100 Synonyms That Starts with D, Synonyms with D

Do you find yourself searching for a word but can’t quite think of the perfect one? You know what you’re trying to say, but nothing seems to fit just right? Don’t worry — we have all been there! Whether you are writing a paper or having an everyday conversation, it is best to make sure your language conveys exactly what you mean. To help with this task, we’ve compiled a list of 100 synonyms starting with “D” that will add more depth and clarity to your words.

synonyms with d

Synonyms With D

Words Synonyms
Death camas Zigadene
Disquiet Unease
Dissolver Xylene
Desire Want
Dainty  delicate, elegant
Deceit  artifice, deception
Defray  pay, spend
Dimli Zazaki
Despicable  shameless, worthless
Drop Trifle
Dry Xeric
Deride  taunt, mock
Demolish  devastate, ruin
Deathless Undying
Dedicate  consecrate, devote
Decipher  reveal, interpret
Drag Yank
Drop Trifle
Duplicator Xeroxing
Desertic Xerothermic
Disdain  despise, detest
Dregs Sediment
Deviation Red herring
Deliberate  intentional, cautious
Disease Xenophobic
Delicious  tasteful, palatable
Diseased Septic
Decay  decompose, collapse
Disrespect Scorn
Defer  suspend, prolong
Defile  pollute, contaminate
Deprive  divest, despoil

Top 100 Synonyms With Letter D

  1. Day: daytime, daylight
  2. Dream: fantasy, reverie
  3. Death: demise, passing
  4. Dog: canine, pooch
  5. Door: entrance, portal
  6. Dark: dim, gloomy
  7. Dance: ballroom, waltz
  8. Drive: operate, pilot
  9. Data: information, statistics
  10. Drink: beverage, quaff
  11. Design: blueprint, plan
  12. Doctor: physician, surgeon
  13. Danger: hazard, peril
  14. Dress: attire, garb
  15. Development: progress, growth
  16. Dollar: buck, currency
  17. Dad: father, pop
  18. Dinner: supper, meal
  19. Device: gadget, instrument
  20. Distance: length, range
  21. Date: appointment, meeting
  22. Direction: guidance, orientation
  23. Diamond: gem, precious stone
  24. Document: record, report
  25. Drive: impetus, momentum
  26. Debt: obligation, liability
  27. Desk: table, workstation
  28. Drama: play, theater
  29. Drop: fall, descend
  30. Desire: aspiration, longing
  31. Duty: obligation, responsibility
  32. Deal: bargain, transaction
  33. Daughter: girl, offspring
  34. Difference: contrast, discrepancy
  35. Director: manager, supervisor
  36. Device: mechanism, tool
  37. Dust: dirt, powder
  38. Disk: disc, plate
  39. Defense: protection, security
  40. Depression: melancholy, sadness
  41. Disability: impairment, limitation
  42. Division: partition, separation
  43. Dark: ebony, pitch-black
  44. Dilemma: quandary, predicament
  45. Detective: investigator, sleuth
  46. Dollar: greenback, banknote
  47. Dish: plate, bowl
  48. Distance: gap, interval
  49. Diploma: degree, certificate
  50. Delivery: shipment, transport
  51. Daylight: sun, sunshine
  52. Demand: request, requirement
  53. Driver: operator, chauffeur
  54. Dialogue: conversation, discussion
  55. Devil: demon, fiend
  56. Dressing: sauce, topping
  57. Deal: agreement, negotiation
  58. Donation: contribution, gift
  59. Deer: buck, doe
  60. Destruction: annihilation, devastation
  61. Domain: area, field
  62. Defeat: loss, failure
  63. Discipline: training, control
  64. Dignity: honor, respect
  65. Declaration: announcement, proclamation
  66. Democracy: republic, self-government
  67. Darkness: obscurity, shadow
  68. Diamond: crystal, rhinestone
  69. Dedication: commitment, devotion
  70. Definition: explanation, meaning
  71. Deadline: time limit, cutoff
  72. Delight: pleasure, enjoyment
  73. Debate: argument, discussion
  74. Divorce: separation, dissolution
  75. Detail: particular, specification
  76. Direction: command, instruction
  77. Desk: bureau, lectern
  78. Dexterity: skill, agility
  79. Diligence: hard work, persistence
  80. Discretion: caution, prudence
  81. Distinction: difference, contrast
  82. Distress: anguish, sorrow
  83. Diversity: variety, difference
  84. Duration: length, time
  85. Disaster: catastrophe, calamity
  86. Diagram: chart, graph
  87. Demonstration: display, exhibit
  88. Deficiency: inadequacy, scarcity
  89. Denial: refusal, rejection
  90. Dose: quantity, dosage.
  91. Disease: illness, sickness
  92. Description: depiction, portrayal
  93. Drama: conflict, tension
  94. Discovery: finding, revelation
  95. Digestion: metabolism, assimilation
  96. Directive: instruction, order
  97. Doctrine: belief, creed
  98. Duck: bird, waterfowl
  99. Dispute: argument, disagreement
  100. Donation: grant, subsidy

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