Synonyms List A to Z With Examples and ESL Infographics

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Synonyms List A to Z! Synonyms are words with the same meaning. Same meaning words are any two words with exactly the same meaning. Some other related terms to read and learn are homonyms, homophones, homographs, and antonyms.

In today’s lesson, we are going to learn about synonyms in English. We will learn A to Z Synonyms List with Infographics and PDF. As an ESL student, it is very important to learn some important synonyms in English. If you are preparing for Competitive exams, here is the list of synonyms for competitive exams.

Every lesson on our website is given in PDF forms and you can easily download the pdf of every lesson from the end of each lesson. To make English learning easy we have designed some easy-to-understand infographics of synonyms.

This list of synonyms a to z is for students learning English. It will help you in expanding your vocabulary and after learning this list of synonyms you will certainly speak English fluently, without any hesitation. So here is the list of synonyms a to z in English.

Synonyms List A to Z

Synonyms Words with A

Synonyms Word List – A

Words Meanings
achieve accomplish
apparent evident
average ordinary
ability skill
able capable
awful dreadful
abandon desert
adamant firm
aid assist
ask question
accurate correct
antagonize provoke
approve accept
active energetic
authentic genuine
abbreviate shorten
awkward clumsy
above overhead
after following
arrive reach
artificial fake
aggressive pushy
amateur novice
atrocious dreadful
always forever
abundant ample
ambitious driven
adamant unyielding
afraid frightened
arrogant haughty

synonyms list a

Synonyms Words with B

Synonyms Word List – B

Words Meanings
backside bottom
buy purchase
beautiful attractive
belly stomach
bendy flexible
beginning initiate
barren infertile
ballot poll
birth beginning
bloodless cold
backbone spine
busy working
ban outlaw
bad (not good) poor
believable plausible
bashful timid
beneficiant generous
believe trust
bid tender
below under
best finest
blameless innocent
brave courageous
brief short
blend combine
break fracture
broad wide
bottom base
beneficial helpful
bizarre weird

synonyms list b

Synonyms Words with C

Synonyms Word List – C

Words Meanings
charming delightful
concrete real
confess admit
comical amusing
complex complicated
chilly cool
condemn censure
colossal enormous
competent capable
confuse  muddle
certain positive
concur agree
coarse bumpy
combine blend
condense concentrate
competent capable
chubby plump
clarify explain
comprehend understand
close near
compress squeeze
careful cautious
conflict  struggle
confine contain
cease discontinue
conform submit
care concern
conflict oppose
complete conclude
close shut

synonyms list c

Synonyms Words with D

Synonyms Word List – D
Words Meanings
difficult hard
dead lifeless
decontrol deregulate
defend protect
dedicated committed
defy resist
daybreak dawn
decay rot
docile tame
daring bold
different distinct
divide separate
dash sprint
deceptive misleading
deduct subtract
delicate fragile
to deduce to infer
defective faulty
dreadful terrible
dubious doubtful
demolish destroy
damage hurt
dally loiter
dormant sleeping
denounce blame
dangerous unsafe
damage impair
dally loiter
dry arid
deliberate planned

synonyms list d

Synonyms Words with E

Synonyms Word List – E

Words Meanings
equity fairness
easy simple
enough sufficient
to evaluate to assess
everlasting eternal
entirely wholly
essential fundamental
ecstasy joy
enemy opponent
exhilarated overjoyed
excite arouse
early premature
especially particularly
eccentric peculiar
empty drain
to establish to set up
eternal always
exactly precisely
evident apparent
enormous huge
encourage promote
exterior outside
enormous vast
explicit exact
enjoy like
extravagant extreme
exceptional remarkable
exquisite delightful
enlarge expand
evil bad, wrong, wicked

synonyms list

Synonyms Words with F

Synonyms Word List – F
Words Meanings
fraction part
follow succeed
fair honest
fantastic incredible
fake imitation
fast rapid
frenzy fury
fabulous marvelous
fix mend
feasible possible
foe enemy
former previous
frank candid
forbid prohibit
face confront
fancy elaborate
fat chubby
false incorrect
fatal deadly
fill load
fatigue tire
fertile fruitful
flippant impudent
flaw defect
feeble weak
fluid liquid
forgive pardon
ferocious fierce
flimsy frail
fiction fantasy

synonyms list f

Synonyms Words with G

Synonyms Word List – G
Words Meanings
gravestone headstone
grief sorrow
gather collect
gaudy showy
gain acquire
gloomy sullen
gala festal
genuine real
grateful appreciative
gratuity tip
glorify praise
to grouse to grumble
gallant chivalrous
gigantic immense
gaunt scrawny
to grab to seize
gratis free of charge
gentle tender
genius brilliance
gratitude thankfulness
gallant audacious
gigantic immense
grant accord,
great outstanding
give donate
generous lavish
generous giving
grasping greedy

synonyms list g

Synonyms Words with H

Synonyms Word List – H

Words Meanings
holy religious
honest truthful
herculean formidable
hermetic airtight
huge vast
hostile antagonistic
healthy strong
hiatus gap
humid wet
hold grasp
handy useful
hesitate pause
hospitable welcoming
heinous monstrous
humane gentle
humble modest
humiliate embarrass
hydra problem
hector bully
hypothermia low body temperature
hate loathe
hue and cry uproar
homeopathy treatment method
handy useful
help aid
high elevated
hard firm
hone polish
hypertension high blood pressure
hot warm

synonyms list h

Synonyms Words with I

Synonyms Word List – I

Words Meanings
infallible foolproof
incisive keen
immobilize halt
improvise manage
impugn censure
impediment obstruction
inscrutable enigmatic
indigent poor
implacable pitiless
idealist romantic
inordinate excessive
inertia inactivity
inquisition inquiry
inculcate instill
inter bury
impute attribute
impending imminent
impetuous impulsive
inanity stupidity
ichor fluid
impinge intrude
imam leader
impregnable unassailable
importune pester
ilk type
incentive inducement
ineradicable permanent
illicit illegal
imprecation malediction
impetus momentum
incarnate personified

synonyms list i

Synonyms Words with J

Synonyms Word List – J

Words Meanings
junta military rule
jell take shape
jocular funny
juxtapose put together
jealous envious
jocund gay
jingoism patriotism
jubilee anniversary
jig dance
jejune irreverent
junket jaunt
justify validate
jitney autobus
joist beam
joy delight
jubilant overjoyed
jeopardy threat
joust dispute
jettison throw away
jaded fed up
juggernaut idol
judicial legal
jihad war
jargon slang, lingo
juncture stage
jackknife pocket knife
judicious sensible
journeyman artisan
jeremiad tirade

synonyms list j

Synonyms Words with K

Synonyms Word List – K

Words Synonyms
knob grip
kid child
kunzite transparent hem
kotow grovel
kin relative
kopje hill
keep hold
knotty complex
kit tools
knowledge awareness
ketchup gravy
kowtow genuflect
kind helpful
knell sound
kitchen cookhouse
keen eager
kidnap capture
kindergarten nursery
knit fasten
king ruler
knife cutter
kill murder
kudos applause
kick give up
kayak outrigger
know recognize
kneel bow down
kelp seaweed
knock censure
key cue

synonyms list k

Synonyms Words with L

Synonyms Word List – L

words synonyms
lipid oils
ligament tendon
litter waste
ligature binder
liturgy holy sacrament
lucidity fluency
livid furious
lethal deadly
last final
lenient lax
lodestar guiding
lissome lithe
lulu beauty
loopy crazy
lament grieve
loose slack
lure attract
large big
lacking missing
legitimate valid
least fewest
logical sensible
lineage ancestry
leading main
long lengthy
legible readable
lion’s share a big share
listless lethargic
luxurious extravagant
last final

synonyms list l

Synonyms Words with M

Synonyms Word List – M

words synonyms
mandala figure
militate oppose
mesmerize captivate
mosaic montage
magnum large bottle
mosey stroll
manicured cut fingernail
mirth laughter
muse consider
maverick unconventional
misanthropy unfriendliness
minatory menacing
maneuver tactic
mesa flat tableland
montage mixture
metabolism reactions
manifestation symptom
microcosm example
mansard hip roof
mausoleum catacomb
monolithic monumental
melange  blew
menial boring
myriad numberless
mean represent
mentor teacher
memento keepsake
medley mixture
matriculation admission
mote blot

synonyms list m

Synonyms Words with N

Synonyms Word List – N

Words Synonyms
nip and tuck close, near
nugatory worthless
neutral impartial
to nominate to appoint
non-stop continuous
Nibelung evil family having hoard of gold
neologism coinage
nuance fine distinction
noon midday
nee need
a narrative a story
notwithstanding However
numerous many
non sequitur response
nexus link
nobility the aristocracy
necessary essential
niche role
nightfall dusk
new modern
nary neither
normal usual
napkin serviette
naked bare
noted famous
to narrate to relate
nameless anonymous
nice pleasing
nonchalant lackadaisical
nadir pit

synonyms list n

Synonyms Words with O

Synonyms Word List – O

Words Synonyms
obligatory compulsory
obnoxious repulsive
offend disgust
off-season low season
ornament decoration
to operate to function
optimistic hopeful
obstinate stubborn
outrageous shocking
opaque unclear
object thing
oblivious unconscious
opponent enemy
opaque solid
odd peculiar
optional voluntary
organic biological
outside external
onslaught ambush
observe examine
ominous menacing
ordinary usual
omnipotent all-powerful
outstanding distinguished
open originate
obsolete out of date
obdurate stubborn
oblique indirect
obey comply
obsolete extinct

synonyms list o

Synonyms Words with P

Synonyms Word List – P

Words Synonyms
poor destitute
patience perseverance
painstaking fastidious
premature hasty
premeditated calculated
passive yielding
perfect  accurate
prevent hinder
plausible logical
proud arrogant
precious prized
peculiar bizarre
portion piece
prejudiced influenced
probable liable
permanent lasting
past preceding
perpetual incessant
preserve save
profit benefit
prevalent widespread
possible plausible
prompt punctual
plentiful abundant
precarious shaky
prosperous thriving
pliable compliant
pretty attractive
persuade influence

synonyms list p

Synonyms Words with Q

Synonyms Word List – Q

words synonyms
queue row
quails shrink
question  ask
quagmire bog
queries interrogation
quiet silent
quorum  assemblage
quacking shake
queen royalty
querulous difficult
quaffs slurp
quainter charming
quintessential  model
quantum amount
qualified capable
quaestor officer
quit withdraw
quadrant fourth
quake tremble
quite fairly/ pretty
quicker quicker
quarter district
quests search
quick  fast
quadriceps muscle of thigh
quoted repeat
queasy sick
quartz mineral
quagmire swamp
quiet peaceful
quietly quietly

synonyms list q

Synonyms Words with R

Synonyms Word List – R

Words Synonyms
reactionary back looking
relegate consign
rapacious grasping
renege revoke
rapport link
renovate modernize
remedial curative
rakish stylish
reclamation retrieval
roil agitate
regnant authority
relief assistance
radiant joyful
ruddy glowing
regime rule,
raze ruin
resonance timbre
reactionary back looking
resound boom
reciprocal inverse
red herring deviation
riff jazz
reclusive ascetic
resuscitate save
rectify put right
robust strong
retrench cut back
rectify put right
restitution reimbursement
recapitulate repeat

synonyms list r

Synonyms Words with S

Synonyms Word List – S

Words Synonyms
scrutinize examine
sampler needlework
sec second
sceptic skeptic
sciatica backache
sedate cool
sanctity  sacredness
scuttle spoil
sagacity prudence
sandbagger virulent
sampan boat
scruple regret
scot work chores
sanatorium clinic
sear flame
scam  swindle
seder ceremonial dinner
score get
sediment dregs
seminary institution
serendipity chance
satiate slake
sensibility awareness
sanguine positive
satire  lampoon
sagacity prudence
septic diseased
sarong  miniskirt
segment slice

synonyms list s

Synonyms Words with T

Synonyms Word List – T

Words Synonyms
tank container
transient passing
trepidation apprehension
titan reputation
torpid lazy
triage sorting
therapeutic remedial
transmute transform
temperance control
trundle push
transcend exceed
talk turkey get to point
tariff excise
tessellate form mosaic pattern
tipping point change
treacly syrupy
trifle drop
taxidermy artistry
telepathy sixth sense
trilogy triplet
traction footing
taboo unthinkable
tenacious firm
thrive prosper
tactile perceptible
tranquil restful
total complete
totem experiment
trifle drop
tchotchkes trifle

synonyms list t

Synonyms Words with U

Synonyms Word List – U

Words Synonyms
uncanny creepy
upend position
unregenerate obstinate
urbane stylish
untiring energetic
unduly excessively
untoward untoward
urgent imperative
update modify
untimely inopportune
urban citified
upbringing rearing
upchuck sick
uneducated unlettered
undergird support
untouchable unpronounceable
unbiased impartial
untried new
undying deathless
undulate wavy
unease disquiet
upset perturb
unearth locate
undulating rolling
upcoming approaching
untold boundless

synonyms list u

Synonyms Words with V

Synonyms Word List – V

Words Synonyms
vertex apogee
vicious malicious
vanquish subdue
vascular conduction
virago strong woman
viability possibility
vale valley
vociferous raucous
vendetta revenge
veracity authenticity
verve vigor
vintage classic
valedictory farewell speech
vacant empty
virulent potent
vegetate stagnate
vista view
venality  corruption
vituperative scathing
voraciousness hunger
venomous lethal
voguism acceptance
veneer finish
ventricle chamber
vortex current
voracious hungry
venerable revered
viticulture grape growing
vague unclear

synonyms list v

Synonyms Words with W

Synonyms Word List – W

Words Synonyms
warranty guarantee
Winner Victor
Woof Filling
weary lethargic
Wry misdirecting
win prevail
Wonderful  Amazing
Write Record
Wheedle charm
wrong mistaken
wild reckless
Woman Lady
well mannered polite
wholehearted sincere
well timed timely
Wunderkind genius
wise smart
wealth assets
wonderful splendid
Wan Pale
win succeed
Weak Feeble
Whiplash Lash of whip
Walk Stroll
Word Expression
Want Desire
worn old
Wadi stream

synonyms list w

Synonyms Words with Y

Synonyms Word List – Y

Words Synonyms
yowl bellow
yodel sing
yacht Boat
yell at scold
yelp bawl
yackety-yak chatter
yearlong annual
yachter Jack
yap barking
youthful active
yearbook Record
y-fronts briefs
yowling caterwauling
yeasty frothy
yack prattle
yip cry
yenta gossiper
yet after all
yahoo bumpkin
yank drag
young bird fledgling
yo-yo alternate
yaw curve
yard sale garage sale
young blooming
yawn Bore
yardstick average
yak blab
yokel bucolic
yesterday last day

synonyms list y

Synonyms Words with Z

Synonyms Word List – Z

Words Synonyms
zealotry fanatism
zealous greedy
zeal fire
zilch nil
zephyr breeze
zinc oxide chinese white
zero in range in
z score standard score
zeitgeisty trendy
zelkova caucasian elm
zero point nothing
zebra crossing pedestrian crossing
zeppelin rigid airship
zazaki dimli
zander pike-perch
zerogon apeirogon
zany humourless
zesty hot
zillion ordinal
zamboni ice resurfacer
zest flavor
zincous hurry
zaftig rubenesque
zigadene death camas
zinc vitriol white vitriol
zaman monkey pod
zip postal code
zealously eagerly
zany goofball

synonyms list z

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