Succubus Plural, What is the Plural of Succubus?

Meaning: supernatural entity that appears in dreams

Plural of Succubus

Singular Plural
succubus succubi

 Synonyms of Succubus

  • villain
  • vampire
  • monster
  • hellion
  • goblin
  • fiend
  • brute
  • beast

Succubus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The legend told of a seductive succubus that preyed on men.
  2. He was haunted by vivid dreams involving a mysterious succubus.
  3. The artist depicted a captivating succubus in their painting.
  4. The novel featured a complex character who was revealed to be a succubus.
  5. The folklore warned of the dangers of encountering a succubus.
  6. The writer explored the mythology surrounding the existence of a succubus.
  7. The protagonist found themselves entangled in a dangerous relationship with a succubus.
  8. The occult expert studied the ancient texts on succubi and incubi.
  9. The horror movie portrayed a terrifying succubus tormenting its victims.
  10. The nightmarish visions were attributed to the influence of a malevolent succubus.

Succubus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The novel delved into the mysterious world of succubi and incubi.
  2. The town’s legends were filled with stories of encounters with succubi.
  3. The occultist’s research spanned various cultures and their beliefs about succubi.
  4. The book provided a comprehensive analysis of historical accounts of succubi.
  5. The professor’s lecture covered the topic of succubi and their significance in mythology.
  6. The horror movie featured a group of unsuspecting victims tormented by succubi.
  7. The folklore of different regions often included tales of encounters with succubi.
  8. The author’s latest book explored the origins and characteristics of succubi.
  9. The museum displayed ancient artifacts associated with succubi.
  10. The documentary interviewed experts on demonology and their knowledge of succubi.

Singular Possessive of Succubus

The singular possessive form of “Succubus” is “Succubus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Succubus:

  1. The succubus’s presence filled the room.
  2. We explored the succubus’s origins in mythology.
  3. The story described the succubus’s seductive powers.
  4. The legend told of the succubus’s nocturnal activities.
  5. The artwork depicted the succubus’s enchanting beauty.
  6. The movie portrayed the succubus’s captivating allure.
  7. The novel delved into the succubus’s forbidden desires.
  8. The folklore mentioned the succubus’s interactions with humans.
  9. The research explored the psychological aspects of the succubus’s influence.
  10. The game featured a character inspired by the succubus’s mythology.

Plural Possessive of Succubus

The plural possessive form of “Succubus” is “Succubi’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Succubus:

  1. The succubi’s presence was felt throughout the region.
  2. We studied various succubi’s characteristics in folklore.
  3. The stories recounted the succubi’s seductive encounters.
  4. The legends spoke of the succubi’s interactions with mortals.
  5. The artworks depicted the alluring beauty of the succubi’s forms.
  6. The movies portrayed the captivating allure of multiple succubi’s.
  7. The novels explored the forbidden desires of different succubi’s.
  8. The folklores mentioned the succubi’s influence on human desires.
  9. The research analyzed the psychological impact of the succubi’s seduction.
  10. The games featured characters inspired by various succubi’s in mythology.

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