100+ Collocations with Have in English with Examples PDF

100+ Collocations with Have in English with Examples PDF.  These collocations are commonly used in our daily use conversation. These 100 plus common collocations with have in English are very useful. We use these collocations when we to tell about any action that we want to perform, or you have completed some work and other such uses.

Collocations in English

What are collocations? Collocations is the groups of two or more words that are used together usually. For example have a goal, have food, have sex, have a message. All of these are collocations these collocations are used together most probably.

100+ Collocations with Have in English with PDF

Have success

Have a workout

Have a bad fall

Have work

Have a goal

Have a dream

Have trouble

Have faith

Have food

Have soul

Have an appointment with

Have a massage

Have a wish

Have an energy bar

Have a snack

Have an argument

Have a feeling

Have an event

Have sympathy

Have a smell

Have no education

Have a bite

Have a haircut

Have difficulty

Have a taste

Have a safe journey

Have a bad temper

Have a game

Have an interview

Have fun/a good time

Have room

Have a touch

Have a look

Have a word

Have a holiday

Have self-esteem

Have a shave

Have a cup of tea/ coffee

Have a break

Have a sandwich

Have a business trip

Have an excuse

Have a day off

Have a laugh

Have a wash

Have a limp

Have a drink

Have a good/nice/etc day!

Have a problem

Have a plan

Have lunch

Have a scrub

Have a headache

Have a snooze

Have a try

Have a fight

Have an effect (on)

Have fun

Have a talk

Have a snack

Have a birthday

Have a glass of wine

Have an ice-cream

Have the chance (to)

Have a rest

Have an exam

Have an idea

Have a moment

Have a confrontation

Have a bab

Have a temperature

Have no fear

Have a shower

Have a chat

Have a party/concert

Have a lesson

Have a jacuzzi

Have a decision

Have a nap

Have a bath

Have a cold

Have a discussion

Have a stroke

Have an accident

Have a coffee

Have a hard time

Have breakfast/lunch/dinner

Have a right

Have time

Have something to eat

Have a drill

Have a lecture

Have a swim

Have a lisp

Have some sugar/ milk

Have a ride

Have a salad

Have a fit

Have a party

Have a doubt

Have a lie down

Have a night mare

Have a conversation

Have an opportunity

Have a run

Have a busy day

Have a quarrel

Have a dance

Have a walk

Have skills

Have access (to)

Have a meal

Have a competition

Have an experience

Have sex

Have a career/a goal

Have a good time

Have a backache

Have a relationship

Have a stretch

Have a conversation/chat

Have a listen

Have a dispute

Have a think

Have a meeting

Have a sweet

Have a great weekend

Have patience

Have a go

Have a chance

Have a passion for

Have a jog

common collocations with have in english

common collocations with have in english List of have collocations

Examples of Collocations with Have List

  • Have success

After completing this project you will have Success.

  • Have a workout

I will have a 20 minutes workout.

  • Have a bad fall

Aleena had a bad fall from horse.

  • Have work

I have work to finish before this morning.

  • Have a goal

If you want to be a successful person you must have a goal.

  • Have a dream

He have a dream to be a socialist.

  • Have trouble

I have trouble to go there.

  • Have faith

Muslims have faith in Allah.

  • Have a massage

I have a message for you father.

  • Have a wish

I have a wish to be CEO of this institute.

  • Have a snack

The child have a snack and he is enjoying.

  • Have an argument

I have an argument with your teacher.

  • Have a feeling

I have a feeling that it would not work.

  • Have an event

They have an event of her anniversary.

  • Have sympathy

I have sympathy for the poor.

Common Collocations with Have

  • Have a smell

They have a smell due to old clothes.

  • Have no education

Hey! You have no education.

  • Have a bite

You can have a bite from this pretty girl.

  • Have a haircut

You have a haircut.

  • Have difficulty

I have difficulty to reach there.

  • Have a taste

I have a taste of playing big plays.

  • Have a bad temper

Don’t indulge with his mother she have a bad temper.

  • Have a game

We should have a game if we want to be healthy.

  • Have a look

Can I have a look at your result card?

  • Have a holiday

She want to have a holiday with her husband.

  • Have a shave

Her husband have a shave after this work.

  • Have a break

Let’s have a break after completing this task.

  • Have a sandwich

We have a sandwitch to eat.

  • Have a business trip

Let’s have a business trip after achieving success in this project.

  • Have an excuse

I have an excuse of lying.

  • Have a day off

I have a day off due to fever.

  • Have a laugh

We have a laugh because they refused to give us permission.

  • Have a limp

I have a limp from my service.

  • Have a drink

She would like to have a drink.

  • Have a problem

You have a problem with this little girl.

  • Have a plan

I have a plan for your project.

  • Have lunch

I will have lunch with boss.

  • Have a headache

She is not going to club as she have a headache.

  • Have a fight

I you are not agree, Let’s have a fight.

  • Have a birthday

You have a birthday.

  • Have a glass of wine

She is nervous to go there as they have a glass of vine.

  • Have an exam

All of them have exam this morning.

  • Have an idea

Do you have an idea?

  • Have a moment

They have a moment to express their feelings.

  • Have a confrontation

Their school have a confrontation between the guards and students.

  • Have a temperature

My girlfriend has a temperature.

  • Have no fear

These people have no fear of war.

  • Have a shower

I should have a shower.

  • Have a chat

I will have a chat with my girlfriend about our marriage.

  • Have a party/concert

I have a party this night.

  • Have a lesson

I have a lesson tomorrow.

  • Have a decision

I have a decision to work tonight.

  • Have a bath

Kindly have a bath to go outside.

  • Have a cold

Ali has a cold that is why he is rude.

  • Have a discussion

They must have a discussion to solve this puzzle.

  • Have an accident

The last year I have an accident at this place.

  • Have a coffee

I think we should have a coffee.

  • Have a hard time

Her parents have a hard time to find a boy for her.

  • Have a right

They have a right time to do this job.

  • Have time

I have time to stable myself.

  • Have something to eat

Do you have something to eat?

  • Have a drill

They have a drill to satisfy customers.

  • Have a lecture

Let me go I have a lecture.

  • Have a lisp

If she have a lisp don’t tease her.

  • Have a fit

Your wife will have a fit if she finds out about this matter.

  • Have a doubt

I have a doubt about the nature of this work.

  • Have a lie down

I will have a lie down after this work.

  • Have a busy day

I have a busy day due to new office work.

  • Have a quarrel

I have a quarrel with her brother.

  • Have a dance

Let’s have a dance and forget all the thing.

  • Have a meal

I have a meal with my girlfriend.

  • Have a competition

There must have a friendly competition at school.

  • Have an experience

I have an experience of two years in automobiles.

  • Have sex

I want to have sex with that person.

  • Have a career

After working day and night you will have a successful career.

  • Have a good time

You have a good time to make your space in National Cricket Team.

  • Have a backache

She have a backache, so she will not go there.

  • Have a conversation/chat

I will have a conversation about this matter.

  • Have a listen

Thank God, She tells me to have a listen.

  • Have a dispute

We have a dispute with him if he would not listen to us.

  • Have a meeting

They have a meeting with clients but not reaced.

  • Have a great weekend

We will have a great weekend as there is no work load anymore.

  • Have patience

She has patience but she can’t afford its price.

  • Have a go

Can we have a go on your piano?

  • Have a chance

You have a chance to prove your abilities.

  • Have a jog

We should have a jog this morning.

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