Precis Plural, What is the Plural of Precis?

Meaning: a summary or abstract of a text or speech.

Singular and Plural of Precis

Singular Plural
precis precis or preces or precises

Precis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She wrote a precis of the research article for the conference.
  2. The student submitted a concise precis of the novel.
  3. He provided a detailed precis of the historical event.
  4. The editor requested a well-structured precis of the report.
  5. She summarized the findings in a comprehensive precis.
  6. The professor assigned the task of writing a precis.
  7. He honed his skills in crafting effective precis.
  8. She highlighted the main points in her precis.
  9. The book included a brief precis of each chapter.
  10. He carefully reviewed the precis before submitting it.

Precis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The students exchanged their precises for peer review.
  2. They compared their precises of the scientific papers.
  3. The conference featured presentations based on doctoral precises.
  4. The scholars discussed their research in panel sessions on their precises.
  5. They shared their annotated precises of the philosophical texts.
  6. The literature students analyzed different literary precises.
  7. She collected a range of precises for her literature review.
  8. The authors refined their precises based on feedback.
  9. The workshop provided guidance on crafting effective precises.
  10. They published their precises in a scholarly journal.

Singular Possessive of Precis

The singular possessive form of “Precis” is “Precis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Precis:

  1. Precis’s clarity aids in understanding complex concepts.
  2. The professor appreciated Precis’s concise summary of the lecture.
  3. Precis’s purpose is to condense information effectively.
  4. I rely on Precis’s accuracy for quick reference.
  5. The book’s Precis’s inclusion helped readers grasp the main ideas.
  6. The journalist’s skillful use of Precis’s captured the essence of the story.
  7. Precis’s objectivity makes it a valuable analytical tool.
  8. Precis’s role in academic writing cannot be overlooked.
  9. The editor praised the writer’s ability to create a compelling Precis’s.
  10. Precis’s brevity allows for efficient communication.

Plural Possessive of Precis

The plural possessive form of “Precis” is “Precises'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Precis:

  1. The researchers’ Precises’ findings supported their hypothesis.
  2. The students’ diligent efforts resulted in outstanding Precises’.
  3. The scholars’ comprehensive Precises’ helped advance the field.
  4. The team’s collaborative Precises’ contributed to a groundbreaking study.
  5. The experts’ collective Precises’ shed light on the topic.
  6. The reviewers’ insightful comments enhanced the Precises’ quality.
  7. The journalists’ accurate Precises’ provided crucial information.
  8. The authors’ well-structured Precises’ added value to the publication.
  9. The committee’s rigorous evaluation ensured the reliability of the Precises’.
  10. The professors’ thorough feedback improved the students’ Precises’.

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