50 Collocations With Keep, Keep Collocations List

Collocations With Keep, Keep Collocations List! Keep is an action word that implies doing what is promised. It can be used in many different contexts, from growing a business to growing your own vegetables. In this article, we’ll explore 50 of the most common collocations with keep – words that are often used together with grow to create meaningful phrases.

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Keep Collocations List:

  • Keep a promise
  • Keep a secret
  • Keep a diary
  • Keep a journal
  • Keep a log
  • Keep a record
  • Keep a schedule
  • Keep a routine
  • Keep a habit
  • Keep a tradition
  • Keep a custom
  • Keep a belief
  • Keep a value
  • Keep a principle
  • Keep a rule
  • Keep a law
  • Keep a regulation
  • Keep a standard
  • Keep a guideline
  • Keep a policy
  • Keep a procedure
  • Keep a system
  • Keep a process
  • Keep a method
  • Keep a strategy
  • Keep a plan
  • Keep a tactic
  • Keep a timeline
  • Keep a deadline
  • Keep a commitment
  • Keep a relationship
  • Keep a friendship
  • Keep a partnership
  • Keep a marriage
  • Keep a family
  • Keep a team
  • Keep a staff
  • Keep a workforce
  • Keep a company
  • Keep a business
  • Keep a reputation
  • Keep a brand
  • Keep a product
  • Keep a service
  • Keep a quality
  • Keep a performance
  • Keep a score
  • Keep a balance

Collocations With Keep Copy

Collocations With Keep in Example Sentences

  • I will keep a promise to return the book to the library.
  • I will keep a secret about my friend’s surprise party.
  • I like to keep a diary to reflect on my day.
  • I will keep a journal to track my progress.
  • I need to keep a log of my expenses for tax purposes.
  • The doctor will keep a record of my medical history.
  • I will keep a schedule to stay organized.
  • I need to keep a routine to stay productive.
  • I want to keep a habit of daily exercise.
  • We should keep a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with family.
  • I love to keep a custom of baking holiday cookies.
  • I need to keep a rule to follow the speed limit while driving.
  • I have to keep a law to pay my taxes on time.
  • The company will keep regulations to ensure safety in the workplace.
  • We need to keep a standard of quality for our products.
  • I need to keep a procedure to assemble the furniture correctly.
  • I will keep a strategy to win the game.
  • I need to keep a plan to achieve my goals.
  • I need to keep a deadline to submit the report on time.
  • I will keep a commitment to volunteer at the shelter.
  • I want to keep a relationship with my best friend.
  • I will keep a marriage strong with love and communication.
  • The team will keep a team spirit to win the game.
  • The manager will keep a staff of trained employees.
  • The company will keep a workforce of skilled workers.
  • The company will keep a company culture of teamwork.
  • The business will keep a business plan to succeed.
  • The company wants to keep a reputation for excellent customer service.
  • The brand will keep a brand image of quality and reliability.
  • The product will keep a product design of functionality and style.
  • The service will keep a service of satisfaction and reliability.
  • The company will keep a quality standard for its products.
  • The athlete wants to keep a performance record of excellence.
  • The team will keep a score of the game.
  • I need to keep a balance between work and life.


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