Success Plural, What is the Plural of Success?

Meaning: accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Plural of Success

Singular Plural
success successes

 Synonyms of Success

  • victory
  • triumph
  • successfulness
  • successful outcome
  • positive result
  • favourable result

Success as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She achieved success after years of hard work and dedication.
  2. The entrepreneur’s business venture was a great success.
  3. The athlete’s journey to success inspired many others.
  4. The singer’s debut album was a massive success.
  5. The company celebrated the success of its latest product launch.
  6. He attributed his success to perseverance and resilience.
  7. The author’s book became an instant success and topped the bestseller list.
  8. The team’s strategy led to tremendous success in the competition.
  9. The student’s academic achievements were a testament to their success.
  10. The project’s completion was a milestone of success for the team.

Success as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The conference featured presentations by successful individuals sharing their successes.
  2. The business owners celebrated their collective successes at the annual meeting.
  3. The company acknowledged the employees’ hard work and successes.
  4. The team’s consistent efforts led to a series of notable successes.
  5. The students shared their personal stories of overcoming obstacles and achieving successes.
  6. The organization recognized the volunteers’ contributions and successes.
  7. The athletes were honored for their outstanding successes in their respective sports.
  8. The CEO addressed the employees and highlighted the company’s recent successes.
  9. The team’s collaboration and determination resulted in multiple successes.
  10. The community celebrated the individual and collective successes of its members.

Singular Possessive of Success

The singular possessive form of “Success” is “Success’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Success:

  1. The success’s impact was significant.
  2. We celebrated the success’s achievement.
  3. The team analyzed the success’s factors.
  4. The company credited the success’s strategies.
  5. The professor explained the success’s key elements.
  6. The report highlighted the success’s outcomes.
  7. The entrepreneur shared the story behind the success’s creation.
  8. The author wrote a book about the success’s principles.
  9. The study focused on the success’s long-term effects.
  10. The leader emphasized the importance of the success’s sustainability.

Plural Possessive of Success

The plural possessive form of “Success” is “Successes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Success:

  1. The successes’ impact on society was remarkable.
  2. We studied various successes’ strategies.
  3. The teams analyzed the successes’ common traits.
  4. The companies recognized the successes’ contributions.
  5. The professors discussed different successes’ factors.
  6. The reports compared the successes’ outcomes.
  7. The entrepreneurs shared stories of the successes’ achievements.
  8. The authors wrote books about multiple successes’ principles.
  9. The studies explored the successes’ broader implications.
  10. The leaders emphasized the significance of the successes’ scalability.

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