200+ Synonyms for Strange, Other Words for Strange

When something is unfamiliar, out of the ordinary, or hard to explain, the word strange is often used to describe it. However, there are many alternative words and phrases to use in place of strange that can add more depth and nuance to our language.

In this lesson, we’ll explore some useful synonyms for strange that you can use in conversation, writing, or even your everyday life.

Synonyms for Strange

Here are some popular synonyms for strange;

  1. Unusual
  2. Odd
  3. Curious
  4. Peculiar
  5. Funny
  6. Bizarre
  7. Weird
  8. Uncanny
  9. Queer
  10. Unexpected
  11. Unfamiliar
  12. Abnormal
  13. Atypical
  14. Anomalous
  15. Untypical
  16. Different
  17. Extraordinary
  18. Remarkable
  19. Puzzling
  20. Mystifying

Synonyms for strange

Other Words for Strange

1- Ignorant

2- Fantastic

3- Singular

4- Queer

5- Puzzling

6- Phantasmagoric

7- Conspicuous

8- Funky

9- Off-the-wall

10- Off

11- Unheard of

12- Mystifying

13- Kooky

14- Uncustomary

15- Inexperienced

16- Fantastical

17- Remarkable

18- Way-out

19- Salient

20- Unaccustomed

21- Flaky

22- Astonishing

23- New

24- Rum

25- Uncanny

26- Extraordinary

27- Weirdo

28- Astounding

29- Wild

30- Perplexing

31- Abnormal

32- Nonconformist

33- Outstanding

34- Striking

35- Unwonted

36- Offbeat

37- Irregular

38- Wonderful

39- Peculiar

40- Screwy

41- Outrageous

42- Unconventional

43- Curious

44- Unique

45- Aberrant

46- Shocking

47- Bizarre

48- Whacky

49- Crotchety

50- Unaccountable

51- Far-out

52- Marvelous

53- Uncommon

54- Quaint

55- Funny

56- Bewildering

57- Phantasmagorical

58- Newfangled

59- Odd

60- Cranky

61- Freak

62- Off-kilter

63- Oddball

64- Confounding

65- Spaced-out

66- Notable

67- Eccentric

68- Unorthodox

69- Weird

70- Bizarro

71- Out-of-the-way

72- Out-there

73- Quirky

74- Nonmainstream

75- Freaky

76- Idiosyncratic

77- Unseasoned

78- Kookie

79- Atrocious

80- Addlepated

81- Prominent

82- Noticeable

83- Freakish

84- Crazy

85- Baffling

86- Exceptional

87- Unusual

88- Outré

89- Erratic

90- Different

91- Phenomenal

92- Outlandish

93- Kinky

94- Wacky

95- Rare

96- Atypical

Other Words for strange

Other Words for Strange with Examples

1- Notable: The notable achievement was impressive.

2- Inexperienced: His inexperienced behavior was peculiar.

3- Remarkable: The remarkable story was worth telling.

4- Mysterious: The mysterious circumstances left us curious.

5- Queer: The queer music in the background made me uneasy.

6- Unaccustomed: I was unaccustomed to her unusual accent.

7- Quaint: The quaint town was charming.

8- Quirky: The quirky design was unconventional.

9- Fantastical: The fantastical creatures in the story amazed me.

10- Outré: The outré fashion style was unusual.

11- Uncommon: The uncommon behavior was unexpected.

12- Bizarro: The bizarro world was surreal.

13- Oddball: Her oddball personality was intriguing.

14- Aberrant: The aberrant behavior was concerning.

15- Eccentrical: His eccentrical personality was intriguing.

16- Astounding: The astounding magic trick was mind-boggling.

17- Singular: Her singular behavior left everyone puzzled.

18- Otherworldly: The otherworldly experience was surreal.

19- Unusual: The unusual behavior was peculiar.

20- Outstanding: The outstanding achievement was remarkable.

21- Irregular: The irregular pattern was unusual.

22- Weirdo: His weirdo behavior was concerning.

23- Salient: The salient point of the argument was surprising.

24- Bewildering: The bewildering situation was confusing.

25- Kookie: Her kookie personality was unique.

26- Freaky: The freaky coincidence was strange.

27- Weird: The weird phenomenon was strange.

28- Erratic: The erratic behavior was unpredictable.

29- Unseasoned: The unseasoned food tasted strange.

30- Supernatural: The supernatural occurrence was strange.

31- Fantastic: The movie had a fantastic plot twist.

32- Exotic: The exotic cuisine was unusual.

33- Off-kilter: The off-kilter design was unconventional.

34- Far-out: The far-out theory was fascinating.

35- Offbeat: The offbeat humor was entertaining.

36- Atypical: The atypical behavior was unexpected.

37- Unearthly: The unearthly creature was strange.

38- New: The new discovery opened up endless possibilities.

39- Atrocious: The atrocious behavior was unacceptable.

40- Unsolved: The unsolved mystery was puzzling.

41- Unclassifiable: Her unclassifiable personality was unique.

42- Screwy: The screwy logic was hard to understand.

43- Weirded out: I was weirded out by his behavior.

44- Outrageous: The outrageous behavior was unacceptable.

45- Wonderful: The wonderful experience was unforgettable.

46- Unnatural: The unnatural behavior was concerning.

47- Prominent: The prominent feature was noticeable.

48- Baffling: The baffling mystery was difficult to solve.

49- Off-the-wall: Her off-the-wall personality made her stand out.

50- Striking: The striking resemblance was uncanny.

51- Wild: Her wild imagination was creative.

52- Ignorant: His ignorance was strange to me.

53- Unheard of: The idea was unheard of but intriguing.

54- Whacky: The whacky idea was entertaining.

55- Nonconformist: The nonconformist attitude was admirable.

56- Addlepated: His addlepated behavior was strange.

57- Spaced-out: His spaced-out behavior was strange.

58- Esoteric: The esoteric knowledge was mysterious.

59- Conspicuous: His conspicuous absence was noticeable.

60- Unorthodox: The unorthodox method was effective.

61- Freak: His freak accident left everyone shocked.

62- Peculiar: The peculiar situation was strange.

63- Off-center: The off-center painting was unconventional.

64- Freakish: The freakish occurrence was unusual.

65- Out of the ordinary: The event was out of the ordinary.

66- Nonmainstream: The nonmainstream music was unique.

67- Phantasmagoric: The phantasmagoric artwork was captivating.

68- Bizarre: The bizarre behavior was strange.

69- Noticeable: The noticeable difference was surprising.

70- Rum: The rum story was hard to believe.

71- Unprecedented: The unprecedented event was unexpected.

72- Unsettling: The unsettling feeling was strange.

73- Alien: The alien landscape was surreal.

74- Confounding: The confounding puzzle was difficult to solve.

75- Idiosyncratic: Her idiosyncratic behavior was unique.

76- Shocking: The shocking news was unexpected.

77- Wacky: The wacky idea was amusing.

78- Irregular: The irregular pattern was unique.

79- Newfangled: The newfangled idea was innovative.

80- Unaccountable: The unaccountable loss left us puzzled.

81- Flaky: The flaky behavior was out of character.

82- Abnormal: The abnormal behavior was alarming.

83- Phenomenal: The phenomenal performance was impressive.

84- Crazy: The crazy idea was unconventional.

85- Off: The off timing of the event caused confusion.

86- Eccentric: His eccentric personality was intriguing.

87- Different: The different approach was unique.

88- Unidentified: The unidentified object was strange.

89- Rare: The rare occurrence was unusual.

90- Unique: The unique perspective was refreshing.

91- Zany: The zany comedy was entertaining.

92- Marvelous: The marvelous performance was impressive.

93- Perplexing: The perplexing situation left me confused.

94- Out-there: The out-there idea was unusual.

95- Kooky: Her kooky sense of humor was unique.

96- Exceptional: The exceptional talent was impressive.

97- Kinky: The kinky behavior was unusual.

98- Funny: The funny joke left everyone laughing.

99- Way-out: The way-out concept was innovative.

100- Unique: The unique approach was innovative.

101- Phantasmagorical: The phantasmagorical dream was surreal.

102- Unfamiliar: The unfamiliar customs were unusual.

103- Uncanny: The uncanny resemblance was shocking.

104- Unusual: The unusual behavior was peculiar.

105- Curious: The curious behavior left us wondering.

106- Funky: The funky outfit was quite eccentric.

107- Odd: The odd behavior was peculiar.

108- Uncustomary: His uncanny abilities were uncustomary.

109- Cranky: Her cranky mood was unusual.

110- Outlandish: The outlandish idea was unconventional.

111- Puzzling: The puzzling question took me by surprise.

112- Unconventional: The unconventional approach was successful.

113- Extraordinary: The extraordinary performance was memorable.

114- Unwonted: The unwonted occurrence was unexpected.

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