Friend Synonyms in English



  • Friend is a Noun.
  • A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.


  • acquaintance
  • ally
  • ally
  • alter ego
  • amigo
  • amigo
  • angel
  • associate
  • great friend
  • associate
  • backer
  • benefactor
  • benefactress
  • best friend
  • bestie
  • betty
  • BFF (best friends forever)
  • boon companion
  • bosom buddy
  • bosom friend
  • bosom pal
  • braver
  • bro
  • brother
  • brother from another mother
  • brut
  • bud
  • buddy
  • buzzier
  • champion
  • china
  • chum
  • classmate
  • close friend
  • compadre
  • companion
  • compeer
  • comrade
  • comrade
  • confidant
  • confidante
  • crony
  • cully
  • defender
  • familiar
  • fellow
  • fidus aches
  • flatmate
  • friends
  • gabby
  • homeboy
  • homegirl
  • homie
  • intimate
  • main man
  • marred
  • marri
  • marrow
  • mate (British)
  • mucker
  • offsider
  • oppo
  • paean
  • pal
  • pally
  • partner
  • patron
  • playfellow
  • playmate
  • roommate
  • schoolmate
  • second self
  • shadow
  • sidekick
  • sister
  • sister from another mister
  • soul mate
  • spar
  • sponsor
  • supporter
  • teammate
  • well-wisher
  • workmate


  • Workmate

He had a set-to with one of his workmates.

  • well-wisher

She thanked wellwishers who raised 25,000.

  • Teammate

They have been teammates for several years.

  • Supporter

When Pippin died, Willibrord found a supporter in his son Charles Martel.

  • Sponsor

He agreed to be my sponsor so that I could join the club.

  • Spar

Dusty offered. Jule’s throat tightened as he listened to the two of them spar verbally.

  • Soul mate

She was my best friend and my soulmate, but I couldn’t understand her, and I couldn’t understand my feelings for her.

  • Sister from another mister

I call her “my sister from another mister” because I’ve never had a sister and Emma is like one to me.

  • Sister

She had to take care of her sister.

  • Sidekick

I’ve been his sidekick for long enough – it’s time I found myself something better to do.

  • Shadow

The shadow made her long legs look short.

  • Second self

He is my best friend, my second self, as it were.

  • Schoolmate

When his schoolmate made the last goal, the boy gave out with an untrammeled yell.

  • Roommate

Do you have a roommate already?

  • Playmate

She was my playmate and best friend.

  • Playfellow

The lady said the two children were playfellows,

  • Patron

In 1880 he was declared patron of all Roman Catholic educational establishments.

  • Partner

I bumped into my former partner at the party.

  • Pally

Try labels Rachel Pally and T-Bags for outstanding selections.

  • Pal

Look, pal, I don’t want you hanging around.

  • Paisan

Harriet met her director Roberto Rossellini and ” Paisan “‘s dialogue coach Federico Fellini.

  • Oppo

His reclusive style contrasted sharply with the flamboyance of his oppo at BP

  • Offsider

I had to find some accommodation for myself, somewhere to contain my bullocks and horses, employ an offside, and obtain some cartage contracts.

  • Mucker

Her voice had an edge of bitterness; she hadn’t liked coming to a mucker, nor yet being told she couldn’t get through exams.

  • Mate (British)

Carmen had been his soul mate for a long time. A human mate and so soon after he’s taken command.

  • Marrow

The “Marrow men” were marked by the zeal of their service and the effect of their preaching.

  • main man

The little man shook his bald head.

  • intimate

This new method was like being intimate with a stranger.

  • Homie

Then cackled the dowries homie‘s serving homies that ministered up to her, There is nighter done for her.

  • Homegirl

She was happy to be back home with her homegirls.

  • Homeboy

He was happy to be back home with his homeboys.

  • Friends

We are just friends.

  • Flatmate

My flatmate said she’d send on all my post

  • fidus Achates

You see, but you do not observe,’ he tells his dull fidus Achates

  • Fellow

His fellow worker promised to dig around and telephone back.

  • Familiar

His gaze wandered over her face in that familiar way.

  • Defender

He was a vehement defender of Mary Stuart.

  • Cully

Will you forgive me, my dear Cully.

  • Crony

But the problem lies deeper than mere crony capitalism. crony capitalism.

  • Confidante

His confidante and intimate adviser in all his political plans

  • Confidant

In London, he became Pip’s intimate confidant. Vorontsov, the empress’s confidant,

  • Comrade

Before long Boris, Berg’s old comrade arrived.

  • Compeer

He was, without compeer, the greatest pastoral lyrist of Denmark.

  • Companion

She gave her companion an angry glance.

  • Compadre

He was a compadre, almost like family.

  • Close friend

He had many acquaintances but few close friends.

  • Classmate

She married her classmate.

  • Chum

I assumed my childhood chum was disappointed in me alone.

  • Champion

He was Queen Catherine’s confessor and her only champion and advocate.

The butty that we are discussing is straightforward.

  • Buddy

He’s not my buddy,” answered Dean.

  • Bud

Many serious illnesses can be nipped in the bud if they are detected early enough.

  • Brother from another mother

King described Robins as “my brother from another mother“, saying that they had always helped one another.

  • Brother

She introduced me to her brother.

  • Bro

Bro, come visit soon.

  • bosom pal

He waved like an imbecile as if he and I were both long lost bosom pals.

  • bosom friend

In Carrie, she found a bosom friend and a warm-hearted, though not always quick-witted, companion.

  • bosom buddy

In Carrie, she found a bosom friend and a warm-hearted, though not always quick-witted, companion.

  • boon companion

He and Maria named their eldest son John Walker, after his boon companion.

  • BFF (best friends forever)

She shared with BFF Conrad to live with her boyfriend, Pratt.

  • Bezzie

Don’t tell anyone, not even your bezzie.

  • Bestie

David was the hottest boy in my class and had begun talking to my then bestie, Natalie.

  • best friend

good book is a best friend who never turns his back upon us.

  • benefactress

It’s difficult to see benefactress in a sentence.

  • benefactor

He founded the University of Jena and was a benefactor to that of Leipzig.

  • Backer

The band was financed by a mystery backer.

  • Associate

I no longer wish to be associated with people like him.

  • Angel

The baby angel gave a small smile that filled her with relief.

  • Amigo

Is it all right if I bring my amigo Ben to the party?

  • alter ego

Yes, Bruce is supposed to be a cool, calm, and collected businessman, but his stoic nature takes him out of the realm of human reality and drawing the line between him and his alterego becomes a very difficult task.

  • Ally

You’re my only true ally of any influence with the Council.

  • Acquaintance

He had an acquaintance with the literature.



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