50 Collocations With Time, Time Collocations List

Collocations With Time, Time Collocations List! Time is a fundamental concept that plays an essential role in our daily lives. From scheduling appointments to planning our day, time influences every aspect of our routines. As a result, it’s no surprise that time collocations are so commonly used in the English language. A collocation is a group of words that naturally occur together and convey a specific meaning.

In this article, we’ll explore 50 common time collocations that you’ll frequently encounter in conversations, written works, and media. Whether you’re an English learner or a native speaker, these collocations will help you express yourself more accurately and fluently.

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Time Collocations List:

  • Part-Time
  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Time Tracking Analysis
  • Time Tracking System
  • Nighttime
  • Take Your Time
  • Standard Time
  • Time Tracking Regulation
  • Lead Time
  • International Time
  • Set Up Time
  • Time Consumption
  • Save Time
  • Stall For Time
  • Time Tracking Requirement
  • Processing Time
  • Time Optimization
  • Peak Time
  • Time Tracking Method
  • Free Time
  • Run Out Of Time
  • Time Tracking Standard
  • Prime Time
  • Time Tracking Law
  • Time-Saving Rule
  • Time Saving Method
  • Eastern Standard Time
  • Greenwich Mean Time
  • Time Tracking
  • Snack Time
  • Rush Hour
  • Time Effectiveness
  • Time Tracking Technique
  • Off-Peak Time
  • Time Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Time Stamp
  • Real Time
  • Time Saving Guideline
  • Have A Hard Time
  • Time-Saving Approach
  • Full Time
  • Break Time
  • Downtime
  • Meal Time
  • Lifetime
  • To Tell Time
  • On-Time
  • This/The Same Time Tomorrow
  • Time Tracking Framework
  • Time Saving Law
  • Time Zone
  • Summer Time
  • Short Time
  • Response Time
  • Time-Saving Principle
  • Time Tracking Process
  • Time Saving Policy
  • Time Tracking Procedure
  • Time Saving Process
  • Spare Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Time Allocation
  • Time Utilization
  • Pacific Standard Time
  • Run Time
  • Tea Time
  • Kill Time
  • Time Tracking Rule
  • Turnaround Time
  • Wake-Up Time
  • Long Time
  • Time Saving Requirement
  • Time Tracking Criterion
  • Cycle Time
  • Up Time
  • Time Productivity
  • Time-Saving Regulation
  • Free Time
  • Time Efficiency
  • Take Time Off
  • Waiting Time
  • Pass The Time
  • Bedtime
  • Time Tracking Tool
  • Time Saving Strategy
  • To Keep Time
  • Coffee Time
  • Central Standard Time
  • Winter Time
  • Time Tracking Software
  • Time Distribution
  • Transit Time
  • Time Tracking Approach
  • Have A Great Time
  • Time Tracking App
  • Mountain Standard Time
  • Make Time For
  • Time Management
  • Time Saving
  • Time Tracking Solution
  • Time Tracking Principle
  • Time Saving Standard
  • Time Tracking Policy
  • Precious Time
  • Time Tracking Strategy
  • Time Clock
  • Daytime
  • Time-Saving Procedure
  • Just In Time
  • Time Tracking Report
  • Time Saving Framework
  • Daylight Time
  • Spend Time
  • Time Tracking Guideline
  • Time Saving Technique
  • Leisure Time
  • Set Time
  • Have Time
  • Overtime
  • Waste Time
  • Quality Time

list of collocations of time

Collocations With Time in Example Sentences

  • I have a great time whenever I hang out with my friends.
  • I have a hard time understanding difficult concepts in math.
  • I have time to finish this project by the end of the week.
  • I arrived at the meeting just in time before it started.
  • I like to kill time by reading books or playing games.
  • I enjoy spending my leisure time outdoors, hiking or biking.
  • I always try to make time for my family and friends, no matter how busy I am.
  • The train arrived on time and I was able to catch it.
  • I listened to music to pass the time during my long flight.
  • Time management is important for productivity and efficiency.
  • I use time-tracking apps to keep track of how much time I spend on work tasks.
  • Spending quality time with loved ones is essential for maintaining strong relationships.
  • I need some downtime to relax and recharge after a long day at work.
  • The website has an uptime of 99%, meaning it is rarely down.
  • The response time for customer service was quick and efficient.
  • The turnaround time for the project was two weeks.
  • The processing time for the application was longer than expected.
  • I had a long waiting time at the airport due to a delay.
  • The transit time from my house to the office is about 30 minutes.
  • The lead time for ordering custom furniture is six weeks.
  • The cycle time for manufacturing a product is three days.
  • The run time for the movie was two hours.
  • The set-up time for the event took longer than anticipated.
  • I take a short break time every hour to stretch and rest my eyes.
  • I usually have a sandwich for lunchtime at work.
  • I like to have a cup of tea during tea time in the afternoon.
  • I always have a cup of coffee in the morning during coffee time.
  • I like to have a snack during snack time in the evening.
  • I usually have dinner with my family during mealtime.
  • I go to bed at bedtime every night to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • I wake up at a specific wake-up time every morning to start my day.
  • The peak time for traffic is usually during rush hour.
  • I prefer to travel during the off-peak time to avoid crowds.
  • I like to go for a walk during the daytime to enjoy the sunshine.
  • I usually watch TV at nighttime to wind down before bed.
  • The lifetime of the product is estimated to be five years.
  • I stayed at the beach for a short time before heading back to work.
  • I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.
  • I like to read or write during my spare time when I’m not busy.
  • I prefer to work in real-time to get immediate feedback and results.
  • I work part-time while studying at university.
  • I work full-time as a software developer.
  • I sometimes work overtime to meet project deadlines.
  • The prime time for TV shows is usually in the evening.
  • I always forget to change the clocks during daylight saving time.
  • I enjoy the warm weather during summertime.
  • I prefer the cozy atmosphere during wintertime.

Examples of Collocations with Time and Meanings

Below is the list of collocations with examples and meanings:

– Tell someone the time.

Meaning- Asking someone to tell time

Example Sentence- Can you tell me the time, please?

– Waste time

Meaning- Doing useless things

Example Sentence- He is wasting time since childhood.

– Run Out Of Time

Meaning- Have no more time

Example Sentence- I ran out of time, so I ‘ go to the store.

– Spend time

Meaning- pass your time doing something

Example Sentence- I spent some time in Australia when I was a kid.

– Have time to

Meaning- available to do something.

Example Sentence- He likes to take cricket lessons, but he doesn’t have enough time.

– Have A Hard/Rough Time

Meaning- a difficult period in life.

Example Sentence- He’s been having a hard time with his research paper.

– Free/Spare Time

Meaning- That time when you are free

Example Sentence- In my free time, I enjoy swimming, eating, and cooking.

– It’s about time

Meaning- Finally!

Example Sentence- It’s about time for me to swim.

– On Time

Meaning- Exactly at the right time

Example Sentence- He is always on time.

– Take your time

Meaning- When you have sufficient time

Example Sentence- No need to hurry, we have a lot of time.

– Save time

Meaning- To save time

Example Sentence- I love to shop online because it saves time.

– Run out of time

Meaning- No more time

Example Sentence- Did you run out of time or did you finish your exam?

– Make time for

Meaning- Try to have sometime

Example Sentence- He was very busy but he’ll try to make time for you.

– Bang/dead/right on the time

Meaning- Exactly on time

Example Sentence- Bus left bad on the time.

– Kill time

Meaning- Do something to pass the time

Example Sentence- He got to the station very early, so he had a meal in the small restaurant.

– Just In Time

Meaning- At the perfect time

Example Sentence- Have a seat Robert – you got here just in time for the match.

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