Match Plural, What is the Plural of Match?

Meaning: contest in which people compete with each other

Singular and Plural of Match

Singular plural
match matches

Match as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I watched a thrilling match between two soccer teams.
  2. She won the tennis match with a powerful serve.
  3. The chess match lasted for hours without a clear winner.
  4. He was the referee for the boxing match.
  5. The basketball match ended in a tie after overtime.
  6. We attended a cricket match at the stadium.
  7. The golf match was postponed due to bad weather.
  8. She scored the winning goal in the hockey match.
  9. They are organizing a table tennis match for charity.
  10. The tennis player received a trophy for her outstanding match performance.

Match as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They have won five consecutive matches in a row.
  2. The soccer team played two back-to-back matches this weekend.
  3. We need to analyze the statistics of the previous basketball matches.
  4. The team’s coach strategized before the upcoming cricket matches.
  5. The tennis players shook hands after the intense series of matches.
  6. The golfers competed in a series of high-stakes matches.
  7. He was selected as the MVP for his exceptional performance in the baseball matches.
  8. They have a winning streak of seven consecutive volleyball matches.

Singular Possessive of Match 

The singular possessive form of “Match” is “Match’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Match:

  1. I found the match’s box in the drawer.
  2. The match’s flame flickered in the darkness.
  3. She admired the beauty of the match’s design.
  4. The cat’s paw swiped at the match’s flame.
  5. He struck the match’s head against the rough surface.
  6. The smoke curled up from the match’s burning tip.
  7. The child was fascinated by the match’s tiny size.
  8. The smell of sulfur lingered around the match’s end.
  9. The wind blew out the match’s feeble glow.
  10. We watched as the match’s light illuminated the room.

Plural Possessive of Match 

The plural possessive form of “Match” is “Matches'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Match:

  1. The box contained several matches’ heads.
  2. She struck the matches’ tips against the box.
  3. The smell of the matches’ sulfur filled the air.
  4. They used the matches’ flames to light the candles.
  5. The child was careful not to touch the matches’ fire.
  6. The pile of matches’ boxes grew higher.
  7. We observed the matches’ flames dancing in the wind.
  8. The box was full of the matches’ wooden sticks.
  9. The extinguished matches’ ends were discarded in the bin.
  10. The sound of the matches’ striking echoed in the room.

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