Lead Plural, What is the plural of Lead?

Meaning: the initiative in an action; an example for others to follow.

Plural of Lead

Singular Plural
Lead Leads

Lead as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lead in the pencil broke, requiring sharpening.
  2. The detective followed a promising lead in the investigation.
  3. The sculptor crafted a masterpiece using a block of lead.
  4. The fishing line was weighted with a lead
  5. The artist used lead to create shading in the drawing.
  6. The lead role in the play was challenging but rewarding.
  7. The lead battery powers the vehicle’s electrical system.
  8. The lead of the choir guided the singers with her graceful movements.
  9. The lead pipe was replaced due to corrosion.
  10. The lead used in construction offers durability and stability.

Lead as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The pencils were lined up, each with sharp leads.
  2. The detective pursued multiple leads to solve the case.
  3. The roof was protected with a layer of leads.
  4. The painters covered the windows with leads to create a stained glass effect.
  5. The choir members exchanged their worn leads for new ones.
  6. The construction workers handled the heavy leads with caution.
  7. The fishing tackle box contained various sizes of leads.
  8. The team brainstormed different leads to explore for the project.
  9. The leads in the electrical circuit needed to be properly connected.
  10. The artist kept a collection of different colored leads for sketching.

Singular Possessive of Lead

The singular possessive form of “Lead” is “Lead’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Lead:

  1. The lead’s role in the play was crucial.
  2. He embraced the responsibility of lead’s character.
  3. The confidence of lead’s performance captivated the audience.
  4. The chemistry between the lead’s actors was evident.
  5. I admired the versatility of lead’s acting skills.
  6. The dedication of lead’s rehearsals paid off in the final performance.
  7. The emotions of lead’s character resonated with the viewers.
  8. I studied the nuances of lead’s dialogue and expressions.
  9. The stage presence of lead’s performer commanded attention.
  10. The commitment to lead’s role showcased professionalism.

Plural Possessive of Lead

The plural possessive form of “Lead” is “Leads'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Lead:

  1. The leads’ roles in the play were crucial.
  2. They embraced the responsibilities of leads’ characters.
  3. The chemistry between the leads’ actors was evident.
  4. We admired the versatility of leads’ acting skills.
  5. The dedication of leads’ rehearsals paid off in the final performance.
  6. The emotions of leads’ characters resonated with the viewers.
  7. We studied the nuances of leads’ dialogues and expressions.
  8. The stage presence of leads’ performers commanded attention.
  9. The commitments to leads’ roles showcased professionalism.
  10. The interactions between the leads’ characters created compelling dynamics.

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