50 Collocations With Make, Make Collocations List

Collocations With Make, Make Collocations List! The English language is full of collocations—words that naturally go together. Today, we’ll be looking at 50 collocations with the verb “make”. This collocation list will cover a range of uses for the verb in different contexts. From business to everyday life, make is a versatile verb that can be used to talk about creating, achieving, or causing something.

collocations with make

Make Collocations List:

  • Make a decision
  • Make a choice
  • Make a plan
  • Make a strategy
  • Make a list
  • Make a schedule
  • Make a budget
  • Make a forecast
  • Make a prediction
  • Make an estimate
  • Make an assessment
  • Make a calculation
  • Make a measurement
  • Make a comparison
  • Make a contrast
  • Make a connection
  • Make a relationship
  • Make a difference
  • Make an impact
  • Make a contribution
  • Make an investment
  • Make a profit
  • Make a loss
  • Make a sale
  • Make a deal
  • Make an offer
  • Make a suggestion
  • Make a recommendation
  • Make a proposal
  • Make a request
  • Make a demand
  • Make an appeal
  • Make an argument
  • Make a case
  • Make a statement
  • Make a claim
  • Make a promise
  • Make a commitment
  • Make a guarantee
  • Make a reservation
  • Make a booking
  • Make a call
  • Make an appointment
  • Make a visit
  • Make a delivery
  • Make a shipment
  • Make a product
  • Make a service
  • Make a meal
  • Make a recipe

Collocations With Make in Example Sentences

  • I need to make a decision about which college to attend.
  • She had to make a choice between two job offers.
  • Let’s make a plan for our weekend trip.
  • We need to make a strategy for our business to succeed.
  • I need to make a list of all the items I need to buy at the grocery store.
  • I have to make a schedule for my appointments this week.
  • We must make a budget for our household expenses.
  • The meteorologist is trying to make a forecast for next week’s weather.
  • I’m going to make a prediction about who will win the game tonight.
  • He had to make an estimate of how much the repair would cost.
  • The teacher needs to make an assessment of her students’ progress.
  • I need to make a calculation to determine the total cost.
  • The engineer has to make a measurement to ensure accuracy.
  • Let’s make a comparison of the prices of different products.
  • We can make a contrast between the two paintings.
  • We need to make a connection between the two ideas.
  • I want to make a relationship with my new coworkers.
  • Your contribution can make a difference in someone’s life.
  • The charity hopes to make an impact on the community.
  • He wants to make a contribution to the company’s success.
  • We should make an investment in stocks for our retirement.
  • The business made a profit this year.
  • The store hopes to make a sale during its clearance event.
  • The real estate agent was able to make a deal with the buyer.
  • She made an offer to sell her car to her friend.
  • I want to make a suggestion for our project.
  • The doctor made a recommendation for a new treatment.
  • The government made a proposal to increase taxes.
  • Can you make a request for a day off next week?
  • He made a demand for a refund for his defective product.
  • The nonprofit made an appeal for donations.
  • The lawyer had to make an argument in court.
  • The detective needed to make a case against the suspect.
  • He made a statement about his opinion on the matter.
  • She made a claim that the product was faulty.
  • I made a promise to be on time for the meeting.
  • He made a commitment to finish the project on time.
  • The company made a guarantee for their product’s quality.
  • I need to make a reservation for a table at the restaurant.
  • We should make a booking for our hotel room before it fills up.
  • I need to make a call to my friend to catch up.
  • I have to make an appointment with my dentist for a checkup.
  • I want to make a visit to my grandparents this weekend.
  • The courier needs to make a delivery to the customer.
  • The company needs to make a shipment of their products to the warehouse.
  • I want to make a product that will help people.
  • The company wants to make a service that will benefit its customers.
  • I’m going to make a meal for my family tonight.


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