50 Collocations With Save, Save Collocations List

Having the right vocabulary can help improve your writing and speaking skills. To make sure you’re using the best words, it’s important to learn some of the most common collocations. This article will provide a list of 50 collocations that use ‘save’ so that you can get the most out of your English. With this list, you will be able to express yourself in a more sophisticated way and sound more like a native speaker.

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Save Collocations List:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Save energy
  • Save resources
  • Save the environment
  • Save the planet
  • Save a life
  • Save a soul
  • Save a relationship
  • Save a friendship
  • Save a marriage
  • Save a family
  • Save a community
  • Save a country
  • Save a nation
  • Save a culture
  • Save a heritage
  • Save a language
  • Save a tradition
  • Save a custom
  • Save a belief
  • Save a value
  • Save a principle
  • Save a rule
  • Save a law
  • Save a regulation
  • Save a standard
  • Save a guideline
  • Save a policy
  • Save a procedure
  • Save a system
  • Save a process
  • Save a method
  • Save a strategy
  • Save a plan
  • Save a tactic
  • Save a schedule
  • Save a deadline
  • Save a commitment
  • Save a promise
  • Save a goal
  • Save a dream
  • Save a vision
  • Save a mission
  • Save a purpose
  • Save a talent
  • Save a skill
  • Save a job
  • Save a career
  • Save a business
  • Save a project

collocations with save

Collocations With Save in Example Sentences

  • Save money to achieve financial stability.
  • Save time with efficient methods.
  • Save energy to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Save resources with recycling and renewables.
  • Save the environment for life preservation.
  • Save a life by donating blood.
  • Save a soul by helping others.
  • Save a relationship with effective communication.
  • Save a friendship with trust and honesty.
  • Save a marriage with love and commitment.
  • Save a family with support and understanding.
  • Save a community with unity and cooperation.
  • Save a country with patriotism and dedication.
  • Save a nation with progress and development.
  • Save a culture by preserving traditions.
  • Save a heritage by protecting historical sites.
  • Save a language by teaching and learning.
  • Save a tradition by passing it on.
  • Save a custom by respecting cultural differences.
  • Save a belief by upholding personal values.
  • Save a principle by standing up for what’s right.
  • Save a rule by following guidelines.
  • Save a law by obeying the legislation.
  • Save a regulation by complying with standards.
  • Save a standard by meeting expectations.
  • Save a guideline by adhering to instructions.
  • Save a policy by implementing procedures.
  • Save a procedure by simplifying processes.
  • Save a system by optimizing operations.
  • Save a process by eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Save a method by finding better ways to do things.
  • Save a strategy by planning ahead.
  • Save a plan by setting goals.
  • Save a tactic by executing plans effectively.
  • Save a schedule by managing time wisely.
  • Save a deadline by meeting project timelines.
  • Save a commitment by fulfilling promises.
  • Save a promise by keeping your word.
  • Save a goal by striving for success.
  • Save a dream by pursuing aspirations.
  • Save a vision by having a clear direction.
  • Save a mission by fulfilling objectives.
  • Save a purpose by living a meaningful life.
  • Save a talent by honing your skills.
  • Save a skill by constantly learning.
  • Save a job by being productive.
  • Save a career by achieving success.
  • Save a business by increasing profitability.
  • Save a project by completing tasks efficiently.

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