Turkey Plural, What is the Plural of Turkey?

Meaning: a large bird native to North America

Singular and Plural of Turkey

Singular Plural
turkey turkeys

 Turkey as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She roasted a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving.
  2. The stuffed turkey was the centerpiece of the dinner.
  3. They enjoyed a traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings.
  4. He carved the golden-brown turkey at the dining table.
  5. The aroma of the cooking turkey filled the kitchen.
  6. She bought a fresh turkey from the local butcher.
  7. They prepared a juicy and tender turkey for the feast.
  8. Turkey is a popular choice for holiday meals.
  9. The family gathered around to enjoy the succulent turkey.
  10. Leftover turkey can be used to make delicious sandwiches.

Turkey as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They raised several turkeys on their farm.
  2. The farmers sold fresh and organic turkeys for Thanksgiving.
  3. They ordered multiple roasted turkeys for the corporate event.
  4. The supermarket offered discounts on whole turkeys.
  5. They donated turkeys to the local food bank for the holiday season.
  6. The tradition of pardoning turkeys at the White House continued.
  7. They celebrated with a feast that included multiple cooked turkeys.
  8. The hunters bagged a few wild turkeys during the hunting season.
  9. They prepared various side dishes to accompany the roasted turkeys.
  10. The restaurant featured a special menu with different preparations of turkeys.

Singular Possessive of Turkey

The singular possessive form of “Turkey” is “Turkey’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Turkey:

  1. The aroma of the roasted turkey’s meat filled the kitchen.
  2. I enjoyed the turkey’s tenderness and juiciness on Thanksgiving.
  3. The turkey’s plumage displayed a beautiful range of colors.
  4. The tradition of carving the turkey’s meat has been passed down through generations.
  5. We analyzed the turkey’s nutritional content and dietary benefits.
  6. The researchers studied the breeding and mating behaviors of wild turkey’s.
  7. The turkey’s role as a cultural symbol was significant.
  8. The turkey’s anatomy allowed for efficient flight and adaptation.
  9. The team evaluated the turkey’s impact on the ecosystem as seed dispersers.
  10. We observed the turkey’s behavior in different seasons and habitats.

Plural Possessive of Turkey

The plural possessive form of “Turkey” is “Turkeys'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Turkey:

  1. The different turkeys’ sizes accommodated varying family gatherings.
  2. We compared the cooking methods for different turkeys’ recipes.
  3. The researchers analyzed the breeding patterns of various turkeys’ breeds.
  4. The turkeys’ natural habitats ranged from forests to grasslands.
  5. The Thanksgiving feasts featured multiple turkeys’ as the centerpiece.
  6. We studied the vocalizations and communication among different turkeys’.
  7. The team evaluated the impacts of hunting regulations on turkeys’ populations.
  8. The turkeys’ plumage patterns displayed unique variations.
  9. The turkeys’ significance in cultural festivities varied across different regions.
  10. We observed differences in the behavior of domesticated and wild turkeys’.

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