Tundra Plural, What is the Plural of Tundra?

Meaning: a vast, flat, treeless Arctic region of Europe

Singular and Plural of Tundra

Singular Plural
tundra tundras

 Tundra as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Arctic tundra is a harsh environment.
  2. The vast tundra landscape is barren and frozen.
  3. Polar bears roam the snowy tundra.
  4. The tundra region experiences extremely cold temperatures.
  5. The tundra ecosystem is home to unique wildlife.
  6. He embarked on a photography expedition in the Arctic tundra.
  7. The flora in the tundra consists of hardy plants.
  8. The scientists conducted research in the Alaskan tundra.
  9. The tundra stretches as far as the eye can see.
  10. The indigenous people have adapted to life in the tundra.

Tundra as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The explorers trekked across vast expanses of frozen tundras.
  2. The documentary showcased the diverse wildlife of the Arctic tundras.
  3. The birds migrate to warmer regions from the icy tundras.
  4. The researchers studied the migratory patterns of caribou in the tundras.
  5. The flora in the Alaskan tundras blooms during the short summer.
  6. The harsh conditions in the tundras limit vegetation growth.
  7. The tundras are characterized by permafrost and low temperatures.
  8. The indigenous cultures have rich traditions rooted in the tundras.
  9. The melting ice in the Arctic tundras is a concern for climate change.
  10. The harsh winters in the tundras pose challenges for wildlife survival.

Singular Possessive of Tundra

The singular possessive form of “Tundra” is “Tundra’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tundra:

  1. The harsh conditions of the tundra’s environment posed challenges for survival.
  2. I marveled at the beauty of the tundra’s vast, open landscapes.
  3. The tundra’s cold climate shaped the adaptations of its plant and animal life.
  4. The conservation efforts aimed to protect the tundra’s fragile ecosystem.
  5. We analyzed the tundra’s permafrost and its impact on soil composition.
  6. The researchers studied the migration patterns of tundra’s wildlife species.
  7. The tundra’s vegetation consisted mainly of low-growing shrubs and lichens.
  8. The tundra’s wildlife population faced challenges during the harsh winters.
  9. The team evaluated the effects of climate change on the tundra’s biodiversity.
  10. We observed the tundra’s unique adaptations to the extreme cold.

Plural Possessive of Tundra

The plural possessive form of “Tundra” is “Tundras'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tundra:

  1. The conservation efforts aimed to protect multiple tundras’ fragile ecosystems.
  2. We compared the biodiversity levels among various tundras’.
  3. The researchers analyzed the adaptations of different tundras’ flora and fauna.
  4. The tundras’ geographical locations determined their climate variations.
  5. The unique characteristics of different tundras’ fascinated scientists.
  6. We studied the impact of climate change on various tundras’.
  7. The team evaluated the migratory routes of different tundras’ wildlife.
  8. The tundras’ ecological processes played a vital role in global carbon cycling.
  9. The tundras’ landscapes provided breeding grounds for migratory birds.
  10. We observed variations in the flora and fauna compositions among different tundras’.

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