50 Collocations With Ask, Ask Collocations List

Collocations With Ask, Ask Collocations List! When it comes to communicating effectively in English, choosing the right words is key. Fortunately, there are certain phrases called collocations that can help you express what you mean more accurately. Ask collocations are a type of phrase used with the verb “ask,” and they can be extremely helpful for expressing yourself without saying too much or too little.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of the most common ask collocations so that you can easily incorporate them into your conversations and writing.

collocations with ask

List of Collocations With Ask

  • Ask for a favor in exchange
  • Ask for a helping hand
  • Ask for a suggestion
  • Ask for a tip
  • Ask for a referral
  • Ask for a discount code
  • Ask for a promo code
  • Ask for a coupon
  • Ask for a voucher
  • Ask for a sample product
  • Ask for a product demo
  • Ask for a trial period
  • Ask for a warranty
  • Ask for a guarantee
  • Ask for a contract
  • Ask for a proposal
  • Ask for a specification
  • Ask for a requirement
  • Ask for a specification sheet
  • Ask for a user manual
  • Ask for a guidebook
  • Ask for a tutorial
  • Ask for a training session
  • Ask for a workshop
  • Ask for a conference call
  • Ask for a video call
  • Ask for a meeting agenda
  • Ask for a meeting minutes
  • Ask for a follow-up meeting
  • Ask for a progress report
  • Ask for a status update
  • Ask for a performance review
  • Ask for a job description
  • Ask for a job vacancy
  • Ask for a job application
  • Ask for a salary range
  • Ask for a benefit package
  • Ask for a work schedule
  • Ask for a vacation policy
  • Ask for a sick leave policy
  • Ask for a parental leave policy
  • Ask for a dress code
  • Ask for a code of conduct
  • Ask for a confidentiality agreement
  • Ask for a non-disclosure agreement
  • Ask for a privacy policy
  • Ask for a security policy
  • Ask for a project timeline
  • Ask for a budget plan
  • Ask for a business plan

Collocations With Ask in Example Sentences

  • Can you ask for a favor in exchange and water my plants while I’m away?
  • I need someone to ask for a helping hand with moving these boxes to the storage room.
  • I’m not sure which restaurant to choose for dinner, can I ask for a suggestion?
  • Could you ask for a tip on how to improve my golf swing?
  • I’m looking for a new dentist, can you ask for a referral from your friends?
  • Can I ask for a coupon for this item to use on my next purchase?
  • Before committing to buying this skincare line, can I ask for a sample product to test it out?
  • I’m interested in buying this software, can I ask for a product demo before purchasing it?
  • Can I ask for a trial period before committing to a gym membership?
  • Before signing this agreement, can I ask for a contract to review it?
  • Can you ask for a proposal for your company’s upcoming project?
  • I need to ask for a specification for this product before placing an order.
  • The contractor needs to ask for a requirement before starting the renovation project.
  • Can you ask for a specification sheet for this equipment?
  • Before using this machine, can I ask for a user manual to know how it works?
  • I’m new to this job, can you ask for a guidebook to help me navigate the company’s policies?
  • Can you ask for a tutorial on how to use this software?
  • I need to ask for a training session for my team on customer service skills.
  • Can we ask for a workshop on how to improve our team’s productivity?
  • Let’s ask for a conference call to discuss the project with our remote team.
  • Can we ask for a video call instead of meeting in person?
  • Can you ask for a meeting agenda before the conference call?
  • Let’s ask for a follow-up meeting to discuss the progress of the project.
  • Can you ask for a progress report on this task?
  • I’d like to ask for a performance review from my supervisor.
  • Can I ask for a job application to apply for the position?
  • Can you ask for a work schedule for next week?
  • I need to ask for a vacation policy before planning my trip.
  • Can you ask for a dress code for the company’s annual dinner party?
  • Before attending the conference, can you ask for a code of conduct to follow?
  • Can you ask for a privacy policy for this website before entering any personal information?
  • Can you ask for a budget plan for the next quarter?


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