63+ Collocations with Take in English with PDF

List of common Collocations with take in English with PDF. These 63+ plus collocations are very useful collocations. When we have to give a thing to someone or we have to give advice we use these most common & conversational collocations with take.

Collocations with take

List of collocations with Take

Take up space

Take cover

Take lessons

Take pride in

Take it apart

Take a bow

Take my place

Take a holiday

Take drugs

Take medicine

Take a rest

Take a trip

Take a call

Take notes

Take a hike

Take a class

Take a chance

Take place

Take a bite

Take care of

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Take a break

Take notice

Take effect

Take a long time

Take ages

Take a course

Take time

Take a step

Take a decision

Take care

Take a sit

Take part in sth

Take a taxi

Take a bus

Take a plane

Take the bus

Take a photograph

Take a photo

Take heart

Take your time

Take a picture

Take a nap

Take turns

Take a vacation

Take a test

Take advantage

Take a risk

Take it seriously

Take advice

Take a number

Take a shower

Take exercise

Take charge

Take a lesson

Take a seat

Take class

Take a train

Take a message

Take a survey

Take action

Take a bath

Take an exam

Take a look

Take part

List of collocations with take

List of collocations with take pdf

Examples of Collocations with Take

  • Take up space

It will take up a lot of extra space.

  • Take lessons

You should take lessons from the mistakes of your elder brother.

  • Take pride in

We take pride in raising the poor children.

  • Take it apart

The mechanic have to take apart the machine to diagnose the problem.

  • Take a bow

The national cricket team should take a bow for its remarkable success.

  • Take my place

I’m not interested in politics you can take my place. I want to live peacefully.

  • Take a holiday

You are not feeling good you should take a holiday. I will manage work.

  • Take drugs

It is very disgusting act to sell drugs. They should be punished.

  • Take medicine

Kindly, take medicine your health is very upset.

  • Take a rest

You should take a rest, you have completed a long journey.

  • Take a trip

We take a trip to northern hills and enjoyed the beauty of nature.

  • Take notes

I would not mind it, if you take my notes.

  • Take a hike

After 9pm she was behaving awkward and the boss asked her to take a hike.

  • Take a class

You should take your class you have already missed the previous lectures.

  • Take a chance

You have a good potential you should take a chance to improve your abilities.

  • Take place

Nothing take place as was expected.

  • Take a bite

She started to take a bite of her pizza, at once agitated and longing.

  • Take care of

I will take care of her baby, you should not worry about him.

  • Take a break

We should take a break, my brain is burning.

  • Take notice

The Police should take notice of this serious act by the politician.

  • Take a long time

You can take a long time but I need complete details of this paper.

  • Take a course

After paying the fee you can take a course.

  • Take time

Take time according to your desire but I need output.

  • Take a step

You have to take a step to give him a chance to improve this relationship.

  • Take a decision

The government take a decision to punish all the corrupt people.

  • Take care

I am going to office don’t forget to take care of my baby.

  • Take a taxi

Take a taxi and reach immediately. We have to present our project.

  • Take a bus

You can take a bus to go there.

  • Take a plane

We don’t have much time you should take a plane.

  • Take a photograph

I was gloomy when she asked me to take a photograph.

  • Take a photo

They took a photo for their last memory.

  • Take your time

Take your time I need final results with explanation.

  • Take a picture

They take a picture of her finance to show her.

  • Take a nap

They usually take a nap after their meal.

  • Take turns

You should not take turn without watching mirror.

  • Take a vacation

Take a vacation and enjoy the party.

  • Take advantage

You should take advantage of this offer.

  • Take a risk

I have to take a risk to start this new project.

  • Take it seriously

Why are you laughing, Take it seriously!

  • Take a number

Take a number I will tell you the next digit in your mind.

  • Take a shower

She was taking a shower when her husband called her.

  • Take exercise

If you want to live a healthy life you should take exercise.

  • Take charge

Tomorrow, you have to take charge of this post.

  • Take a seat

I can stand, Take a seat please!

  • Take a survey

Take a complete survey to figure out the no. of votes for this person.

  • Take action

Why are you hesitating? Take action!

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