32 Animals That Start With Y | Animal Names That Starts with Y

Animal Names That Start with Y

animal names that start with y

Animals are a type of living organism. Some animals are domesticated, while others live in the wild. All animals can move around and interact with their environment. They eat food to survive and grow.

Animal names in English and Pictures!

Animals That Start With Y

  1. Yellow-faced Bee
  2. Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake
  3. Yellow Belly Ball Python
  4. Yakutian Laika
  5. Yellow Bass
  6. Yellow-Eyed Penguin
  7. Yellowtail Snapper
  8. Yellowhammer
  9. Yellow Spotted Lizard
  10. Yarara
  11. Yellow Sac Spider
  12. Yellow Anaconda
  13. Yorkshire Terrier
  14. Yak
  15. Yellow Bullhead Catfish
  16. Yellowish Cuckoo Bumblebee
  17. Yellow Crazy Ant
  18. Yellowfin Tuna
  19. Yorkiepoo
  20. Yoranian
  21. Yorkie Bichon
  22. Yeti Crab
  23. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
  24. Yabby
  25. Yellow Cobra
  26. Yellow Tanager (Black-and-Yellow Tanager)
  27. Yellowthroat
  28. Yellow Aphids
  29. Yokohama chicken
  30. Yellowjacket (Yellow Jacket)
  31. Yellow Perch
  32. Yellow Tang

Extinct Animals Starting With Y

  1. Yangtze giant softshell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) – an extinct freshwater turtle that was native to China’s Yangtze River
  2. Yunnan lake newt (Cynops wolterstorffi) – an extinct species of newt that was found in Lake Dianchi in Yunnan, China
  3. Yanornis – an extinct bird from China
  4. Yansiodorctes – an extinct reptile from Argentina
  5. Yatastoan cygnus – an extinct swan from Argentina
  6. Yungasaurus – an extinct dinosaur from Argentina
  7. Yunnanopelta – an extinct dinosaur from China
  8. Yunnanosaurus – an extinct dinosaur from China

Sea/Ocean Animals Starting with Y

  1. Yellowfin tuna
  2. Yellowtail snapper
  3. Yellowhead jawfish
  4. Yellowstripe cardinalfish
  5. Yellowfin surgeonfish
  6. Yellow-edged moray eel
  7. Yellowtail clownfish
  8. Yellow-blotched sawback shrimp
  9. Yellow boxfish
  10. Yellow sea cucumber
  11. Yellow sea horse
  12. Yellow sea fan
  13. Yellow tang
  14. Yellow seahorse
  15. Yellow-spotted spinefoot
  16. Yellowbelly sole
  17. Yellow-tailed damselfish
  18. Yellow-spotted trevally
  19. Yellowmouth barracuda
  20. Yellowfin grouper

Farm/Domestic Animals That Start with Letter Y

  1. Yak
  2. Yellow Labrador Retriever
  3. Yorkshire Terrier

Wild Animals that Begin with Y

  1. Yak
  2. Yellow baboon
  3. Yellow mongoose
  4. Yellow-backed duiker
  5. Yellow-billed hornbill
  6. Yellow-crowned night heron
  7. Yellow-eared parrot
  8. Yellow-footed rock wallaby
  9. Yellow-headed caracara
  10. Yellow-necked spurfowl
  11. Yellow-rumped cacique
  12. Yellow-tailed woolly monkey
  13. Yellow-throated sandgrouse
  14. Yellow-throated marten
  15. Yellow-throated miner
  16. Yellowbelly marmot
  17. Yellowfin tuna
  18. Yellowish pipistrelle
  19. Yellowish dwarf gecko
  20. Yellowish white-eye
  21. Yezo sika deer
  22. Yuma myotis
  23. Yemen rock agama
  24. Yunnan box turtle
  25. Yunnan muntjac
  26. Yunnan snub-nosed monkey
  27. Yutyrannus
  28. Yapok
  29. Yellow warbler
  30. Yellow-bellied glider

Animals that Start with Y – List With Pictures and Facts

Yellow-Throated Marten

Yellow Throated Marten

 Skilled tree climber and hunter

Yellow-Pine Chipmunk

Yellow Pine Chipmunk

 Stores food in underground burrows

Yucatan Squirrel

Yucatan Squirrel

 Has a long, bushy tail and sharp claws

Yellow Ground Squirrel

Yellow Ground Squirrel

 Energetic digger and seed eater

Yellow-Nosed Cotton Rat

Yellow Nosed Cotton Rat

 Communicates with high-pitched vocalizations

Yellow-Bellied Marmot

Yellow Bellied Marmot

 Hibernates for up to 8 months

Yellow-Winged Bat

Yellow Winged Bat

 Pollinates banana and avocado crops

Yellow-Necked Field Mouse

Yellow Necked Field Mouse

 Digs complex underground tunnels

Yellow-Bellied Weasel

Yellow Bellied Weasel

 Hunts prey larger than itself

Yellow Mongoose

Yellow Mongoose

 Social mongoose with a bushy tail

Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby

Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby

 Agile climber and jumper



 Long-haired bovine used for milk and transportation



 Small freshwater crayfish from Australia

Yellow-Footed Antechinus

Yellow Footed Antechinus

 Short-lived marsupial with a high sex drive

Yellow-Backed Duiker

Yellow Backed Duiker

 Shy antelope with short horns

Yuma Myotis

Yuma Myotis

 A fast-flying bat that eats insects

Yellow-Eyed Penguin

Yellow Eyed Penguin

 Endemic to New Zealand, rare and endangered

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