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Collocations with get in English with examples. Here is the list of 58+ collocations with get with examples. You can use these collocations in your daily routine sentences. We use these collocations (Get drunk, Get a job, Get a ticket, Get a clue, Get a/the right, Get changed) in our conversation.

Collocations with Get

List of Common Collocations with Get

Get stuck (in a traffic jam)

Get a splitting headache

Get together

Get a letter

Get home

Get tired

Get upsed

Get a right

Get a dark

Get the message

Get a shock

Haveget ready for

Get into trouble

Get a joke

Get upset

Get the ticket (buy)

Get wet

Get lost

Get a letter (receive)

Get dressed

Get stuck

Get started

Get angry

Get divorced

Get to sleep

Get married

Get pregnant

Get a tan

Get nowhere

Get a cold

Get one’s hair cut

Get frightened

Get permission

Get sleep

Get dressed/ undressed

Get drunk

Get a job

Get a ticket

Get a clue

Get a/the right

Get changed

Get changed (change clothes)

Get cool

Get good/top/bad marks

Get worried

Get ready for

Get old

Get the impression

Get hungry

Get a chance

Get out of breath

Get hot(ter)

Get home (arrive)

Get a call

Get dark

Get a degree

Get good

Get fired

Get a degree/ a diploma

collocations with get pdf

list of common collocations with get

Examples of Collocations with Get

  • Get stuck

She was entering in the mud bravely but get stuck in it.

  • Get a splitting headache

She had a terrible headache and she is unable to move her arms or body.

  • Get together

We should have a get together of school friends this week.

  • Get a letter

She will get a letter of her husband.

  • Get home

I will get home as soon as I can after this meeting.

  • Get tired

Aleena was working hard since morning and now she get tired.

  • Get upset

Due to his rude behavior his father gets upset.

  • Get the message

You can get the message of your old address by contacting them.

  • Get a shock

You will get a shock if you come to know about his evil deeds.

  • Get ready for

She have to get ready for his husband before this evening.

  • Get into trouble

You didn’t listen to my words, now you must get in trouble.

  • Get a joke

He is very sharp and can get a joke within minutes.

  • Get the ticket

You will get the ticket before reaching there.

  • Get wet

She was worried that it will get wet this night.

  • Get lost

Why are you wasting my time in this useless task? Get lost!

  • Get dressed

We have to join a party get dressed as soon as you can.

  • Get stuck

He was working on software but get stuck in it.

  • Get started

You have to send your resume there and you will get started invitations.

  • Get angry

I get angry on her for nothing. Now, I have to apologize her.

  • Get divorced

With this behavior with my parents, you will get divorced soon.

  • Get to sleep

Both of them were completing their presentation and got sleep after 2 am.

  • Get married

I should get married, now I’m 22.

  • Get pregnant

I would not get pregnant, I have to focus on my career.

  • Get a cold

You will get a cold if you stay outside.

  • Get frightened

Due to her terrifying reaction I got frightened.

  • Get permission

You can get permission from you parents to go with us.

  • Get sleep

I will get sleep, I can’t compromise with my health.

  • Get undressed

She asked her baby to get undressed.

  • Get drunk

After his 4th failure he get drunk and lost his senses.

  • Get a job

You will not get a job without any experience.

  • Get a ticket

You should get a ticket and enjoy your weekend with your wife.

  • Get a clue

I got a clue and soon will catch the murderer.

  • Get changed

You are smelling, you need to get changed.

  • Get cool

Why are you taking it so serious? Get cool and solve this matter.

  • Get good marks

You will get good marks if you work hard day and night with this passion.

  • Get worried

She got worried as she heard the news of his accident.

  • Get ready for

She was getting ready but he refused to take her with him.

  • Get old

He have a bundle of antiques that will get old in few days.

  • Get hungry

When she gets hungry, she eats a lot.

  • Get a chance

If you got a chance to visit her city. What will be your reaction?

  • Get out of breath

After listening the news of his death she got out of breath.

  • Get hot

Her face gets hot in the tropical sunlight of desert.

  • Get a call

You will get a call if observed any calamity.

  • Get a degree

You have completed your school now you should get a degree of art.

  • Get fired

They were not giving their best to the institute and they get fired.

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