Gypsy Plural, What is the plural of Gypsy?

Meaning: a member of a people originating in South Asia.

Plural of Gypsy

Singular Plural
Gypsy Gypsies

Gypsy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fortune teller claimed to be a genuine gypsy.
  2. She always admired the free-spirited nature of the gypsy.
  3. The traveler met a friendly gypsy in the village.
  4. The novel featured a mysterious gypsy
  5. The artist drew inspiration from the vibrant gypsy
  6. She dressed up as a gypsy for the costume party.
  7. The campsite hosted a traditional gypsy
  8. The storyteller shared a tale about a wandering gypsy.
  9. The dancer performed a lively gypsy
  10. The musician incorporated gypsy melodies into the composition.

Gypsy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The festival showcased various gypsies from around the world.
  2. The documentary explored the lives of Romani gypsies.
  3. The travelers encountered a group of friendly gypsies.
  4. The museum had an exhibit on the history of the gypsies.
  5. The photographer captured the vibrant culture of the Spanish gypsies.
  6. They danced to the rhythm of traditional gypsy
  7. The community welcomed the gypsies during their visit.
  8. The anthropologist studied the customs of different gypsy
  9. The travelers embraced the nomadic lifestyle of the gypsies.
  10. The writer wrote a book about the persecution of the Romani gypsies.

Singular Possessive of Gypsy

The singular possessive form of “Gypsy” is “Gypsy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Gypsy:

  1. Gypsy’s travels took her to exotic destinations.
  2. The fortune teller read Gypsy’s palm with intrigue.
  3. Gypsy’s dress was vibrant and adorned with sequins.
  4. The dancer twirled with Gypsy’s grace and elegance.
  5. The music echoed Gypsy’s rich cultural heritage.
  6. Gypsy’s caravan stood out among the other vehicles.
  7. The artist captured Gypsy’s beauty in the portrait.
  8. Gypsy’s spirit is free and adventurous.
  9. The storyteller narrated Gypsy’s tales around the campfire.
  10. Gypsy’s lifestyle embraced wanderlust and spontaneity.

Plural Possessive of Gypsy

The plural possessive form of “Gypsy” is “Gypsies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Gypsy:

  1. The festival showcased Gypsies’ vibrant music and dance.
  2. The travelers admired Gypsies’ colorful caravans.
  3. Gypsies’ traditions have been passed down for generations.
  4. The campsite welcomed all Gypsies’ with open arms.
  5. The artists depicted Gypsies’ nomadic lifestyle in their paintings.
  6. Gypsies’ culture is rich in folklore and storytelling.
  7. The community embraced Gypsies’ contributions to the arts.
  8. Gypsies’ presence added a sense of adventure to the event.
  9. The photographers captured Gypsies’ unique beauty in their portraits.
  10. The travelers sought inspiration from Gypsies’ way of life.

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