50 Collocations With Come, Come Collocations List

The English language is full of versatile words with multiple uses, and the word ‘come’ is no exception. It is a multi-functional word that can be used in numerous different contexts. In this article, we will explore 50 collocations using the word ‘come’. We will look at examples of how to use each collocation within a sentence. The collocations are organized into an easy-to-follow list for your convenience.

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Come Collocations List:

  • Come home
  • Come back
  • Come around
  • Come across
  • Come up
  • Come in
  • Come out
  • Come down
  • Come together
  • Come apart
  • Come forward
  • Come to
  • Come over
  • Come by
  • Come on
  • Come about
  • Come off
  • Come in handy
  • Come in second
  • Come in first
  • Come in last
  • Come in third
  • Come in fourth
  • Come to mind
  • Come to terms
  • Come to an agreement
  • Come to a decision
  • Come to a conclusion
  • Come to a compromise
  • Come to a realization
  • Come to a resolution
  • Come to a solution
  • Come to a verdict
  • Come to a settlement
  • Come to a truce
  • Come to a ceasefire
  • Come to blows
  • Come to a head
  • Come to a stop
  • Come to a halt
  • Come to a standstill
  • Come to a pause
  • Come to a rest
  • Come to a finish
  • Come to an end
  • Come to a close
  • Come to fruition
  • Come to life
  • Come to light
  • Come to attention

collocations with come

Collocations With Come-in Example Sentences

  • Come into contact
    • We came into contact with diverse cultures.
  • Come to pass
    • Few believed it would come to pass.
  • Come to light
    • New evidence has come to light recently.
  • Come to grips
    • He’s coming to grips with the new role.
  • Come in handy
    • This tool will come in handy later.
  • Come to power
    • The party came to power last election.
  • Come into existence
    • The organization came into existence in 2001.
  • Come to a decision
    • They’ve come to a decision about the house.
  • Come at a price
    • Success often comes at a high price.
  • Come into money
    • She recently came into some money unexpectedly.
  • Come into view
    • Suddenly, the mountain came into view.
  • Come to life
    • The city comes to life at night.
  • Come under fire
    • The plan came under fire from critics.
  • Come to terms
    • They finally came to terms with the loss.
  • Come to mind
    • A solution didn’t come to mind immediately.
  • Come into play
    • Strategy comes into play in this game.
  • Come into force
    • The law will come into force next year.
  • Come to a halt
    • Traffic came to a halt during the storm.
  • Come of age
    • She really came of age as an artist.
  • Come into effect
    • Changes come into effect starting tomorrow.


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