Company Plural, What is the Plural of Company?

Meaning: a commercial business.

Plural of COMPANY


Synonyms of COMPANY

  • club
  • community
  • group
  • party
  • clan
  • clique
  • collection
  • team
  • aggregation
  • assemblage

Company as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary with a grand event.
  2. The CEO led the company with vision and determination.
  3. The employees gathered for a meeting in the company
  4. The company implemented new policies to improve efficiency.
  5. The marketing team worked tirelessly to promote the company‘s products.
  6. The shareholders attended the annual company
  7. The company relocated to a larger office space to accommodate its growth.
  8. The company invested in cutting-edge technology to stay competitive.
  9. The company expanded its operations to international markets.
  10. The employees received bonuses as a reward for their dedication to the company.

Company as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The companies collaborated on a joint venture to develop new products.
  2. The market research analyzed the performance of different companies.
  3. The industry conference brought together representatives from various companies.
  4. The competitors vied for market share against rival companies.
  5. The companies in the sector faced fierce competition.
  6. The investors evaluated the financial statements of multiple companies.
  7. The trade fair showcased products from different companies.
  8. The companies engaged in strategic partnerships to expand their reach.
  9. The industry report ranked the top-performing companies.
  10. The business magazine featured profiles of successful companies.

Singular Possessive of Company

The singular possessive form of “Company” is “Company’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Company:

  1. I admired the growth of Company’s market share.
  2. The success of Company’s product launch exceeded expectations.
  3. Company’s commitment to customer satisfaction was evident.
  4. I valued Company’s dedication to quality standards.
  5. The innovation within Company’s operations set it apart.
  6. I invested in Company’s stock for long-term returns.
  7. The reputation of Company’s brand attracted loyal customers.
  8. I recognized Company’s impact on the industry.
  9. Company’s mission statement guided its strategic decisions.
  10. I appreciated Company’s efforts to create a positive work environment.

Plural Possessive of Company

The plural possessive form of “Company” is “Companies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Company:

  1. The competition among the companies’ market shares was fierce.
  2. I observed the diverse strategies employed by the companies’ leadership.
  3. Companies’ dedication to customer service shaped consumer experiences.
  4. I analyzed the financial performances of different companies’ portfolios.
  5. The impact of companies’ innovations transformed the industry.
  6. I recognized the collective influence of the companies’ brands.
  7. The collaboration among the companies’ teams fueled productivity.
  8. I followed the news about the companies’ mergers and acquisitions.
  9. Companies’ corporate social responsibility initiatives made a difference.
  10. I evaluated the companies’ market positions to inform investment decisions.

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