Date Plural, What is the Plural of Date?

Meaning: the day of the month or year as specified by a number.

Plural of Date

Singular Plural
Date Dates

Synonyms of Date

  • table
  • age
  • day
  • hour
  • moment
  • period
  • stage
  • term
  • time

Date as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The date of the event is yet to be determined.
  2. They agreed on a romantic candlelit date.
  3. She marked the important date on her calendar.
  4. The couple chose a cozy restaurant for their date.
  5. He asked her out on a coffee date.
  6. They reminisced about their first date
  7. The wedding is set for the 14th, a significant date.
  8. The professor extended the submission date for the assignment.
  9. They went for a walk along the beach on their date.
  10. The couple celebrated their anniversary date.

Date as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They have several important dates to remember.
  2. The project has multiple milestone dates.
  3. She circled the important dates on her calendar.
  4. They went on many memorable dates during their trip.
  5. The schedule includes several upcoming dates.
  6. The company announced the release dates for its products.
  7. They went on a series of casual dates before becoming serious.
  8. The historical timeline listed significant dates in the nation’s history.
  9. The calendar displays all the important dates for the month.
  10. They made a list of potential wedding dates.

Singular Possessive of Date

The singular possessive form of “Date” is “Date’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Date:

  1. We reserved a table for date’s romantic dinner.
  2. Date’s significance varies across different cultures.
  3. We recorded the details of the historical date’s event.
  4. The outcome of date’s decision changed our lives.
  5. Date’s meaning depends on personal experiences.
  6. We celebrated the anniversary of a special date’s.
  7. Date’s symbolism holds different interpretations.
  8. We discussed the importance of date’s accuracy in history.
  9. Date’s memory remained etched in our minds.
  10. The significance of date’s context cannot be overlooked.

Plural Possessive of Date

The plural possessive form of “Date” is “Dates'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Date:

  1. The dates’ historical connections span centuries.
  2. We marked the dates’ on the calendar.
  3. Dates’ cultural significance varies around the world.
  4. We analyzed the impact of multiple dates’ events.
  5. The accuracy of the dates’ documentation is crucial.
  6. We explored the relationships between different dates’.
  7. Dates’ significance in chronology cannot be underestimated.
  8. We studied the dates’ context to understand their importance.
  9. The timelines of the dates’ events overlapped.
  10. The dates’ influence on society was profound.

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