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List of Collocations Pdf!

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Catch a ballCatch a glimpse
Catch (on) fireCatch a bus/ a train
Catch a chillCatch you later!
Catch someone’s attentionCatch someone Red-Handed / Catch Someone In The Act
Catch a coldCatch a thief
Catch a whiffCatch sight of
Catch someone’s eyeCatch the flu
Catch your breath 


Come closeCome complete with
Come lastCome to an agreement
Come to a stand still (idiom)Come to an end
Come late List of Collocations PdfCome first
Come preparedCome early
Come into viewCome clean about
Come on timeCome up with
Come right backCome to a compromise
Come to a conclusionCome to a decision
Come to a realizationCome to a stop
Come to lifeCome to sb’s rescue
Come to terms withCome under attack


Give a call (a ring, a buzz)Give a choice
Give a lecture or speech or performanceGive a chance
Give a rideGive a damn
Give a hug or kissGive a hand
Give a headacheGive advice
Give permissionGive rise to
Give sb a callGive thought (to)
Give evidenceGive notice
Give sb a chanceGive sb a lift
Give sth a goGive an answer
Give an exampleGive an idea
Give an opinionGive birth
Give credit List of Collocations PdfGive priority
Give the impressionGive up
Give up hopeGive way


Go astrayGo bad
Go baldGo bankrupt
Go deafGo insane (idiom)
Go mad/angryGo on a date
Go on a picnicGo on foot
Go onlineGo finishing
Go sailingOut of fashion
Go crazy List of Collocations PdfGo blind
Go missingGo out of business
Go overseasGo quiet
Go smoothlyGo to the beach/to the movie
Go to warGo abroad


Have a babyHave a backacheHave a bad fall
Have a birthdayHave a breakHave a bath
Have a bad temperHave a competitionHave a chat
Have a biteHave a dreamHave a drink
Have a feelingHave a fightHave a fit
Have a gameHave a haircutHave a hard time
Have a headacheHave a holidayHave a goal
Have a good timeHave a good/nice/etc day!Have a great weekend
Have a laughHave a drillHave a glass of wine
Have a goHave a lessonHave a lie down
Have a limpHave a lispHave a listen
Have a lookHave a massageHave a meal
Have a disputeHave a jogHave a lecture
Have a JacuzziHave a depression/etc.Have a discussion
Have a strokeHave a swimHave a talk
Have a tasteHave a temperatureHave a touch
Have a tryHave a walkHave sympathy
Have the chance (to)Have timeHave trouble
Have workHave a snackHave a business trip
Have a busy dayHave a career/a goalHave a chance
Have a coldHave a confrontationHave a conversation/chat
Have a cup of tea/ coffeeHave a danceHave a day off
Have a meetingHave a momentHave a nap
Have a night mareHave a party/concertHave a passion for
Have a planHave a problemHave a quarrel
Have a relationshipHave a restHave a ride
Have a rightHave a runHave a safe journey
Have a saladHave a sandwichHave a scrub
Have a shaveHave a showerHave a smell
Have a snoozeHave a stretchHave a wash
Have a wishHave a wordHave a workout
Have a doubtHave a thinkHave access (to)
Have an accidentHave an appointment withHave an argument
Have an effect (on)Have an energy barHave an event
Have an examHave an excuseHave an experience
Have an ice-creamHave an ideaHave an interview
Have an opportunityHave  breakfast/lunch/dinnerHave difficulty
Have faithHave foodHave fun/a good time
Have no educationHave no fear collocationHave patience
Have restHave roomHave self-esteem
Have sex List of Collocations PdfHave skillsHave some sugar/ milk
Have something to eatHave soulHave success


Make a bedMake a break with somebodyMake a cake
Make a confession/an admissionMake a fool of yourselfMake a fortune
Make a bundle (idiom)Make a fussMake a joke
Make a dressMake a habitMake a difference
Make a livingMake a cup of teaMake a decision
Make a listMake a dealMake a promise
Make a recoveryMake a remarkMake a reservation
Make a rude gestureMake a saladMake a move
Make a note (of)Make a pass atMake a phone call
Make an objectionMake an observationMake arrangements
Make believeMake breakfast/lunch/dinnerMake coffee
Make contactMake a statementMake a mess
Make an offerMake senseMake someone angry/mad/happy/sad
Make sth easyMake sureMake the bed
Make timeMake tracksMake trouble
Make up List of Collocations PdfMake up your mindMake war
Make your bedMake changesMake a call
Make a choiceMake a commentMake a complaint
Make a contractMake a discoveryMake a fire
Make a mistakeMake a pointMake a prediction
Make a presentationMake a profitMake a sales call
Make a sandwichMake a snackMake a sound
Make a speechMake a suggestionMake a takeover bid
Make a teaMake a threatMake amends
Make an agreementMake an allusionMake an appearance
Make an appointmentMake an arrangementMake an attempt
Make an effortMake an effortMake an enquiry
Make an exceptionMake an excuseMake an impression
Make ends meetMake foodMake friends collocation
Make fun of someoneMake furnitureMake love
Make moneyMake noiseMake one’s bow
Make one’s own way backMake peaceMake plans
Make progressMake roomMake sb feel sth


Pay a billPay someone a compliment
Pay a finePay a visit
Pay one’s respectsPay attention
Pay by credit cardPay someone a visit
Pay cashPay interest


Save energySave someone’s life
Save time List of Collocations PdfSave something
Save electricitySave space
Save yourself the troubleSave lives
Save moneySave one’s strength
Save someone a seat 


Ask a favorAsk for directions
Ask for somethingAsk sb out
Ask for adviceAsk after somebody
Ask if/ whetherAsk a question
Ask aboutAsk permission


Break a bone/ your armBreak a code
Break a law List of Collocations PdfBreak even
Break groundBreak loose
Break one’s fallBreak free
Break a windowBreak news
Break the rulesBreak the silence
Break a habitBreak a leg
Break a promiseBreak a record
Break new groundBreak someone’s heart
Break the bankBreak the ice
Break the moldBreak the news to someone
Break the spellBreak wind


Do a courseDo a deal
Do exerciseDo gymnastics
Do homeworkDo laundry
Do nothingDo business
Do damage List of Collocations PdfDo experiments
Do someone a favorDo a favor
Do the dishesDo the housework
Do Your hairDo your makeup
Do a good/great/terrible jobDo a report
Do anything/something/everythingDo badly
Do betterDo good
Do harmDo research
Do something rightDo something wrong
Do sumsDo the cleaning
Do the cookingDo the ironing
Do the mathDo the minimum
Do the paperworkDo the right thing
Do the shoppingDo the washing up
Do wellDo work
Do your bestDo your duty
Do your nailsDo crosswords
Do maximum 


Get a callGet a chance
Get a clue List of Collocations PdfGet a tan
Get drunkGet divorced
Get changed (change clothes)Get a degree/ a diploma
Get a jobGet a joke
Get a letter (receive)Get a shock
Get a splitting headacheGet a ticket
Get a/the rightGet angry
Get firedGet the impression
Get the sackGet the ticket (buy)
Get tiredGet to sleep
Get the messageGet stuck in a traffic jam
Get enthusiasticGet frightened
Get marriedGet a cold
Get nowhereGet together
Get coolGet dark
Get dressed/ undressedGet getting dark
Get good/top/bad marksGet home (arrive)
Get hot (ter)Get hungry
Get into troubleGet lost
Get old List of Collocations PdfGet one’s hair cut
Get out of breathGet permission
Get pregnantGet ready for
Get sleepGet started
Get upsetGet wet
Get worried 
List of Collocations Pdf


Keep a promiseKeep quiet
Keep recordsKeep someone’s place
Keep scoreKeep the change
Keep your balanceKeep an appointment
Keep a diaryKeep a secret
Keep calmKeep control
Keep in touch 


Take (sb’s) temperatureTake a biteTake a break
Take a callTake a chanceTake a class
Take a decision (make)Take a bowTake (sb) to court
Take a testTake actionTake advantage (of)
Take a while/ a minute/ five minutesTake a photo/ a photographTake a picture
Take a restTake a taxi/bus/train/planeTake advice
Take agesTake an exam/ a test/ a courseTake notes
Take noticeTake chargeTake someone’s temperature
Take time of (away form work for holidays or to do sth)Take pride inTake sb’s place
Take timeTake turnsTake up space
Take your timeTell a jokeTell the difference
Tell the futureTake a holidayTake a lesson
Take a look collocationTake a messageTake a nap
Take a numberTake a riskTake a seat
Take a shower (have)Take a stepTake an opportunity
Take care List of Collocations PdfTake care ofTake drugs
Take exerciseTake hostageTake medicine
Take partTake placeTake prisoner
Tell a lieTell a secretTell a story
Tell sb the timeTell the timeTell the truth
Tell your name  


Set a standardSet a recordSpend time
Solve a problemSolve a crime collocationSet a goal
Set a dateVote forVote against
Stay awakeStand trialStall for time
Spend your lifeUse sb’s phoneUndergo treatment
Undergo surgeryTurn aroundTurn a corner
Take time offStrike a balance (btw)Yield results
Worth a fortuneWin an electionWin an award
Win a warWin a gameWave goodbye
Satisfy a needSafety netRun the risk of
Run a businessRaise a familyQuit smoking
Quit drinkingQuit a jobPut up your hand
Put up wagesPut up pricesPut out a fire
Return homeReturn fireWatch your weight
Waste timeWaste moneyWaste an opportunity
Warm welcomeWait your turnWage war
Set menuSet fire to | set on fireSet an alarm
Set a tableServe interestsServe a purpose
See reasonScore a goal collocationScare tactic
Pass a testPass a lawPass (the) time
Part companyPack a suitcaseOwe an explanation
Satisfy demandLose moneyOpen an investigation
Open an accountOffer your servicesOffer condolences
Offer an explanationLose interestLose hope
Lose faith List of Collocations PdfLose controlSatisfy a requirement
Return a callRetain controlPose a risk
Play musicPlay a partPlace an order
Restore orderRestore confidenceResort to violence
Repair damageRegain controlRead aloud
Reach an agreementReach a verdictRapid growth
Raise your voiceRaise taxesRaise questions
Raise moneyRaise hopesRaise doubts
Owe an apologyOpen fireOffer a job
Obey an orderMiss an opportunityFollow a pattern
Fire a shotFind timeFill in a form
Fill a gapFight corruptionFight a war
Miss a goalMiss a flightMeet with approval
Meet oppositionMeet a targetMeet a standard
Meet a needLove dearlyLose your temper
Lose your lifeLose weight collocationLose a job
Earn a livingDrop the subjectDoesn’t matter
Deliver a babyDeclare warLose a game
Live at homeLight a fireLeave school
Leave homeLeave a messageLeading role
Lead to believeLead the worldLead the way
Accept an invitationAccept an apologyAccept a challenge
Accept (a) defeatLead the fieldLay the groundwork
Know the scoreKill timeKick a goal
Jump to a conclusionJoin the armyJoin forces
Join a clubIssue a permitImpose sanctions
Impose restrictionsImpose conditionsHurt sb’s feelings
Hold talksHold sb prisonerHold sb hostage
Put out a cigarettePut on weightPush a button
Pull a musclePress a keyPose a threat
Pick your noseBring to an endBring attention to
Bring about changeBoost moralePass the time
Hold officeHold handsHold an inquiry
Change the subjectChange courseCause trouble
Cast doubtCast a voteHold an election
Hold a referendumGain accessFollow instructions
Follow directionsFollow adviceFight a fire
Fall in loveFail miserablyFace the fact(s)
Face a challengeExtend a deadlineExpress interest (in)
Express concernApply for a jobAnswer the phone
Answer the doorAgainst the lawAdmit defeat
Exceed expectationsEnter politicsEnter a plea
Eke out a livingCut costsCross sb’s mind
Cover costsAnswer an advertisementAnswer a question
Answer a prayerAnswer a letterCost a fortune
Consider a possibilityConduct researchCommit suicide
Close the gapClaim responsibilityChange your mind
Cast a spellCarry weightCall the police
Call sb namesCall in sickCall attention to
Call an electionCall a strikeCall a name
Call a meetingBring to justiceBook a flight
Blow your noseBeat to deathBeat a record
Bear a resemblance (to sb/sth)Balance a budgetAttract sb’s attention
Attract attentionAchieve a goalAccept responsibility
Abuse drugsList of Collocations Pdf 


List of Collocations Pdf

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list of collocations pdf
list of collocations pdf

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