100 Synonyms That Starts with Y, Synonyms with Y

From young to yellow and from yon to yearn, words starting with the letter Y provide us with a wide range of connotations and meanings. With so many forms of expression defining our language, it’s important that we have an understanding of synonyms for each letter of the alphabet which can give us more tools in our communication arsenal. In this post, I’ll be discussing 100 synonyms beginning with the letter Y – providing you with every example from yarn to yielding!

synonyms with y

Synonyms With Y

Words Synonyms
Yearn inhumane
Yield  insolent, impudent
Yellowish Xanthic
Yell  derisive, ironical
Yoke scarce

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter Y

  1. Yield: produce, generate
  2. Yearn: crave, long
  3. Yonder: distant, remote
  4. Youthful: juvenile, young-looking
  5. Yawn: drowsiness, fatigue
  6. Yacht: vessel, boat
  7. Yell: shout, scream
  8. Yielding: submissive, compliant
  9. Yummy: delicious, tasty
  10. Yardstick: criterion, benchmark
  11. Yielded: surrendered, conceded
  12. Yeoman: farmer, peasant
  13. Yodel: sing, warble
  14. Yesteryear: past, olden days
  15. Yearbook: annual, directory
  16. Yellow: gold, blonde
  17. Yank: pull, drag
  18. Yes-man: sycophant, flatterer
  19. Yearning: longing, desire
  20. Yeast: leaven, ferment
  21. Yappy: talkative, chatty
  22. Yip: bark, yelp
  23. Yucca: plant, shrub
  24. Yielding: flexible, pliant
  25. Yestertide: past, yore
  26. Yarmulke: skullcap, kippah
  27. Yen: desire, craving
  28. Yare: agile, nimble
  29. Yack: chatter, talk
  30. Yclept: named, called
  31. Yashmak: veil, face-covering
  32. Yowl: howl, cry
  33. Yaw: turn, veer
  34. Yard: enclosure, courtyard
  35. Yobbo: hooligan, thug
  36. Yodeler: singer, warbler
  37. Yippie: radical, protester
  38. Yore: past, history
  39. Yapok: otter, water possum
  40. Yippie-ki-yay: exclamation, expression
  41. Yummier: tastier, more delicious
  42. Yachtsman: sailor, boater
  43. Yarn: thread, wool
  44. Yellower: more yellow, more golden
  45. Yummier: more appetizing, more delectable
  46. Youngster: child, youth
  47. Yuck: disgust, revulsion
  48. Yeller: someone who yells, screamer
  49. Yum: delicious, delectable
  50. Yiddish: Jewish language, jargon
  51. Yowling: howling, crying
  52. Yachtswoman: female sailor, female boater
  53. Yankee: American, US citizen
  54. Yellowish: golden, straw-colored
  55. Yeasty: frothy, bubbly
  56. Yelling: shouting, screaming
  57. Yardman: gardener, groundskeeper
  58. Yeomanly: hardworking, diligent
  59. Yawing: turning, veering
  60. Younker: youngster, juvenile
  61. Yondering: wandering, roaming
  62. Yearlong: annual, lasting a year
  63. Yeshiva: religious school, academy
  64. Yacca: yucca, a plant species
  65. Yachtsmanship: boating skills, seamanship
  66. Youth: young people, teenagers
  67. Yellowed: faded, discolored
  68. Yellowy: golden, buttery
  69. Yonker: young man, lad
  70. Yea: affirmative, yes
  71. Yett: gate, barrier
  72. Yearly: annual, once a year
  73. Yeasty: puffy,
  74. Yonderly: distant, absent-minded
  75. Yelper: barker, howler
  76. Yob: hooligan, thug
  77. Youthfulness: adolescence, juvenescence
  78. Yearner: dreamer, aspirant
  79. Yieldingly: compliantly, obediently
  80. Yellowing: discoloration, fading
  81. Yuckiness: repulsiveness, unpleasantness
  82. Yahrzeit: anniversary of a death, memorial
  83. Yenning: yearning, desiring
  84. Yardage: measurement, length
  85. Yahrzeit candle: memorial candle, remembrance candle
  86. Yeastiness: fermentation, bubbly
  87. Yaff: chatter, talk
  88. Yon: over there, distant
  89. Yow: bawl, wail
  90. Yippiness: enthusiasm, energy
  91. Yarely: nimbly, quickly
  92. Yodeling: singing, warbling
  93. Yapster: talkative person, chatterbox
  94. Ycleped: named, called
  95. Yestern: former, previous
  96. Yippier: more enthusiastic, more energetic
  97. Yahrzeit plaque: memorial plaque, remembrance plaque
  98. Yearningly: longingly, wistfully
  99. Yeomaness: farmer, peasant woman
  100. Yummylicious: very tasty, very delicious

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