appease
Peevish  marvellous
Proscribe  insurgent

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter P

  1. Palace: castle, manor
  2. Pamper: spoil, indulge
  3. Panoramic: wide-ranging, all-embracing
  4. Paradigm: model, example
  5. Paramount: supreme, dominant
  6. Paranoia: suspicion, mistrust
  7. Parody: spoof, caricature
  8. Paroxysm: spasm, convulsion
  9. Passionate: intense, fervent
  10. Pathetic: pitiful, miserable
  11. Patriarch: father, leader
  12. Patronize: condescend, support
  13. Peaceful: calm, serene
  14. Peculiar: odd, strange
  15. Pecuniary: financial, monetary
  16. Pedantic: academic, nitpicking
  17. Pedestrian: dull, commonplace
  18. Peerless: unparalleled, incomparable
  19. Penchant: liking, preference
  20. Penitent: remorseful, repentant
  21. Pensive: thoughtful, reflective
  22. Penultimate: second-to-last, next-to-last
  23. Perceptive: insightful, discerning
  24. Peremptory: authoritative, commanding
  25. Perennial: everlasting, perpetual
  26. Perfection: flawlessness, excellence
  27. Perfidious: treacherous, untrustworthy
  28. Performance: execution, presentation
  29. Perfunctory: cursory, hasty
  30. Perilous: dangerous, risky
  31. Permanent: lasting, enduring
  32. Permeate: penetrate, pervade
  33. Permissible: allowable, permissible
  34. Perpetuate: preserve, continue
  35. Perplex: confuse, puzzle
  36. Perseverance: persistence, determination
  37. Persistence: tenacity, perseverance
  38. Personable: charming, likable
  39. Perspective: viewpoint, stance
  40. Perspicacious: insightful, astute
  41. Pertinent: relevant, applicable
  42. Perturb: disturb, unsettle
  43. Pessimism: negativity, cynicism
  44. Petulant: irritable, peevish
  45. Philanthropy: charity, benevolence
  46. Philistine: boorish, uncultured
  47. Phlegmatic: unemotional, stolid
  48. Picayune: trivial, insignificant
  49. Pinnacle: summit, peak
  50. Pious: devout, religious
  51. Piquant: spicy, tangy
  52. Placate: appease, mollify
  53. Placid: calm, tranquil
  54. Plagiarism: copying, piracy
  55. Plausible: credible, believable
  56. Plausible: credible, believable
  57. Plethora: abundance, excess
  58. Poignant: touching, moving
  59. Poise: composure, balance
  60. Polished: refined, elegant
  61. Polite: courteous, respectful
  62. Polyglot: multilingual, fluent
  63. Ponder: consider, contemplate
  64. Popular: well-liked, favored
  65. Populous: crowded, densely populated
  66. Portent: omen, sign
  67. Portray: depict, represent
  68. Poseur: pretender, imposter
  69. Positive: affirmative, optimistic
  70. Postulate: propose, assume
  71. Potent: powerful, strong
  72. Pout: sulk, mope
  73. Pragmatic: practical, realistic
  74. Precedent: example, model
  75. Precipitate: hasty, impulsive
  76. Precise: exact, accurate
  77. Preclude: prevent, prohibit
  78. Predicament: dilemma, difficulty
  79. Predilection: preference, liking
  80. Predominant: dominant, prevailing
  81. Prejudice: bias, discrimination
  82. Prelude: introduction, prologue
  83. Premonition: foreboding, intuition
  84. Preponderance: majority, dominance
  85. Prerogative: privilege, right
  86. Presage: omen, sign
  87. Prescient: prophetic, visionary
  88. Prescribe: recommend, order
  89. Presumptuous: arrogant, overconfident
  90. Pretentious: affected, ostentatious
  91. Prevalent: common, widespread
  92. Prevaricate: equivocate, dodge
  93. Primary: main, chief
  94. Priority: precedence, importance
  95. Pristine: pure, unspoiled
  96. Probable: likely, possible
  97. Probity: honesty, integrity
  98. Procure: obtain, acquire
  99. Prodigious: enormous, immense
  100. Prodigy: genius, talented

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