Medium Plural, What is the Plural of Medium?

Meaning: agency or means of doing something

Singular and Plural of Medium

Singular plural
medium mediums

Medium as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Oil painting is her artistic medium of choice.
  2. The Internet is a popular communication medium.
  3. The radio is a traditional broadcast medium.
  4. She expressed herself through dance as her medium.
  5. Writing is his preferred creative medium.
  6. The stage is her chosen artistic medium.
  7. Photography serves as his creative medium.
  8. Music is a powerful emotional medium.
  9. Film is a visual storytelling medium.
  10. The brush is her artistic medium for expression.

Medium as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Artists work in various mediums such as painting and sculpture.
  2. The mediums of communication have evolved over time.
  3. Radio and television are traditional broadcast mediums.
  4. They express themselves through different artistic mediums.
  5. Writers experiment with various literary mediums.
  6. Photographers explore different mediums to capture moments.
  7. Musicians use various instruments as their mediums.
  8. Directors use film and video as storytelling mediums.
  9. Digital art has opened up new creative mediums.
  10. The palette and brush are essential tools for painters in their chosen mediums.

Singular Possessive of Medium 

The singular possessive form of “Medium” is “Medium’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Medium:

  1. The artist showcased their work on the medium’s canvas.
  2. The author’s voice was conveyed through the medium’s pages.
  3. The photographer captured the essence of the moment with the medium’s lens.
  4. The journalist expressed their views through the medium’s articles.
  5. The musician’s emotions were conveyed through the medium’s melodies.
  6. The sculptor showcased their talent through the medium’s materials.
  7. The filmmaker’s vision was brought to life through the medium’s visuals.
  8. The actor’s performance resonated through the medium’s stage.
  9. The speaker’s message was delivered through the medium’s words.
  10. The designer expressed their creativity through the medium’s designs.

Plural Possessive of Medium 

The plural possessive form of “Medium” is “Media’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Medium:

  1. The artists expressed their creativity through different media’s.
  2. The authors conveyed their stories through various media’s.
  3. The photographers captured moments using different media’s.
  4. The journalists reported news through various media’s.
  5. The musicians shared their music through different media’s.
  6. The sculptors showcased their art through various media’s.
  7. The filmmakers presented their stories through different media’s.
  8. The actors performed on different media’s.
  9. The speakers delivered their speeches through different media’s.
  10. The designers expressed their ideas through various media’s.

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