150+ Other words for Friend, Synonyms for Friend

Whether you have a best friend, casual companions, or close confidants, we all rely on friends to share our joys and provide comfort in hard times. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to express how much these relationships mean to us.

If you’re looking for other ways to describe your favorite people than ‘friend’–from cool synonyms of “friend” to unique phrases with deeper meaning, this blog post offers an array of compelling ideas that will help you show them they are truly irreplaceable!

Meaning of friend: A friend is someone who cares deeply about you, supports you in difficult times, and cheers you on during successes. A friend knows the real you and accepts all of your flaws; they don’t judge or criticize.

Synonyms For Friends

Here are the synonyms for best, close and old friends;

1- Bosom buddy

2- Soul mate

3- Buddy

4- Sidekick

5- Colleague

6- Companion

7- Mate

8- Partner

9- Well-wisher

10- Pal

11- Chum

12- Cohort

13- Compatriot

14- Comrade

15- Crony

16- Intimate

17- Cousin

18- Playmate

19- Schoolmate

20- Spare

Other Words for Friends

  1. Angel
  2. Great friend
  3. Benefactor
  4. Benefactress
  5. Betty
  6. Braver
  7. Brother from another mother
  8. Brut
  9. Buzzier
  10. Champion
  11. Defender
  12. Fidus aches
  13. Gabby
  14. Marred
  15. Marri
  16. Paean
  17. Patron
  18. Sponsor
  19. Supporter
  20. Backer
  21. Bestie
  22. Bud
  23. Fellow
  24. Flatmate
  25. Friends
  26. Pally
  27. Sister from another mister
  28. Teammate
  29. Boon companion
  30. Bosom friend
  31. Best friend
  32. Close friend
  33. Confidante
  34. Confidant
  35. Second self
  36. Shadow
  37. Playfellow
  38. Sister
  39. Brother
  40. Bosom pal
  41. Spar
  42. Cully
  43. Main man
  44. Bezzie
  45. Oppo
  46. China
  47. Mucker
  48. Butty
  49. Bruvver
  50. Bruv
  51. Marrow
  52. Marrer
  53. Marra
  54. Amigo
  55. Compadre
  56. Paisan
  57. Homie
  58. Bro
  59. Homeboy
  60. Homegirl
  61. Gabba
  62. Offsider
  63. Compeer
  64. Fidus achates
  65. Acquaintance
  66. Ally
  67. Associate
  68. Buddy
  69. Classmate
  70. Colleague
  71. Companion
  72. Cousin
  73. Partner
  74. Roommate
  75. Chum
  76. Cohort
  77. Compatriot
  78. Comrade
  79. Consort
  80. Crony
  81. Familiar
  82. Intimate
  83. Mate
  84. Pal
  85. Playmate
  86. Schoolmate
  87. Sidekick
  88. Spare
  89. Well-wisher
  90. Alter ego
  91. Bosom buddy
  92. Soul mate
  93. Workmate

Another word For Friend With Example Sentences

  1. Oppo: My friend is my oppo.
  2. Great friend: My bestie is a great friend.
  3. Bosom friend: She is my bosom friend.
  4. Helper: My helper is always there for me.
  5. Gabba: She is my gabba.
  6. Backer: She is my backer.
  7. Humanitarian: You are a true humanitarian.
  8. Guardian: You have been my guardian and protector.
  9. Unit: We are a unit and stronger together.
  10. Defender: My friend is a great defender.
  11. Sage: My sage has always given me wise counsel.
  12. Benefactor: She has been a great benefactor to me.
  13. Kith: You are one of my closest kith.
  14. Acquaintance: He is my acquaintance and friend.
  15. Fellowship: Our fellowship is important to me.
  16. Wingman: You are my wingman.
  17. Bosom pal: She is my bosom pal.
  18. Champion: You are my champion and my support.
  19. Soul sister: You are my soul sister.
  20. China: He is my china.
  21. Flatmate: My flatmate is my friend.
  22. Main man: He is my main man and friend.
  23. Braver: My friend is a braver.
  24. Boon companion: He is my boon companion.
  25. Confidante: He is my confidante.
  26. Friends: We are friends.
  27. Bestie: My bestie is my friend.
  28. Circle: You are a part of my inner circle.
  29. Confidant: My friend is my confidant.
  30. Champion: She is my champion.
  31. Compeer: She is my compeer.
  32. Marri: Marri is my friend.
  33. Pally: We are pally.
  34. Mentor: My mentor has always guided me.
  35. Paean: My friend is my paean.
  36. Bro: He is my bro.
  37. Supporter: He is my supporter.
  38. Fellow: My fellow is my friend.
  39. Spar: He is my friend and spar.
  40. Marra: She is my marra.
  41. Homeboy: He is my homeboy.
  42. Therapist: You have been my friend and therapist.
  43. Butty: He is my butty and friend.
  44. Gabby: Gabby is my friend.
  45. Bud: My bud is my friend.
  46. Guide: You are my guide and mentor.
  47. Betty: Betty is my friend.
  48. Marrow: She is my marrow.
  49. Sister: She is my sister and friend.
  50. Well-wisher: You are a true well-wisher.
  51. Neighbor: My neighbor is a good friend.
  52. Support system: You are my support system.
  53. Mucker: He is my mucker.
  54. Coach: You have been my coach and guide.
  55. Playfellow: He is my playfellow.
  56. Best friend: My best friend is my everything.
  57. Teammate: My friend is my teammate.
  58. Compadre: He is my compadre.
  59. Close friend: She is my close friend.
  60. Advocate: You have always been my advocate.
  61. Mediator: You have been my mediator in tough times.
  62. Team player: You are a great team player.
  63. Bezzie: She is my bezzie.
  64. Paisan: She is my paisan.
  65. Brut: Brut is my buddy.
  66. Brother: He is my brother and friend.
  67. Homegirl: She is my homegirl.
  68. Trustee: You are a trusted trustee.
  69. Patron: She is my patron.
  70. Partner in crime: You are my partner in crime.
  71. Connection: Our connection is strong.
  72. Second self: She is my second self.
  73. Fidus achates: He is my fidus achates.
  74. Partner in life: You are my partner in life.
  75. Sponsor: My friend is my sponsor.
  76. Companionship: I value our companionship.
  77. Ally: She is my ally
  78. Fidus aches: He is my fidus aches.
  79. Bruvver: My friend is my bruvver.
  80. Inspiration: You are an inspiration to me.
  81. Twin soul: You are my twin soul.
  82. Motivator: You are always motivating me.
  83. Marred: Marred is my pal.
  84. Amigo: My amigo is my friend.
  85. Marrer: He is my marrer.
  86. Bruv: He is my bruv.
  87. Angel: My friend is an angel.
  88. Buzzier: My friend is a lot buzzier.
  89. Benefactress: She’s my friend and a benefactress.
  90. Offsider: He is my offsider.
  91. Shadow: My friend is my shadow.
  92. Cully: He is my cully.
  93. Homie: He is my homie.

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friend synonyms

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