50 Collocations With Pay, Pay Collocations List

Collocations With Pay, Pay Collocations List! Learning a language can be hard, but collocations can make it easier. Collocations are phrases or groups of words that are often used together in a particular language. In English, we have many collocations that involve the word “pay”. This article will cover 50 of the most common “pay” collocations and provide examples so you can learn how to use them correctly.

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Pay Collocations List:

  • Pay a bill
  • Pay rent
  • Pay a mortgage
  • Pay a loan
  • Pay a debt
  • Pay taxes
  • Pay a fine
  • Pay a fee
  • Pay a tuition
  • Pay a salary
  • Pay wages
  • Pay a bonus
  • Pay a commission
  • Pay a tip
  • Pay a gratuity
  • Pay a donation
  • Pay a contribution
  • Pay a subscription
  • Pay a membership
  • Pay a deposit
  • Pay an invoice
  • Pay an expense
  • Pay a cost
  • Pay a price
  • Pay a rate
  • Pay a fare
  • Pay a toll
  • Pay a parking ticket
  • Pay a speeding ticket
  • Pay a court fine
  • Pay a settlement
  • Pay a compensation
  • Pay a claim
  • Pay a liability
  • Pay a dividend
  • Pay a royalty
  • Pay a licensing fee
  • Pay a copyright fee
  • Pay a patent fee
  • Pay a trademark fee
  • Pay a lawyer
  • Pay a consultant
  • Pay an accountant
  • Pay a contractor
  • Pay a supplier
  • Pay a vendor
  • Pay an employee
  • Pay a subcontractor
  • Pay a partner
  • Pay a shareholder

collocations with pay

Collocations With Pay in Example Sentences

  • I need to pay a bill before the due date.
  • I have to pay rent every month to my landlord.
  • She is struggling to pay a mortgage on her own.
  • He took out a loan and now he needs to pay the loan back with interest.
  • I need to pay a debt to my friend for the money she lent me.
  • I have to pay taxes to the government by April 15th.
  • He got a speeding ticket and had to pay a fine.
  • I had to pay a fee to apply for the job.
  • She has to pay tuition for her college classes.
  • I will pay a salary to my new employee on the 1st of the month.
  • I paid wages to my employees for their work.
  • He got a promotion and received a pay bonus.
  • The sales representative will pay a commission to the agent who made the sale.
  • I need to pay a tip to the waiter for his service.
  • I want to pay a donation to my favorite charity organization.
  • We all need to pay a contribution to make this project successful.
  • He needs to pay a subscription to access the premium content.
  • She became a member and now she has to pay a membership
  • I had to pay a deposit to book the hotel room.
  • He had a business trip and needs to pay an expense
  • I have to pay the cost of the repairs to my car.
  • She wants to pay the price and get in shape.
  • He got a new job and is excited about his pay rate.
  • She had to pay a fare to take the bus to work.
  • I had to pay a toll to use the highway.
  • He got a parking ticket and had to pay a fine.
  • She got pulled over for speeding and had to pay a speeding ticket.
  • He was charged with a crime and had to pay a court fine.
  • He has a liability and needs to pay for the damages.
  • He had to pay a licensing fee to use the software.
  • She needed to pay a copyright fee to use the music in her video.
  • He had to pay a patent fee to register his invention.
  • She had to pay a trademark fee to register her brand.
  • He had to pay a lawyer for legal advice.
  • He needs to pay an accountant to do his taxes.
  • She has to pay a vendor for the products she purchased.
  • I had to pay an employee for their work.


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