List of Collocations Pdf – Complete List of Collocations

List of Collocations Pdf! Below is the list of collocations in English with infographics and PDF. Collocations are very important for ESL Students. PDF of Collocations list is also given at the end of this lesson. Collocation is basically the combination of two words. It can be the combination of a preposition+noun, adverb+verb, verb+adverb, etc.

Collocation List – Video Lesson


Catch a ball Catch a glimpse
Catch (on) fire Catch a bus/ a train
Catch a chill Catch you later!
Catch someone’s attention Catch someone Red-Handed / Catch Someone In The Act
Catch a cold Catch a thief
Catch a whiff Catch sight of
Catch someone’s eye Catch the flu
Catch your breath  


Come close Come complete with
Come last Come to an agreement
Come to a stand still (idiom) Come to an end
Come late  Come first
Come prepared Come early
Come into view Come clean about
Come on time Come up with
Come right back Come to a compromise
Come to a conclusion Come to a decision
Come to a realization Come to a stop
Come to life Come to sb’s rescue
Come to terms with Come under attack


Give a call (a ring, a buzz) Give a choice
Give a lecture or speech or performance Give a chance
Give a ride Give a damn
Give a hug or kiss Give a hand
Give a headache Give advice
Give permission Give rise to
Give sb a call Give thought (to)
Give evidence Give notice
Give sb a chance Give sb a lift
Give sth a go Give an answer
Give an example Give an idea
Give an opinion Give birth
Give credit  Give priority
Give the impression Give up
Give up hope Give way


Go astray Go bad
Go bald Go bankrupt
Go deaf Go insane (idiom)
Go mad/angry Go on a date
Go on a picnic Go on foot
Go online Go finishing
Go sailing Out of fashion
Go crazy  Go blind
Go missing Go out of business
Go overseas Go quiet
Go smoothly Go to the beach/to the movie
Go to war Go abroad


Have a baby Have a backache Have a bad fall
Have a birthday Have a break Have a bath
Have a bad temper Have a competition Have a chat
Have a bite Have a dream Have a drink
Have a feeling Have a fight Have a fit
Have a game Have a haircut Have a hard time
Have a headache Have a holiday Have a goal
Have a good time Have a good/nice/etc day! Have a great weekend
Have a laugh Have a drill Have a glass of wine
Have a go Have a lesson Have a lie down
Have a limp Have a lisp Have a listen
Have a look Have a massage Have a meal
Have a dispute Have a jog Have a lecture
Have a Jacuzzi Have a depression/etc. Have a discussion
Have a stroke Have a swim Have a talk
Have a taste Have a temperature Have a touch
Have a try Have a walk Have sympathy
Have the chance (to) Have time Have trouble
Have work Have a snack Have a business trip
Have a busy day Have a career/a goal Have a chance
Have a cold Have a confrontation Have a conversation/chat
Have a cup of tea/ coffee Have a dance Have a day off
Have a meeting Have a moment Have a nap
Have a night mare Have a party/concert Have a passion for
Have a plan Have a problem Have a quarrel
Have a relationship Have a rest Have a ride
Have a right Have a run Have a safe journey
Have a salad Have a sandwich Have a scrub
Have a shave Have a shower Have a smell
Have a snooze Have a stretch Have a wash
Have a wish Have a word Have a workout
Have a doubt Have a think Have access (to)
Have an accident Have an appointment with Have an argument
Have an effect (on) Have an energy bar Have an event
Have an exam Have an excuse Have an experience
Have an ice-cream Have an idea Have an interview
Have an opportunity Have  breakfast/lunch/dinner Have difficulty
Have faith Have food Have fun/a good time
Have no education Have no fear collocation Have patience
Have rest Have room Have self-esteem
Have sex  Have skills Have some sugar/ milk
Have something to eat Have soul Have success


Make a bed Make a break with somebody Make a cake
Make a confession/an admission Make a fool of yourself Make a fortune
Make a bundle (idiom) Make a fuss Make a joke
Make a dress Make a habit Make a difference
Make a living Make a cup of tea Make a decision
Make a list Make a deal Make a promise
Make a recovery Make a remark Make a reservation
Make a rude gesture Make a salad Make a move
Make a note (of) Make a pass at Make a phone call
Make an objection Make an observation Make arrangements
Make believe Make breakfast/lunch/dinner Make coffee
Make contact Make a statement Make a mess
Make an offer Make sense Make someone angry/mad/happy/sad
Make sth easy Make sure Make the bed
Make time Make tracks Make trouble
Make up  Make up your mind Make war
Make your bed Make changes Make a call
Make a choice Make a comment Make a complaint
Make a contract Make a discovery Make a fire
Make a mistake Make a point Make a prediction
Make a presentation Make a profit Make a sales call
Make a sandwich Make a snack Make a sound
Make a speech Make a suggestion Make a takeover bid
Make a tea Make a threat Make amends
Make an agreement Make an allusion Make an appearance
Make an appointment Make an arrangement Make an attempt
Make an effort Make an effort Make an enquiry
Make an exception Make an excuse Make an impression
Make ends meet Make food Make friends collocation
Make fun of someone Make furniture Make love
Make money Make noise Make one’s bow
Make one’s own way back Make peace Make plans
Make progress Make room Make sb feel sth


Pay a bill Pay someone a compliment
Pay a fine Pay a visit
Pay one’s respects Pay attention
Pay by credit card Pay someone a visit
Pay cash Pay interest


Save energy Save someone’s life
Save time  Save something
Save electricity Save space
Save yourself the trouble Save lives
Save money Save one’s strength
Save someone a seat  


Ask a favor Ask for directions
Ask for something Ask sb out
Ask for advice Ask after somebody
Ask if/ whether Ask a question
Ask about Ask permission


Break a bone/ your arm Break a code
Break a law  Break even
Break ground Break loose
Break one’s fall Break free
Break a window Break news
Break the rules Break the silence
Break a habit Break a leg
Break a promise Break a record
Break new ground Break someone’s heart
Break the bank Break the ice
Break the mold Break the news to someone
Break the spell Break wind


Do a course Do a deal
Do exercise Do gymnastics
Do homework Do laundry
Do nothing Do business
Do damage  Do experiments
Do someone a favor Do a favor
Do the dishes Do the housework
Do Your hair Do your makeup
Do a good/great/terrible job Do a report
Do anything/something/everything Do badly
Do better Do good
Do harm Do research
Do something right Do something wrong
Do sums Do the cleaning
Do the cooking Do the ironing
Do the math Do the minimum
Do the paperwork Do the right thing
Do the shopping Do the washing up
Do well Do work
Do your best Do your duty
Do your nails Do crosswords
Do maximum  


Get a call Get a chance
Get a clue  Get a tan
Get drunk Get divorced
Get changed (change clothes) Get a degree/ a diploma
Get a job Get a joke
Get a letter (receive) Get a shock
Get a splitting headache Get a ticket
Get a/the right Get angry
Get fired Get the impression
Get the sack Get the ticket (buy)
Get tired Get to sleep
Get the message Get stuck in a traffic jam
Get enthusiastic Get frightened
Get married Get a cold
Get nowhere Get together
Get cool Get dark
Get dressed/ undressed Get getting dark
Get good/top/bad marks Get home (arrive)
Get hot (ter) Get hungry
Get into trouble Get lost
Get old  Get one’s hair cut
Get out of breath Get permission
Get pregnant Get ready for
Get sleep Get started
Get upset Get wet
Get worried  
List of Collocations Pdf


Keep a promise Keep quiet
Keep records Keep someone’s place
Keep score Keep the change
Keep your balance Keep an appointment
Keep a diary Keep a secret
Keep calm Keep control
Keep in touch  


Take (sb’s) temperature Take a bite Take a break
Take a call Take a chance Take a class
Take a decision (make) Take a bow Take (sb) to court
Take a test Take action Take advantage (of)
Take a while/ a minute/ five minutes Take a photo/ a photograph Take a picture
Take a rest Take a taxi/bus/train/plane Take advice
Take ages Take an exam/ a test/ a course Take notes
Take notice Take charge Take someone’s temperature
Take time of (away form work for holidays or to do sth) Take pride in Take sb’s place
Take time Take turns Take up space
Take your time Tell a joke Tell the difference
Tell the future Take a holiday Take a lesson
Take a look collocation Take a message Take a nap
Take a number Take a risk Take a seat
Take a shower (have) Take a step Take an opportunity
Take care  Take care of Take drugs
Take exercise Take hostage Take medicine
Take part Take place Take prisoner
Tell a lie Tell a secret Tell a story
Tell sb the time Tell the time Tell the truth
Tell your name    


Set a standard Set a record Spend time
Solve a problem Solve a crime collocation Set a goal
Set a date Vote for Vote against
Stay awake Stand trial Stall for time
Spend your life Use sb’s phone Undergo treatment
Undergo surgery Turn around Turn a corner
Take time off Strike a balance (btw) Yield results
Worth a fortune Win an election Win an award
Win a war Win a game Wave goodbye
Satisfy a need Safety net Run the risk of
Run a business Raise a family Quit smoking
Quit drinking Quit a job Put up your hand
Put up wages Put up prices Put out a fire
Return home Return fire Watch your weight
Waste time Waste money Waste an opportunity
Warm welcome Wait your turn Wage war
Set menu Set fire to | set on fire Set an alarm
Set a table Serve interests Serve a purpose
See reason Score a goal collocation Scare tactic
Pass a test Pass a law Pass (the) time
Part company Pack a suitcase Owe an explanation
Satisfy demand Lose money Open an investigation
Open an account Offer your services Offer condolences
Offer an explanation Lose interest Lose hope
Lose faith  Lose control Satisfy a requirement
Return a call Retain control Pose a risk
Play music Play a part Place an order
Restore order Restore confidence Resort to violence
Repair damage Regain control Read aloud
Reach an agreement Reach a verdict Rapid growth
Raise your voice Raise taxes Raise questions
Raise money Raise hopes Raise doubts
Owe an apology Open fire Offer a job
Obey an order Miss an opportunity Follow a pattern
Fire a shot Find time Fill in a form
Fill a gap Fight corruption Fight a war
Miss a goal Miss a flight Meet with approval
Meet opposition Meet a target Meet a standard
Meet a need Love dearly Lose your temper
Lose your life Lose weight collocation Lose a job
Earn a living Drop the subject Doesn’t matter
Deliver a baby Declare war Lose a game
Live at home Light a fire Leave school
Leave home Leave a message Leading role
Lead to believe Lead the world Lead the way
Accept an invitation Accept an apology Accept a challenge
Accept (a) defeat Lead the field Lay the groundwork
Know the score Kill time Kick a goal
Jump to a conclusion Join the army Join forces
Join a club Issue a permit Impose sanctions
Impose restrictions Impose conditions Hurt sb’s feelings
Hold talks Hold sb prisoner Hold sb hostage
Put out a cigarette Put on weight Push a button
Pull a muscle Press a key Pose a threat
Pick your nose Bring to an end Bring attention to
Bring about change Boost morale Pass the time
Hold office Hold hands Hold an inquiry
Change the subject Change course Cause trouble
Cast doubt Cast a vote Hold an election
Hold a referendum Gain access Follow instructions
Follow directions Follow advice Fight a fire
Fall in love Fail miserably Face the fact(s)
Face a challenge Extend a deadline Express interest (in)
Express concern Apply for a job Answer the phone
Answer the door Against the law Admit defeat
Exceed expectations Enter politics Enter a plea
Eke out a living Cut costs Cross sb’s mind
Cover costs Answer an advertisement Answer a question
Answer a prayer Answer a letter Cost a fortune
Consider a possibility Conduct research Commit suicide
Close the gap Claim responsibility Change your mind
Cast a spell Carry weight Call the police
Call sb names Call in sick Call attention to
Call an election Call a strike Call a name
Call a meeting Bring to justice Book a flight
Blow your nose Beat to death Beat a record
Bear a resemblance (to sb/sth) Balance a budget Attract sb’s attention
Attract attention Achieve a goal Accept responsibility
Abuse drugs    

Infographics (Collocations List in English)

collocation with break collocation with catch collocation with come collocation with do collocations with give collocations with have collocations with make collocations with take collocations with tell collocations with get collocations with have collocations with get collocations with get collocations with get collocations with go collocations with go collocations with keep collocations with give collocations with take collocations with take collocations with take collocations with do collocations with do collocations with do collocations with come collocations with ask collocations with have collocations with have collocations with have collocations with have collocations with break collocations with make collocations with make collocations with have collocations with have collocations with have collocations with have collocations with have collocations with make collocations with make collocations with make collocations with make collocations with make

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