Staff Plural, What is the Plural of Staff?

Meaning: all people employed in a particular organization

Plural of Staff

Singular Plural
staff staffs

Synonyms of Staff

  • workforce
  • workers
  • personnel
  • office workers
  • manpower
  • labourers
  • labour
  • human resources
  • hired hands
  • hands
  • employees

Staff as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The staff greeted me with a warm smile.
  2. The staff provided excellent customer service.
  3. The staff member assisted me with my inquiry.
  4. The staff was well-trained and knowledgeable.
  5. I requested to speak to the staff
  6. The staff worked diligently to meet the deadline.
  7. The staff maintained a professional and friendly demeanor.
  8. The staff organized a team-building activity for the employees.
  9. I expressed my gratitude to the helpful staff.
  10. The staff member went above and beyond to assist me.

Staff as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The company hired new staff to accommodate its growth.
  2. The staff members collaborated on a project together.
  3. The staff attended a training session to enhance their skills.
  4. The hospital had a dedicated team of medical staff.
  5. The staff meetings provided a platform for discussion and feedback.
  6. The company recognized the hard work of its staff
  7. The staff worked together to ensure a smooth operation.
  8. The staff members supported each other during busy periods.
  9. The school had a diverse staff representing different backgrounds.
  10. The staff received recognition for their outstanding performance.

Singular Possessive of Staff

The singular possessive form of “Staff” is “Staff’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Staff:

  1. The staff’s dedication to customer service is commendable.
  2. We appreciate the staff’s hard work and commitment.
  3. The company recognized the staff’s achievements with an award.
  4. The manager praised the staff’s teamwork and collaboration.
  5. The staff’s knowledge and expertise were crucial to the project’s success.
  6. The HR department handled the staff’s payroll and benefits.
  7. The CEO addressed the staff’s concerns and feedback during a meeting.
  8. The restaurant’s success is attributed to the exceptional service provided by the staff’s.
  9. The company organized a training session to enhance the staff’s skills.
  10. The school’s principal acknowledged the dedication of the staff’s.

Plural Possessive of Staff

The plural possessive form of “Staff” is “Staffs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Staff:

  1. The staffs’ responsibilities include various administrative tasks.
  2. The organization recognized the hard work of the staffs’ with bonuses.
  3. The supervisors conducted performance evaluations for the staffs’.
  4. The managers coordinated the schedules of the staffs’.
  5. The company provided training opportunities for the development of the staffs’ skills.
  6. The staffs’ expertise and professionalism contributed to the company’s growth.
  7. The HR department managed the benefits and payroll of the staffs’.
  8. The team leaders facilitated communication among the staffs’.
  9. The school district implemented policies to ensure the safety of the staffs’.
  10. The company celebrated the achievements of the staffs’ at an annual event.

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