Piano Plural, What is the Plural of Piano?

Meaning of Piano

The meaning of Piano is a large keyboard musical instrument with a wooden case enclosing a soundboard and metal strings, which are struck by hammers when the keys are depressed.

Singular and Plural of Piano

Singular Plural
Piano Pianos

Synonyms of Piano

  • clavichord
  • clavier
  • concert grand
  • grand piano
  • instrument
  • keyboard
  • musical instrument
  • pianoforte
  • pianola
  • player
  • player piano
  • spinet
  • upright piano

Piano as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I played the piano at the concert.
  2. The black piano shone under the spotlight.
  3. She practiced the piano for hours every day.
  4. His fingers danced across the piano
  5. The piano teacher guided her students with patience.
  6. The beautiful melody filled the room from the grand piano.
  7. He composed a stunning piece on the piano.
  8. The old upright piano had sentimental value.
  9. The concert hall echoed with the sound of the piano.
  10. She placed the sheet music on the piano

Piano as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The concert hall had several grand pianos.
  2. The music school owned a collection of antique pianos.
  3. The skilled musicians played the pianos in perfect harmony.
  4. The room was filled with the sound of multiple pianos.
  5. The elegant ballroom had a row of shiny black pianos.
  6. The orchestra rehearsed with the help of three grand pianos.
  7. The music store displayed a variety of digital pianos.
  8. The concert featured renowned pianists playing on Steinway pianos.
  9. The students gathered around the practice room’s grand pianos.
  10. The concert required a team of technicians to tune the pianos.

Singular Possessive of Piano

The singular possessive form of “Piano” is “Piano’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Piano:

  1. The elegance of Piano’s melody filled the concert hall.
  2. Her fingers glide across Piano’s ivory keys with grace.
  3. The sound of Piano’s notes resonates in my heart.
  4. The musician’s passion flows through Piano’s enchanting tunes.
  5. Piano’s lid is carefully closed after each performance.
  6. The student practices diligently on Piano’s grand instrument.
  7. The teacher guides the student’s hands on Piano’s smooth surface.
  8. Piano’s strings vibrate with each gentle touch.
  9. The concert pianist’s career is defined by Piano’s artistry.
  10. The room is filled with the majestic presence of Piano’s grandeur.

Plural Possessive of Piano

The plural possessive form of “Piano” is “Pianos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Piano:

  1. The musicians played the pianos’ keys in perfect harmony.
  2. The concert hall is filled with the grandeur of the pianos’ presence.
  3. Pianos’ strings are meticulously tuned before the performance.
  4. The orchestra’s music resonates through the halls with the power of the pianos’ chords.
  5. The symphony conductor guides the pianos’ orchestral movements.
  6. The pianos’ music captivates the audience with its emotional depth.
  7. The pianists’ hands glide effortlessly across the pianos’ polished surfaces.
  8. The concertgoers are enchanted by the harmonious blend of the pianos’ melodies.
  9. The pianos’ craftsmanship is evident in their rich and resonant tones.
  10. The maestro conducts a symphony of sound with the synchronized power of the pianos’ voices.

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